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Glide-Chus App: Kalju

Application for #Winged-Wonder's Rock-type slot
NB: I know the colours are a little off. Even if I have an extended coloured pencil set, my pallete is still a tad limited

EDIT: Changed the colour of his ears in Raichu form to suit the reference

Name: Kalju (means "stone" in Estonian)
Nicknames: Kally, Kal
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Uninterested
Age: 12
Birthday: 29 April
Star Sign: Tauros

Gem Type: Rock
Gem Accessory: Charm worn around ear
Chu Type: Electric/Flying
Stage: Pichu

Physical: Smack Down, Rock Wrecker, Fissure, Thunder Punch, Strength
Status: Rock Polish, Whirlwind, Stealth Rock

Pichu; 0 - 14
Timid, quick to flee
As a Pichu, Kal is timid and rather unwilling to talk to others. He often flees from social situations and is nervous around strangers. He can be friendly, but usually needs to watch someone from a distance for awhile before approaching them. He can often be found in small cracks in the sides of cliffs, watching the world go by.

Pikachu; 15 - 21
Naive, proud of its power
As a Pikachu, Kal became rather cocky and over-confident. Not wanting to stay in the confines of cracks in rocks any longer, he emerged and became a little bit of a bully. However, he was still timid at heart and tends to be rather shy in social situations where he isn't the antagonist. He is also a bit of a risk-taker and is often careless.

Raichu; 22+
Serious, a little quick tempered
As a Raichu, Kal has learned from the mistakes of both his youth and teenage years. He is still a bit of a sociopath and dislikes spending time with others unless he is their friend. He is less of a risk-taker, always assessing the situation in depth before deciding when, if or how to act. He can be a bit of a bully at times and likes picking on those weaker than he is, but most of the time he sleeps in his cave and doesn’t bother anybody.

Likes: Dark & secluded areas, cold spaces, gem stones
Dislikes: Social situations, being bullied himself, getting wet
Fears: Large bodies of water

Citrina: Sister. The only one who truly cares for me...
Monomo: Cautious. She seems scary...I don't want her to hurt me...

Other: He earned the scar on his chest as a Pikachu, so it is not present in his Pichu stage. Also, his left ear is always droopy.
Theme Song(s): So Cold - Breaking Benjamin

Pokemon belongs to GAMEFREAK
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Apart from what Rai has pointed out, he's perfect! So he's accepted! :3
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Okay, I can edit that out of the reference digitally when I get home ^^; apologies

Thank you :D
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His Richu ear, on the inside, is only meant to have one colour =3
Otherwise he looks awesome, and Emmy will probably accept him when she gets back =3
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Okay, I'll edit that when I get home :)
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