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AT Karin (Art trade with Ask AliceGF) by EthanBurnesMKDM AT Karin (Art trade with Ask AliceGF) :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 6 2 Chibi's Anit-meme by EthanBurnesMKDM Chibi's Anit-meme :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 2 0 Spirit Drowner (Original version) by EthanBurnesMKDM Spirit Drowner (Original version) :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 2 0 Spirit Drowner by EthanBurnesMKDM Spirit Drowner :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 2 0 Chibi and friends! (Uncolored version) by EthanBurnesMKDM Chibi and friends! (Uncolored version) :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 2 0 Chibi and Friends by EthanBurnesMKDM Chibi and Friends :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 4 0 Temmie by EthanBurnesMKDM Temmie :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 6 0 Why are you so shy, gal? by EthanBurnesMKDM Why are you so shy, gal? :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 3 5 Flowey by EthanBurnesMKDM Flowey :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 5 6 Reaper Bird by EthanBurnesMKDM Reaper Bird :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 5 0 Frisk by EthanBurnesMKDM Frisk :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 2 0 Let's Paint the Town LGBT! by EthanBurnesMKDM Let's Paint the Town LGBT! :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 0 0 MC Adore by EthanBurnesMKDM MC Adore :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 3 2 Aimaina and Doshite-Chan by EthanBurnesMKDM Aimaina and Doshite-Chan :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 2 0 Magolor by EthanBurnesMKDM Magolor :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 2 0 Chibi Sugoi Reference Sheet by EthanBurnesMKDM Chibi Sugoi Reference Sheet :iconethanburnesmkdm:EthanBurnesMKDM 1 0


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AT Karin (Art trade with Ask AliceGF)
So I did an art trade with Ask-AliceGF . We drew each other's OC's in out styles. She did my OC Chibi Sugoi and I did her OC Karin.

Awww, looks like Wasaki has a little crush on someone. 

Karin: [Shyly] Stop it, kid!! You're making me blush.

Wasaki: Oh, sorry. It's hard to not have a crush on you when you're SO CUTE!!

Karin: *Blushes*

Wasaki: [Proudly] I am so great with girls.

Oh, just to tell you, Wasaki is always into cute girls. He watches anime all the time so why not.Another Foxy Chat Icon because why not 

If you want to see Ask-AliceGF 's part click here!Down Arrow…
It makes me blush everytime I see it because I feel so happy that someone else drew once of my OC's.

I think I'll do more digital drawing more since I have the right things to do digital drawing so why not just take full advantage of what you have?
Chibi's Anit-meme
W (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) N Alphabets (Words) I (Alphabets) N Alphabets (Words) G (Alphabets) 
This description is L O N G. You'll know what I mean if you read it.
So when I was on funnytime77 's deviant art account, I saw that he had done this meme with his OC, Limpo Loud. Here's his version here.Down Arrow 

It's practically just drawing one of your ocs along with his or her good or evil counterpart. What's that? You want to do your own version of it with your ocs? Here, try it for yourself.Down Arrow Down Arrow Down Arrow Down Arrow…

If you did something with it, may I see it in the comments section? 

Oh, and here's a bio for Akuibi if he ever becomes an actual character.

Full name: Akuibi Nozomashikuani
Age: 12
Location(planet,land,town): Planet Kawaii-Utsubyō*, Miraclehell*, Deddobaer*
Relatives: Mr. Nozomashikuani* (his dad), Mrs. Nozomashikuani* (his mom)
Enemies: Anyone who doesn't agree with what he fights for (even if it's his own friends and family)
Likes: People who agree with him, "conveying" his opinions, mostly the same with Chibi just with the addition of those two things

*I haven't made reference art for that place/thing/character yet.

Info: After a certain "incident" that resulted in an interdimentional rip through space and time, Akuibi and his friends escaped the rip and decided to take miracleland into their own hands for their own personal and possibly disasterous motives. Be careful when they're around, they worship their opinions like terrorists and priests worship their god thinking they're doing virtue. Don't be like Akuibi or else you'll end up buring the places and people you love in the name of what you support. He has a knife that can slice through the fabric of the universe to travel into different dimentions and a potion that allows whatever he throws it on to turn into a sentient and blood-thursty monster, even already sentient people.

Fun facts:

- Akuibi was some character I had an idea for back in 2017. I couldn't find a good name for him until at this point.

- You know how Wario's name is a portmanteau of Mario and Warui, the Japanese word for bad. Akuibi's name is a portmanteau of Chibi and Akuma, meaning devil in Japanese. So basically, this means Devil Chibi. Oh, and here we are again with character's last names being a Japanese word. Nozomashikuani is Japanese for undesirable. Not quite sure how that's going to fit in with his character right now, have any suggestions?

- Oh, and just to tell you this, you know how a select amount of my OCs I will uploading to deviant art will be part of a video game that right now is still in the concept phase. If I ever happen to make my video game a reality, don't expect this character to be in the [first] game. Right now, he's just a character I made for fun. (I know that could mean anything reguarding the intention of creating the character, but I really man I created him with no real intention right now).  
Spirit Drowner (Original version)
Here's my original drawing of "Spirit Drowner". You can tell here, it's not that great. That tank the drowning guy has no real structure. In fact, nothing really does. The arms aren't really connected to the person, there's no ears or noses, the chain is held together by Mario logic. It's all just a mess. A really bad mess if you ask me. 
Spirit Drowner
So while cleaning my room, I found some of my old drawings. As you would guess, just like anybody, I was all like, "I can't believe I didn't put much effort into that". (Check the upload after this one to see what I mean) I decided to redraw this drawing with the skills I have now, and I must say, I have imporved a lot. Now, you're wondering if this drawing has any deep meaning or whatever like that. Any political commentary? Social commentary? What-ever-modern-advancement-making-artists-worried-about-the-non-existent-state-of-society-as-a-whole comentary? Or is it just a stupid drawing that I drew to try to look edgy but still have an artistic side to it. Oh, by the way, I challenge anyone to make the best over-ananlysis they can think of and post it in the comments section. 

I'll be puting this in my original characters folder, which I have renamed original art and characters and once I get a core member ship, I'll put it in a subfolder called stand alone art. I'll be doing a donation pool to get me to be able to have at least one year of membership. If you wuld like to donate deviant art points to me, that would be great! 
Chibi and friends! (Uncolored version)
Here's the original uncolored version of Chibi and his friends. To see the colored version of this with a more in depth description with some fun facts check the upload before this one, please!  



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