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PlayStation and Xbox controller button prompts by Ethan-White1603 PlayStation and Xbox controller button prompts by Ethan-White1603
As a hobbyist game developer, I found that most premade packs out there just suck. Using various resources including wikipedia (I cannot and will not take full credit for creating everything in this pack from scratch), I have put together a pack that should satisfy everyone's needs.

The prompts in this pack that I made from scratch are the PS4 exclusive buttons, the Xbox One exclusive buttons, the OG Xbox black and white buttons, LB and RB for 360 and Xbox One, and LT and RT for Xbox One, as well as Xbox 360 and Xbox one D-Pads.

A good majority of everything has been tweaked to what I feel looks best, and all PNGs are in 4K resolution.

Here are the download links:……

No credit is required, but it is always nice :)

This pack is completely free, use it for whatever you like.

If you like this pack, and wanna shoot me a couple of bucks to buy a soda or something, you can do so using this link:

Enjoy this pack, and have fun! :)

Special thanks to Ash_735 ( for helping me get started.
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November 1, 2018
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