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Tearing of the Veil



Commissioned for Good Friday.

Factoid: The Jewish Temple during the time of Christ was built by King Herod in 20 B.C, and was made to rival the grandeur of Solomon's centuries before.

The veil that separated the Holy of Holies - the presence of God - could only be passed through by the high priest, whom was the mediator between the people and God. The high priest brought forth the sacrifices made by the people to atone for sins. A rope and bell were attached to the high priest before he entered into the Holy of Holies. If the bell were to cease ringing it was probably because the priest was struck down and had to be pulled out. . . . .

This veil was four inches thick - not a light curtain . . . the word veil pales to describe this massive wall of fabric. It was more like a massive tapestry. It couldn't be simply ripped apart or even cut through with a sword!

When Christ was crucified, the Sinless One who paid the price for all sins, broke through the barrier, became our advocate (The High Priest) before God and gave those who accept this gift, this sacrifice, a straight line of connection and relationship with the Father.

This massive, heavy, thick curtain was no longer necessary and was torn from top to bottom by incredible force emanating from God and His new Covenant!

Whether there was a bright light or simply a dark chamber beyond when the veil tore is not said. I gave it light for effect. :)
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