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Daring-Do and the Griffon's Goblet + OC's



So, I started working on this the day of the episode it was mentioned in, then procrastinated.

After stretching out the screencap and doing my best to remake the book cover I thought it looked too simple , so I shrunk DD down a bit and threw in a couple more characters. So this is my take on it. Daring-Do needs some sidekicks.

I haven't seen any Short Round pony art yet, so I wasn't sure about her colours. Since the Daring-Do sequences in the show used more of a neutral colour scheme instead of the bright hues of the standard ponies, I tried to keep them in the same style.
Also, I figured that since Daring was essentially a re-colour of RD, Scootaloo was the only logical choice for a Short Round character. Every adventuring archaeologist needs a Short Round.

I haven't named either of these two yet (Short Round can't stay. It's probably trademarked or something), so if anyone has any good suggestions, let me know. I'd love to hear
them. Really.

EDIT: After getting a better look at the cover in "A Friend in Deed" my inaccuracies are much too obvious. *Sadface*

Art © Me
MLP © Hasbro


**Yes, Re-uploading to other sites is fine, as long as it's linked back to here.
**No, Re-using or re-purposing without permission is not okay. Especially if it contains original characters. Please ask first.
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It's Daring Do's daughter, Dippy Do