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Mass effect wallpaper 13 - Kaidan and Ashley

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© 2012 - 2020 ethaclane
Mass effect wallpaper with Kaiden and Ashley
Kaiden by Goha
Ashley by Divalola
Weapons by PabloPicasso
Shepard's Cabin by AnnaShepard
characters belong to Bioware,Electronic Arts.
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This is gorgeous! Thanks for doing this.
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we should have had the option to kill off both of them
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Sutori-ArtifexHobbyist Writer
F**k you we shoulda been able to save both of them.

And technically you do have that option. ME3, Citadel Coup. Shep or a Squadmate shoots the Virmire Survivor if you don't talk them down about Cerberus and Udina's treachery.
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those two are hang up on Cerberus and don't give a damn about Shepard
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Sutori-ArtifexHobbyist Writer
In a game where we can save both of them, I'm sure we'd be allowed to have ONE of them join us on the Suicide Mission in ME2.
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not really you have played ME 2 right
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Sutori-ArtifexHobbyist Writer
No, seriously. "In a game where" basically meant alternate universe where that actually applied... please read it again before commenting.
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Sutori-ArtifexHobbyist Writer
not really you have understanded my previous post right
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Up yours "canon"! :D
Love these two together
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SupermanLovesAspenHobbyist Traditional Artist
god, those breasts just block out everything else
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CelticWarriorMoonHobbyist General Artist
Is it weird that I totally ship these two together? :P
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can you do Kaidan Alenko and miranda Lawson romance
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This is really nice. They would have been an awesome team in ME3
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There's a reason that Bioware made Virmire a choice between these too.

They didn't want the Reapers beaten /too/ easily...
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Someone on youtube data mined ME1 to find post virmire audio where both Kaiden and Ash are both saved as they talk how amazing Shepard was able to do it.
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Sutori-ArtifexHobbyist Writer
TELL ME WHOOOOO!!?!?!?!?!?!?
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MassEffectFan2013Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing! :D Do you mind if i add something to it from my point of view? Do not worry i will give credit to you for the photo :D Thanks!
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Nice.. I wish this can happen in ME3...
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Nice. Sometimes I wish they both survived. They would be one badass team!
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Berserker79Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice one! It's good to see both the Virmire survirors! :)
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Shit just got real. Extremely Epic and you managed to avoid the uncanny valley!
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