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Jack ME3 nude model

Download - [link]

Jack ME3 nude FOR XPS by me
This is my first mesh mode attempt.I know it might not be perfect,but i guess it's better than nothing right?I may do an update to the skin texture(which it was a nightmare to work with) i 'm not sure,but at the moment enjoy this one
NOTE: it will not for Xnalara only for Xps
Head Jack by rexil Character belongs to bioware
body Paula Nude ripping by rexil, owned by Grashopper Manufacture
(4/10/012 update: slightly better retexture on skin)
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© 2012 - 2021 ethaclane
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You're a god. I've been planning on starting on Jack's leg tattoos today. Got all my needles, ink, and everything worked out. Then remembered I reinstalled an older version of windows and hadn't reinstalled Mass Effect yet. With my crap internet, it'd take 20+ hours. You've saved meeeee. Well done!
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I put this model in my latest animation :D…
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:) Very nice, the motion looks fantastic
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It's a nice model. Is there any chance of an update to the model to have her nipples tattoed as well? (They're tattooed on her concept art (she would have been topless if it weren't for ratings)
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Thanks for the model!

[SFM] Ascend by kungfubellydancer
[SFM] Jack 2 by kungfubellydancer
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No problem and by the way you did GREAT job with Jack.Very artistic work :)
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Thank you for sharing it!!
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SOTD: Paula Nude ripping by rexil, owned by Grashopper Manufacture.
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I'm working on a hi-res version using your model. ^^ Do you know where I can get the naked Paula? I wanted to try and fix the neck a bit if it's possible. Thank you for sharing, you did a wonderful job!! :rose:
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Thanks.Here is the link... [link] I REALY hope you can do a better job than i did ;)
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Thanks, I've looked everywhere for it! There's an error when I try to open the model in XPS, it refuses to open. Do you know what I could do?
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Nevermind, it opens in XNALara. Yay!! I'll show you the model when I'm done! :D
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Oh wait... I need Xps.. darn!
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What version of Xps are you using?
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Yeah it works only with Xps.It, the latest version 10.9.1
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If you don't have it,tell me and i will send you a link
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She is gorgeous:heart:
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WoW, almost didnt think it was a mesh mod for a minute until you mentioned it in the description.
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I looooooooooove you!!!!!

A nude Jack you are awesome
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