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So I know I haven't been really active on DA and I want to, but it's kinda difficult. My IPad, my main source for creating digital art, broke and has been glitch, so I can't really draw anything good on it. And my laptop is touchscreen, but I can't find my stylus and so decent art from my computer is difficult. And so the only option to making good digital artwork is through my sisters IPad, which I can't use all the time. I do though have a lot of sketches and doodles along with some more complete traditional artwork and I'll try to post those aswell. 

I just wanted to say that I won't be so active artwork wise and when I do post, atleast for now, it'll mainly be traditional artwork. 
   In a forest, tucked away was a cottage. In this cottage lived a Warlock and his two children. His oldest was named Lou. She had the power to visit others dreams and inspect them. She mainly would remove the nightmares and thoughts that scared the user. Many in the village worshiped her for bringing them peaceful dreams. They called her the Dream  Goddess.  She received much praise from her father, for giving magick users a good name.
    The second child’s name was Terry. He was the younger brother of Lou and was often left in the shadows. He had the ability to mend and use the earth and plants around him. He could created beautiful statues with trees and vines. But, he could also destroy. 
   The first time Lou brought him to the village, he tried to make something to show his love for the people. He went to a flower stand to gather plants for his creation. But when he grabbed a flower, its petals wilted and disintegrated at his touch. Shocked and scared, he tried to save the flower. Hastily trying to return the petals to the stem, he tripped and fell into the rest of the flowers. Each and every delicate petal shed away from its stem and fell to the ground. Frustrated and scared, Terry ran towards the cottage, tears flooding his eyes. 
   Once at the cottage, Terry ran to his father, trying to explain what had happened at the village. His father looked at him, questions in his eyes. Terry asked why the flowers died even when he didn’t want them to. His father stopped staring, took a deep breath, and told him not to worry. He then broke away from his son. Terry was confused. 
    “They’ll think I’m a monster!” he yelled. His father turned around, glaring at him. “Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”. His father paused. “I’m always left in the dark. You never explain anything to me”, he remembered all the times Lou had been praised by their father and the village. This angered Terry. “The people are going to find the dead flowers and think that someone is out to kill their plants!” His shout echoed throughout the small cottage.
   “You’ll be fine”, spoke his father. Terry stood there, shocked.
   “How can I be fine when I feel as if everyone thinks so little of me”, as he spoke, tears began to fill his eyes. “Every day, you praise Lou. Day and night”. Terry thought to himself. Not once has his father sincerely praised him. All he’s gotten was a “good job” or “Keep up the good work”.
   “Is something the matter son?” His father took a step towards him.
   “You’ve never praised me, all I am is just some side kick!” As he shouted, vines shot through the walls. Terry stopped.
   “Terry, please, calm down” His father's attempts to comfort him were in vain.
   “You rarely even call me son…..” Terry stepped back, processing what has been happening. He paused, and then looked up at his father, shock and hate in his eyes. “You, you only notice me because of Lou”. With that, he fled from the cottage, deep into the forest…..
[x] You have an OC that resembles yourself (Kinda???)
[ ] One of your OC's has your name
[x] You have OC's that are siblings
[x] You are constantly drawing your OC's
[ ] You constantly receive positive feedback about one or more of your OC's
|total: 2.5

[x] You have more than five OC's
[x] Your OC's are varied
[x] You have a main OC whom you love the most out of all your OC's
[x] Your OC's are mostly mythical
[ ] A lot of your OC's were adoptables
|total: 4

[x] You have a 'bad boy' or 'bad girl' OC
[ ] You have a girly OC
[x] You have a 'cool' or 'sly' OC
[x] You have a sporty OC
[x] You have a fun OC
|total: 4

[ ] You have a lot of 'perfect' OC's
[ ] You have a lot of 'imperfect' OC's
[ ] Most of your OC's are part of a fandom
[x] Most of your OC's are non-fandom
[x] You have an OC that isn't straight
|total: 2

[ ] You have gotten a polished toy, framed art, ect. made of your OC
[x] You are constantly talking about your OC's to friends
[x] The first thing you did on dA was make an OC
[x] Your OC participates in a role play
[x] You have made your OC in a game
|total: 4

|| totals added: 16.5

Now add all your totals together.
Then multiply them by 4.
Then title your journal as "I'm __% addicted to my OC's"

I've officially been on DA for a whole year now
 Awkward emoticon dance :party la: 

So I've gone from this

Louf by Eternaspirit263Image by Eternaspirit263

To this

Passenger by Eternaspirit263Stellar Wolf by Eternaspirit263                                             A true love story by Eternaspirit263

It's been one year and my art still sucks, so........

Party?:partypopper: :partypopper: :partypopper: 
I'm opening up commissions! I'll be able to do humans and animals (Feral or anthro). Just message me with the character you want me to draw and what form you want (Bust, Head, Paw, ect.). And please make sure you have drawing of the character (a ref would be appreciated) and make sure you have enough points panromantic heart 

~ Scene (Human, Anthro, Feral) - 40 points

    Passenger by Eternaspirit263Tears of night by Eternaspirit263  Stellar Wolf by Eternaspirit263Found You by Eternaspirit263

~ Character Sheet (Full body, Bust, Headshot, Waistup, Paw) (Human, Anthro, Feral) - 35

Spirit Bomb by Eternaspirit263

~ Full Body (Human, Anthro, or Feral) - 25 points

This Is How We Otter Pop by Eternaspirit263Marcus works out by Eternaspirit263

~ Bust (Human or Animal) - 20 points

Practice? by Eternaspirit263

~ Head (Human or Animal) - 15 Points

Eternal Icon by Eternaspirit263For ZIMROFFICIAL by Eternaspirit263

~ Paw (Animal) - 10 Points

Paw by Eternaspirit263

~ Eyes (Human or Animal) - 5 points

Eyes by Eternaspirit263
I wanna say that I messed up my birthday on my profile. It's actually April 19th birthday cake 
Hey guys! I haven't posted anything in a while and I will get some drawing up soon but I was wondering if I should do commissions and if you would ask for them. If so, here are my prices.


Full Color- 20 Points

Sketch- 10 Points

Full Body

Full Color- 30 Points 

Sketch- 20 Points