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Tear Grants Boot Cover Guide

By EternalZarya
A walkthrough of how I made the boot covers for my Tear Grants cosplay. It was tons of work, a lot of frustration, and I hated nearly every minute of it, but it was worth it in the end! :D
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omg I really thought it where white shoes with prepared brown socks in it x'D great work, I like your tear cosplay very much =]
EternalZarya's avatar
Thanks! Tear was my dream cosplay so I'm glad I was able to put it all together :)
KoryXIII's avatar
Great work! :D
I have a question: with the last step, do yo mean you covered the sole of the boot with the duct tape to get the "white look"? Is the only thing I didn't understood ^_^
Thanks for the tutorial :)
EternalZarya's avatar
On the boots I bought, there was a rubber ridge around where the sole met the rest of the boot and it was brown. I put the thin white duct tape around that so that the bottom of the tape met the sole and covered the ridge and part of the white fabric (making a seam sort of). The actual soles are still brown, but you can't tell by looking at them :D I hope that was the explanation you were looking for? If not, let me know and I'll try to help with whatever it is you still need ^_^
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Ooooh I see!! Yup, now I understand it :D It's a very good idea. Thank you very much!!
Could I ask you something more? I'm making a pair of boot covers and I was thinking in use hotglue just as you made, to fix the fabric to the boot and cut the excess. Is this a durable method or does the fabric fall out or peel from the boot as time goes by and you walk around? Thank you, you're very kind ^_^
EternalZarya's avatar
Depending on the material of the boot/fabric, you may have to occasionally reapply the hot glue. For mine, the glue sticks fine to the suede fabric but occasionally comes off of the rubber part. They only ever start to come undone toward where the boot curves inward so even if I'm walking around all day outside in the heat, the tape over it makes it so you wouldn't notice any problems unless you held them up close to your face. I just make sure to check them before I wear them and if need be, I'll retouch them up with more hot glue. Something I found to be really helpful to make the glue hold stronger is to make your boot more textured where you are gluing. For instance, after I noticed it had come unglued the first time, I used an exacto knife to cut the rubber ridge that I glued the fabric to. It holds a lot better now! :aww:
KoryXIII's avatar
Thanks a lot for your tips ^_^ You're very kind :)
They help me a lot with my current cosplay =)
EternalZarya's avatar
You're welcome! :D
Uerria's avatar
This is SO incredibly neat and clean, I had no idea that the white part was part of the covers. O_O You did an amazing job, and the frustration was so worth it. XD
Andichan04's avatar
ugh, I hate boot covers! no matter how many times I make them, I feel like I don't "get" them. These look fantastic (and frustrating)!!!! ^^;
EternalZarya's avatar
Thank you! ^_^ I definitely agree. The boot covers were hands-down one of the most frustrating projects I've done in 4 years of cosplay-making.
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Great tutorial! I have to make boot covers for a few cosplays so this will be useful :)
EternalZarya's avatar
EternalZarya's avatar
Yeah, this was the hardest part of the entire costume and there was a lot of swearing, crying, and throwing fabric around in fits of anger... xD Mostly it was because her boots are so completely original and weird that I couldn't really find advice anywhere for it.
Pyroluminescence's avatar
Bootcovers are one of those things that there's no definite way of doing. There are a lot of guides out there, but I don't think I've ever met anyone who just knows how to make bootcovers just like that. If you ever find a way that doesn't go "FABRIC SHOES SEW WHAT THE FUCK IS MEASURING ATTACK THIS UNTIL IT WORKS RIP HAIR OUT SOB BOOTCOVER", please let everyone know. You will become the goddess of cosplay. Even when you DO know how to do it, it's a fun mess of trial and error. That's why seeing how other people tackle it is so useful.

Your process is really interesting, and the end result looks AMAZING. I never have the patience to go all-out with shoes. I guess I'll have to when I cosplay Kris, though... THOSE SNEAKERS, JESS. D:
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