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2018-08-06: Added colors
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I loved the cursors, but I was wondering if you ever intended to make a smaller version of this pack like the mini version, that'd be really great :woohoo:! Anyways, keep up the good work

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Hello! Glad to hear you like them :dance: Sadly, I don't intent to add that, or any other modifications for that matter. Also, I've never seen someone ask for smaller cursors, only bigger ones :sherlock:
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Hi! I loved the cursors! But, could you do a reddish one? I would love that!

(Sorry if bad english, from Brazil :P)
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But, there is a red one? :confused:
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hey i love the theme thanks, i noticed there isnt a (location select or person select) am i using a different version or are those not worth adding designs for? sorry just curious thanks.
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When these cursors were created, those selections weren't a thing. That's why they don't exist. I would assume they are as irrelevant as alternate select or handwriting?
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Hello ,
These cursors look very nice and i was wondering if you could make a rainbow one ?
( it fades in and fades out from red to orange , from orange to yellow , from yellow to green , from green to blue , from blue to pink and repet )

sorry if i spelled aneything wrong , im not from the USA or england , my main languadge is not english
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While it's no difficult task, it sure would be tedious. Since I haven't had much interest in making cursors for a while I don't want to get your hopes up.

But in case you want to try yourself, I used this program to create them:…
Just open a cursor with it.
You can find a Hue filter in the Effects menu I think.
On the bottom you find the frames. Add new ones and change the hue for each one.

I'll gladly include the result in the zip if you want to share :meow:

And no worries, I had no trouble understanding you!
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Hi, these look great. Was wondering if you could possibly make a purple one?
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I was actually thinking about it, but decided against it because pink comes pretty close, and purple wouldn't "glow" as bright as other colors.
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TheMasterCreativeHobbyist Artist
Hey, i have something request, can you make this Glows in color Green?
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TheMasterCreativeHobbyist Artist
Thanks, maybe I will use on my computer.
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Hello ! 
I cant seem to find the file when i download , could you kindly provide me with it ? <3
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I don't know what you mean. All the files are still in the archive. :?
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hmm , When I posted this comment it was saying no file found but now its working ! 
so sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for this ! <3 :)  
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No problem. Glad you like it! :D
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I did Thank you ^0^ ! 
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Fantastic!  marverllous..
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Any neon orange cursors?
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I didn't make any, but it should be easy to recolor them. I haven't made cursors in years, but I might take a look at it.
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Nice Cursor!!!! :DDDD 
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