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PLEASE state
TRADE: if it was a trade (you may state the items you sent and received)
BOUGHT: if it was something you bought from me, or
COMMISSION: if it was something you paid me to make for you.

---Problems? please contact me before leaving 'neutral' or negative feedback I will always want to keep all of my customers happy! A negative feedback, if I ever get such a thing, will very likely have to be backed up with evidence that I spoke with you and interacted with you and transaction information in order to appear legit as this is an open thread... It will look very dumb to do that on your part considering how I want your side to work out by all means from my part.

---You may comment on how it went ^^

PURCHASES *directly* from me using only deviantart:


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I bought two Lugia items: the Friend's plush and 10th anniversary finger puppet. Great communications with Eternalskyy, shipping was fast, and everything was packaged well during shipping. Will definitely do business with them again! Thank you so much for the lovely additions to my Lugia collection!
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Trade: I traded my shiny charizard,normal ampharos,and normal lapras for a custom plush of my dream plush and she got every single detail right . I thought it was a very fair trade! Eternalskyy is A very trustworthy person. I am so glad I got to trade with her. I strongly recommend :D
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Commission: I got a really amazing scar from this person and I highly recommend them. The detail is amazing and the person is as well.
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Bought and traded some plush for plush and patterns. I LOVE working with *Eternalskyy we always make our trades and purchases awesome! They were even kind enough to work out a sort of payment plan with me and they sent my items before getting the payment but partially bc they had recieved my half of the trade already. 
I will continue to buy and sell and trade with them as things always go soo smothly!
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TRADE: I traded my complete DragonBall Manga set for a set of Pokemon cards and rare Holos! It was a fair deal!! And I was able to give my books to someone trustworthy!! :33
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I bought a super cute little bulbasaur plush from eternalskyy, and it was a very pleasant transaction! She was very accommodating after I mentioned that I was wary of buying from her. I went ahead with the transaction and there was really nothing to worry about at all. The items came quickly, in better condition than I expected (eternalskyy mentioned a few flaws that I hadn't noticed in the video, but really the plush was in excellent condition). She also put some cute stickers in the package. I would be happy to buy from her again.
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BOUGHT: Some cards! Just as pictured and described. Very careful packing, super appreciated! I can definitely recommend. :nod:
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Wonderful seller!! Thank you :D
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Do you still have the silver lot? please email to
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I bought a Phanpy/ Rhyperior figure from skyy
They responded super quickly and were very professional.
I am very pleased and would recommend buying from them :)
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Trade :la:
I Sent: A Colourful Wig and a Cat Necklace
I recived: A Totoro and A Naruto Toad Sculpted by Eternalskyy

They were really well packed and came in a timely manner. Eternalskyy kept me posted on there process too :) If this was Ebay I would give an A++ with 5 stars all around!
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Commissioned Sky for custom cosplay ears/tail/hair clips/tail bands of my persona, Mireille-chan. All turned out great, wonderful craftsmanship. Kept me informed every step of the way, provided WIP photos. Quick delivery, great packaging.
Would highly recommend.
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I bought 29 Pokémon figures from Eternalskyy and all went really well. She shipped everything quickly and I got what I wanted. :)
Thanks again! This was third time I bought figures from her.
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So I was dumb and forgot to type in what was traded:

I Sent: DDR Extreme 2 and DDR Supernova (both complete but in generic DVD cases because thrift stores lol)
I receive: Unlimited Saga with missing manual, Arceus Preorder figure, Metroid Prime Hunters DS card that probably doesn't work but I'm aware of the damage :)
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TRADE: As usual, super fast shipping and good communication :)
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Trade. Sent: 2 Kimba the white lion DVDs (no cases), an eragon ps2 game (broken case, intact disc), a white lamb plush, super smash brothers n64 game, predators of the past DVD

Recieved: TY eagle, plusle plush, and a fate stay night figure (missing pieces and arm falls off)

Feedback: recieved the items pretty quick. Items were as described.
I just wish I had asked for the stitch stuffed animal too... xD after my friend pointed out that it seemed like I didn't get as much in return.
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Bought a Ho-Oh figure. Not only was he willing to work on price, but he got it shipped out very fast. I will be buying from again.
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Bought: 7 figures~
Feedback: Transaction was smooth! Fast Shipping! Will buy from again! :la:
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Sent : 42 Cards
Received : 5 Cards, 7 Figures

The trade went smoothly. It was very organized and we were both able to work with what the other was looking for. The package arrived safe and sound, and very quickly. I look forward to doing more trades in the future :)
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Sent: necklace
Received: 'best teacher' decoration.

I was very pleased with it! :D It came fast, and in perfect condition. I wanted it to give to a teacher of mine, and I had it received in more than enough time to do so. It was a good trade!
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i bought a grovyle btw grovyle loves it here in my room
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We traded art for official pokemon goodies. The trade was somewhat stressful, but overall went well.
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Bought: 1 Glameow and Absol bootleg figures.
Received: 1 Glameow, and 1 Absol bootleg figures.
Feedback: Very very patient with me, as I've never done a person to person direct transaction, and had no clue what I was doing.
She showed additional pictures of the figures and informed me that the Absol figure had a missing tail. (I had no problem with this though. =)) The figures came here very quickly, and were wrapped well. Fantastic customer service, and a kind person. Also has good pricing on the items she sells. ^^

To anyone who is thinking about buying or trading anything from/with *Eternalskyy I recommend you stop thinking and do it, she's awesome~ XD
Thank you again~<3
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I BOUGHT five Pokémon TOMY figures and a magic eraser from Eternalskyy. The transaction was smooth, she once again made sure I was completely satisfied with the items, and they were shipped promptly. Awesome packaging like last time.
Great customer service and a pleasure to work with!
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