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:damphyr: Have you ever wanted your fursuit to turn out exactly as imagined?
Have your fursuit creation comes to life with your regular interaction! You're in the pilot's seat during the entire creation process (unless requesting otherwise)! All material possibilities are shown and photos which detail each and every piece's placement, shape, size, materials and color! All tweaks are also verified before each section is finalized. Comfort, durability and dependability are the main focus points. Esc fursuits are all all made with extremely durable materials, two examples being upholstery thread and rubber soles for feet that hold up to brutal cement. Claws and ears are heavily secured to interior frame supports. The feet interiors come with (removable or built in) memory foam slippers, offering comfort that one can only dream of, just like walking on clouds! Also, plenty of ventilation methods can be installed, based on the design. Accepted are designs which inspire me, and strict deadlines are not. This is to guarantee the best outcome!

See more information on my commissions link about how you can get a one-of-a-kind fursuit from myself, a perfectionist and fellow cloud walker!

:damphyr: Fursuit quote form (Contact me before submitting):
:damphyr: Ordering Terms / Shipping Terms / Rebates:
:damphyr: Ordering Measurements:

:damphyr: Durability: No holes ever developed on any of my fursuit feet soles to date (10+ hours dragging against concrete) and all claws made by me have interior reinforced bases. My suits are not 'fragile' use fursuits, it takes intensive body strength to intentionally tear/rip items apart.

:damphyr: Maintenance: Thread may need re-sewing until the fursuit is worn-in, most often between fingers and crotch/armpits on bodysuits. After about 5 wears/outings, expect very rarely any re-sewing needed.

:damphyr: Best item I offer: Feet, because they feel as if walking on clouds with the most extreme comfort. They are also fully customize-able inside and out!

:damphyr: Creatures that interest me the most right now: bunnies, some Digimon, color altered anime characters, Quilava, angel dragons, full style kemono,  dinosaurs, fox/fennec fox, gators, house cats with realistic sized snouts, dragons, cows, reindeer, kangaroo, raccoon, ferret/weasels, canines, bats.
For preferably later on: birds, cows, utah raptors, griffins.

:damphyr: Styles:Toony/kemono

:damphyr: Colorations: Sparkle/rainbow, Snow/winter (white with grey/brown/silver detailing), Fire (black base with orange/yellow/red detailing), Shadow (black and red eyes), Angelic, Candy, Pastel, Playing card (white with red/black) possibly card symbol(s), Mint (neon green with white/black), White and purple.

:damphyr: Dislikes: dark brown, dark brown with black, hyena, more than 7 stripes/spots per side of body unless it's rainbow.

:damphyr: Do I modify/work with pre-made items (foam bases)?: Yes, discounts and faster work speed applies. I don't often agree with resin bases.

:damphyr: Map of where my fursuits are located with their owners:…

:damphyr: Business email: Eternalskyy [at]


--++How I go about my commissions++--

*Payment time periods/plans: I prefer half of your total commission up front before starting your project, however, 1/3 is also reasonable. You must be able to pay off your project within a 3 month time frame, but 4 months is somewhat reasonable depending on circumstances. I do not accept weekly payments, only monthly payments unless you are sending by money order.

*Refunds: Within 24 hours, depending on how large the project is, 10% can not be refunded to make up for any inconvenience due to improper planning. If materials were purchased to start your project, these costs can not be refunded. If the project is finished and a refund is requested, I can only refund after someone else pays for it (after its auctioned or for sale). The refund back to the customer will depend on the final price it sells for and what you already covered minus any inconvenience. Material costs can mostly be refunded this way, although the auction price is the determining factor in the refund.

*Not finishing payments on time: This only applies if your project is showing work being done on it currently or is finished. A 10% fee will be deducted from possible refund or charged to the final cost for each month there is no payment. If 80 days pass by without any payments, I have full rights to the project and the right to auction it off to cover my losses. The refund back to the customer will depend on the final price it sells for and what you already covered if work has already been done on it. If fully completed project is paid for except for shipping and shipping isn't received in 30 days, I require charging a shipping account the customer possesses so that the project is no longer in my possession.


--++Item trades are semi-open.++-- 
--++Art trades are closed.++--

You may request commission types from the following:
damphyr Fursuits
damphyr Fursuit Modifications
damphyr Character Creations
damphyr Fashion Concept Art
damphyr Digital Art
damphyr Illustration
damphyr Writing
damphyr Poetry
damphyr 3d Models
damphyr 3d Model Skins
damphyr 3d Animation
damphyr Flash animation
damphyr Graphic design
damphyr Photographs
damphyr Manga Art
damphyr Necklaces, Charms
damphyr Html knowledge (limited)
damphyr Relationship + Communication Knowledge
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SilipinStarfox's avatar
Hello! May I ask a question regarding fursuit construction?
I am planning on making my own fullsuit of my newly-redesigned dragonsona, and after searching all over I can't seem to find any tutorials that would help me at all.
I want to put more chibi-styled wings on her, so they'll be relatively small. Each wing would be maybe 1 1/2-2 feet in width.
Would you be able to provide any tips on how to go about making wings like that? It would be very helpful c:
Also I love your suits! They're so cute! :heart:
Eternalskyy's avatar
I suggest looking it up in the plush category, they're made the same way.…
you can always just draw out an outline of a wing you like if its a different style and sew it together that way as well, two sided pattern.
SilipinStarfox's avatar
Oh okay! That might help xD
But thank you so much! I'll try that out once I get started on the project.
Good luck with your fursuits! :heart:
xX-GeneticRelic-Xx's avatar
So, you do copyrighted characters?
Eternalskyy's avatar
Feel free to send a note with design(s) that interest you and I will reply with what interests me!
xX-GeneticRelic-Xx's avatar
Could you do something like a Fnaf character head?
Eternalskyy's avatar
I accept designs that interest me, here's for FNAF charas :)
Bonnie - maybe.
Freddy - yes.
Foxie - eh likely no due to lack of interest.
Chica - eh I probably lack interest in chica.
xX-GeneticRelic-Xx's avatar
How much would a Bonnie head cost?
Eternalskyy's avatar
I would need to know what features are needed.

Follow-me eyes, moving jaw, bendable ears, type of fur or fleece used for the head, if bow is included, if nose is fabric/fleece/resin/silicone, and if teeth are needed i'd like to go with fleece for the teeth. Base prices is $435, the above may incur additional cost :)
xX-GeneticRelic-Xx's avatar
Follow me eyes: Do you have regular eyes?

Moving jaw: sure

Bendable ears: Its not a need thing, but how much extra for them

What are the types of fur that you use?

Type of nose: Silicone
Eternalskyy's avatar
Fur of any kind always tends to look better, of course this would likely be with shortpile fur :)

Yes I can do regular eyes, but the black would be flat on the same level as the eyes this way. Or I can make the black a part of the eyes themselves (colored in around them)
$435 Base for fully furred and shaved head. Moving jaws included if your size head is close to mine since then I can make them function best.
Bendable ears: Will probably suggest them and might be able to offer them at discount or for free because of the way the ears are based on the design. If I use standard bars of some kind i'm not sure where I can get cheap ones that are durable, especially if an angle is required for any part of the ear.
Silicone nose can be see through or not see through: +$30

I think based on my experience and style we might end up with something similar to this Bonnie Fursuit head (also the eyes have black marker around them as well like I stated about one way I could make them). I use white plastic for the whites of fursuit eyes recently, but I could stick to the holey material (buckram or mesh) if you want a larger field of vision. Of course I can show you furs I come up with for bonnie.

Right now my fursuit que is a little long, holding a spot would be the only way in. It MIGHT be until the end of the year to get started, maybe earlier, it's hard to say really until things get done.
kamisama32's avatar
how do you fur a foam vertebrate tail?
RavensInTheWind's avatar
Hello! I was recommended to come check your commissions out by DressedAllInFurWorks. I am searching around for feet paws. Preferably outdoor because those would be more durable of course, but it all depends on how expensive it gets. I'm unsure of what an average price range is for feet paws, but would 100$ be more on the cheaper or higher end? I checked out a different commissioner and saw that their feet started at 200+ but that's a bit far from my price range.
All I'm searching for is simple one color feet paws that I would use at an Anime Convention coming up in May (so, four months from now).

Eternalskyy's avatar
I also make my fursuit feet with capabilities of 'sliding a shoe' or 'sliding a slipper' inside of them, making them completely hollow and with that being removable, it's easier to clean and remove the shoe aspect so that there is less 'stink', and you can clean it out. Though of course i'm a foot powder user because there is absolutely no stink or stentch when I powder my feet each use.

I can make feet which are built into the design as well, both handle just the same and neither would accidentally slide off.

Slippers are additionally $10 from the dollar store if you request brand new inside the feet added. I buy the customer's preferred foot size if they request slippers. Otherwise I make the feet fit all sizes slippers or shoes.
RavensInTheWind's avatar
Would you be able to describe the difference between having shoes vs. slippers inside? I was originally thinking regular sneaker/shoes but after more consideration slippers would be easier to, well, slip on and off. I'd have to get back to you on being able to remove the shoe/slipper vs. it being in the design.
The idea of the sock paws were nice, though I do see myself wearing them at least several more times after the con, so I think I'd be going for regular outdoor feet. 

Could you possibly link me to an example or two of removable as well as built into the design feet paws?

If it's possible on my end, I would like to order hopefully sometime this month and then (unless I have the rest of the money beforehand) in April I could finish off the order so then I'd have them basically 2-3 weeks before the Con does come.

Sorry for the frequent questions, I'm trying to get them all out but they just keep coming!
Where should I contact when/if I do finalize to get feet paws from you? (Ex: is there a website or email etc. that I should go to set up the commission)?
Eternalskyy's avatar
Shoes inside feel mroe like shoes, but can get smelly a little faster. They are usually more expensive, at $20+ a pair. I currently do not know any local areas who sell shoes for cheap locally, and slippers are idea for comfort. They bend much easier and can be removed easiest and washed easily. They can squish and bend quite easily, nothing like shoes can.

If they are removable, they really don't move at all inside the feet, I make them secure and work just as well as attached to the foam inside (which are not removable of course). I can show you a video of my gatomon fursuit feet with removable slippers inside of them.

That's fine for the ordering. I prefer for the payments to be no longer than 3 months apart, so feb. mar. april. if its better for you, or even if you could knock that into two months is great.

You can reply to my message its fine ^_^
RavensInTheWind's avatar
For comfort, slippers are sounding more reasonable from what you've described. c;
On the aspect of being able to remove it or not, I guess it's just whatever is easiest for you when you do make the feet. I don't have a preference whether it is removable or not. 

Oh I see now, like making one payment each month or such. Since you said I could pay with Paypal, would that be over on a website of yours or possibly an Etsy store? (Just getting everything that I would need to search for worked out). ^w^

And as to your previous reply, that would be quite doable. Again, it's not guaranteed, but I would like to order sometime this month just because then I can get it 'locked in stone' and not have to worry as much.
Eternalskyy's avatar
How big did you want the slippers? how large are your feet? :3 male/female size?

(I'm a tomyboy so I wear guy sizes XD)

It's fine if you make a payment this month to 100% be owning the spot to have it done, being a long stretch if it's fine for the first payment to be non-refundable i'm fine doing that for you, it will save your spot no matter what. I could set up something on Etsy possible if you want. I normally don't because I only pick select designs to make and I don't pick 'any design' when I make anything. I would like to know your design that is needed before i'm 100% certain on making it for you.

^^ I'm happy to work with you and to have you as my customer.
RavensInTheWind's avatar
In some cases it depends on the brand, but a female size 8 is about right.

Literally all I'm asking for them would be plain yellow (to match this). No design or anything. Just one solid color. If you would honestly prefer to do some sort of design, we could talk about what you were thinking and possibly go with that.

Now I'm getting confused myself. I thought the plan would be to pay everything up front right away, but apparently that wasn't quite it. I only just figured that out today. I'll have to do more discussing on my end, I'd at least want to be able to reserve the spot so I won't have to worry about it not happening. I may have to get back to you on the money issue if I can soon figure it all out.

What I believe is correct at the moment is that my dad planned that we would wait until about March to pay everything all at once so it would give me extra time to save up, but then without doing some sort of down payment then obviously the spot wouldn't be reserved. I'll have to talk to him more and make sure he understands this.

It's a pleasure to have you dealing with my order, you're very helpful and informative.  -u- And sorry if I ever happen to accidently start rambling about an aspect and confuse you. I'm trying to make this as simple as can be! :s
Eternalskyy's avatar
It's fine ^_^

All yellow is fine for me with cat feet. I just may have to order a yard of yellow and see what I have left in foam.
Your price would be $100 shipped, ignore the extra $25 I added to the price. It was a recent markup and you contacted me before the markup, so it wont affect your price for the slippers being non-removable.

Is there any particular designs you like for feet? Let me know ASAP in case I begin working on them early because I have no current projects, and feet are something I always need to have made for nearly any costume I make, so it wont be a problem to build a pair early on without making them yellow until payments roll in. I will need the full payment before I ship out, and shipping to USA is typically 5-8 days standard (cheaper) or 2-3 priority (a little more with tracking included). Making them early on would stop any delay from happening, and once they're paid off I can ship them the same day. The reserve-a-spot does count as part of the payment, but these are just feet and making feet is what I normally make for costumes if they're just standard and my style to begin with XD swo long I understand how you want them to look as far as toe size/shape and everything. Meow~
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Eternalskyy's avatar
Mine are about $100 for standard size and $200 ish for stompy feet (super large, not the normal style for fursuit feet).
Foam mats always wore down and it seems that's all I could find makers using for the bottoms of their feet.

My top focus on anything fursuit related is durability. After testing feet for a 10-hour run outdoors, I can safely say it's been best for me to use rubber matting on the bottoms, else it wore down to a dangerous amount (the foam was barely existant after one day use if no rubber was used).

I also make my sandals using 3 layers with the bottom layer being rubber and the top layer being durable material (since I also wore down sandals on the top and bottom layer with the EVA foam mats everyone uses).... They have removable straps which are custom colored straps, custom color top and adjustable size for currently $100.

If you feel I can help you and if my price range is in your ballpark, feel free to contact me. I always am focused on making my fursuit gear with the best durability that is in the market and usually no one actually makes feet paws or sandals without using the bloody foam mats on the bottom and the tops.
RavensInTheWind's avatar
I'd be looking for a regular standard size. Considering your efforts and experimentation taken in I can see how 100 is quite reasonable. I'll make sure to take in consideration you for commissioning for sure.

The durability of your feet paws certainly sound fantastic, but I'm a bit weary with the price simply because I'm not sure how often I'd wear them. Like I mentioned I'd be using them as part of a cosplay at a con, and other than such event, I wouldn't exactly have anywhere else to wear and dress up with them.

There's quite a few parts that I have been looking for and all together it's going to be quite expensive. I'll have to see if I can make up enough for everything in this [slightly] short amount of time, if I have enough, I'll be sure that you're my go-to.

Thank you for the detailed response and for replying so soon.

Oh, I nearly forgot to ask; how much of a down payment do you prefer to have right away and how long do you allow to wait for the rest of the money?
Eternalskyy's avatar
You're welcome! Since this is for a convention or one-time use, you may also want to consider sock-paws.... I've never made sock paws before but absolutely willing to. They require less foam and maybe slightly less work and may be 'cooler'. I could probably make those for $80 though I have to ponder on how to go about the bottoms of the sock paws, because if you don't mind less flexible in terms of movement/feet, I can build them on top of foam or rubber bottom. The discount is from not requiring myself to use a ton of foam, but using it for the toes.

Down payments I usually prefer 1/3, or about $25 for sock paws and/or shoes! I prefer them to be paid off within 3 months, I do not ship any items until they are fully paid off. I do take money orders if it does help the customer at all.
RavensInTheWind's avatar
Based on my last question, at first I didn't notice that your email WAS listed. I apologize for asking even though it was already there.

After a bit of discussing, all that I need to ask at the moment would be, how long would you estimate that it would take for you to work + complete then send the feet if I payed the full $100 right away? (How many days/weeks/months)?

If you need/want more details about my specific order before you would be able to make a guesstimate, I can shoot you an email.
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