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:iconleftangelwingplz: ***IMPORTANT!!!!!****
When you draw a requested/commissioned character from me to keep them ON MODEL (same hair style, same tail spikes *I don't mind tracing the tail spikes because I like the perfect angle and sizes for them!) and same wings, skin tint, hair tint and everything). Otherwise, DO NOT DRAW THEM FOR ME- (I'm just picky, it's your choice to draw them! I wont mind if you say no!) ALSO make sure to check in with me if you are drawing someone OTHER than a main character to be sure the reference is currently on-model + up to date. It must say (c) EternalSky: in some way, icon preferred. ^_^

What I MOST love/value I love about fanart/commissions: "A perfect representation of your OC's personality/look".

________________MAIN CHARACTERS_______________

Lugia Chan (Version 2) by Eternalskyy LugiaChan_-3d Hair Modeling by Eternalskyy LugiaChan and her haircut reference
Lugia Chan's Dragon Form (V. 2) Character Sheet by Eternalskyy LugiaChan's Dragon form
_Phoenix Lugia Human Form_Pain by Eternalskyy Phoenixlugia's human form <--- she needs new reference sheet up, please if you want to draw her ask me for better reference.… : Lugia, Phoenixlugia her dark side, and her dragonbird form fanart/older art

Esc - Cyrize Species- My FURSONA by Eternalskyy My fursona.
__New Persona Cavamber__ by Eternalskyy Deviant Universe OC Cavamber by Eternalskyy Cavamber Badge by Eternalskyy Cavamber

________________OTHER CHARACTERS_______________… *official* :thumb90775141:…… Biolugia (Villian)

Rugia (Lugia's male form)

__Character Chaotix Raptor__ by Eternalskyy Chaotix……… Elec Mizu Ryu (Lugia's friend)

Photobucket Lucra (Goddess)

:thumb63178665: Haku (Cia agent)

:thumb193779400: Snowblaze (Haku's partner in crime)

:thumb90647846: Request Black Scarlet by PokeMorphManiac Black Scarlet

-_Aerial Battle Of The Skies_- by Eternalskyy  Black Pearl


Photobucket Pika (Cry baby)

:thumb281654032: Noct (Annoyed)

Photobucket Ulti (Cocky/bully)

Photobucket Sui (Hyper, crazy)

________________MASCOT SIDEKICKS_______________

---Mascots of Lugia---

__Jalteon The Jolteon__ by Eternalskyy Jalteon

-__SHIKA__- by Eternalskyy Photobucket Shika


__-My Version Of Magiseeker-__ by Eternalskyy Magiseeker (CAVAMBER'S SPOUSE)
__Cavamber and Magiseeker__ by Eternalskyy :thumb110941819: Cavamber and Magiseeker

Photobucket  --_Darkness Of Memory Chara_-- by Eternalskyy Dark (LUGIA'S SPOUSE)

PKMN UBF - Basilisk +backstory by DarknessOfMemory Basilisk (LUGIA DRAGON'S SPOUSE *human*)

Missy The Cat Fursona by Eternalskyy Missy's fursona (LugiaChan's friend)

© 2007 - 2021 Eternalskyy
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hmm how about ya pick what u think i could do best cuz i messed up. i did my best on eci or whatever and just made her down on all fours, the legs are still longer than the arms
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XD It's alright. Hm.... The neopets I have in the character journal might be more simple for ya to draw o.o what do ya think?
ArticWolfSpirit's avatar
ill try one of them then
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Why don't you fly out here and join in a British one with me? XD Seriously, if you came it would make the whole thing even more fun that it already is!#
Yeh i know, wishful thinking..
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it would. though the only reason i'd fly out of the country would be going to japan= its costly. I can only make it as far as detroit if my dad bought me car insurance.
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I'm not a furry, and people would make fun of me for going, but I think I'd go, if I could. I have lots of money, too, but no ride. Where is it, anyway?
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Nice new icon! Whatd you think about the pics?
sephys-little-cloud's avatar

The pictures are nice. It's looking good so far, and I especially love the gold ring. :3
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Eh, theyre everywhere. the one i'm focusing on is in detroit MI. A one in Pennsylvania is near you. if you dress up people hug you all day and u get to act like an animal with no one bothering you :)
sephys-little-cloud's avatar
That sounds pretty cool. I'd love to be hugged all day, plus I love acting like an animal. :D
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