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Please read the entire terms page before commissioning Eternalskyy!*

*By placing a down payment for a suit from EternalSkyy you accept to work with EternalSkyy and agree to these terms and conditions.

Refusal of Service
EternalSkyy reserves the right to cancel / deny any customer service for reasons to be determined by EternalSkyy. This includes if the commissioner misses two payments in a row, difficulty to contact, breaking terms of service, verbally and/or emotionally abusive, giving a time limit, threatening or otherwise unreasonable. Should the commissioner display these behaviors of any sort, EternalSkyy reserves the right to cancel the project without any warning. EternalSkyy reserves the right to finish canceled projects for personal use, or to sell upon completion.

Completion dates
EternalSkyy does not accept deadlines of any sort. It is possible to ask about having the suit completed by a certain date, however, EternalSkyy is not obligated to meet this time span. Projects will not be shipped out until 100% of the project is paid for, completed, and the shipping is fully paid for. No exceptions.

All customers must be at least 18 years of age. Payments made by anyone under 18 will not be accepted. If under 18, a parent/guardian over the age of 18 must conduct all communication and act as the purchasing agent, including responsibility for payment. EternalSkyy is not liable for suits no longer fitting due to the owner growing out of any part of their costume or weight gain/weight loss.

By accepting a commission from EternalSkyy, the customer acknowledges they own copyrights, trademarks or any other distribution/usage rights of your character, and assume responsibility for it.

PayPal, money order (5% discount), cash (5% discount),  Ebay/Visa Gift cards (may or may not be accepted for anything other than purchasing materials), and money order (5% discount) are all accepted. EternalSkyy is not responsible for lost or late payments. For PayPal payments, the address listed on the PayPal account must be the correct address to ship the project to. The payment will be refunded if the address is incorrect and the customer will be asked to re-send once it's updated with the correct address the project must be shipped to.

Payment Deadline
If the commission is not fully paid for and the project is done, there is a $60/monthly fee of storage for full suits, $45/monthly fee for partials, and $25/monthly fee for pieces smaller than a partial. EternalSkyy will always try to work around late payments if notified. This will include multi tasking on projects on other projects on the queue to avoid fees.

For projects which are not costumes or costume parts, no refunds can be given.
1) If the project has not been started, a cancellation fee equal to the material costs + 11% of production costs will be deducted from the refund.
2) If the project is partially done, a cancellation fee equal to the material costs + the amount of work spent already will be deducted from the refund
3) If the project is fully done, the refund amount would be the amount that the commission is paid for from auction. $100 + 4% will be deducted from the refund as a service fee.

EternalSkyy will be sharing work-in-progress photos, blueprints, fur, material options and etc. as the project is being made unless it is difficult to contact the customer. Additional fees may incur if: 
*Change is made different from the references given (design changes/colors). 
*Getting approval on making a change to something, having it changed, and being requested a new different change to what already was already done.
*Ordering a more expensive material more than the average $23/yard price or when shipping from the supplier is not free with the material order.

International Buyers
When ordering from EternalSkyy, you're responsible for assuring the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country.
The recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country. Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches the recipient's country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient; we have no control over these charges and can't predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

Will be billed separately after it is finished.
Once the package or packages are shipped out, EternalSkyy is no longer responsible for lost, stolen, damage or delays. The shipping company is held responsible and it is highly suggested to purchase shipping insurance which is the customer's responsibility.
Generally full costumes are $60-$100 to USA and $100-$200 (per 17"x17"x17" box) internationally. International buyers are suggested to make every item as small as possible items with removable stuffing options. It is roughly $900+ to ship a large digitigrade costume which is fully stuffed.

You can do all of the below for maximum rebate if it is a full or partial costume commission.
Rebate 1: You can receive a $5 rebate if you post a video of un-boxing your costume (fursuit) to YouTube with ESC or Eternal Skyy Costumes in the title.
Rebate 2: You can receive a $5 rebate if you make a good quality review for… (commissioned work and also auctioned items made by me are both accepted).

Proper care
Buyer is responsible for proper care of their commission, which is to include:
*Brushing regularly.
*Washing as needed.
*Avoid outside influence that may cause damage. This includes other people who may inflict harm/damage to you or your costume. People under the influence are known to have caused harm to costumes.
*Avoid chemicals, dangerous objects and flammables that could harm you and/or the costume.
*EternalSkyy is not responsible for negligent behavior.
*My how to care for a fursuit page is a work in progress. Contact me to receive a copy of this document!

It is suggested to understand how to sew loose seams that break for any project I create. It is very uncommon for damage to occur beyond this. In the event this happens, contact EternalSkyy for either...
1) Free information and live help to repair the damage yourself.
2) Shipping it to EternalSkyy. Estimation will be given for the repairs needed. The customer pays for both sending and receiving shipping costs.

EternalSkyy is not responsible for any injury you may incur, including, but not limited to outside influence, heat stroke, falls, panic due to claustrophobia, other mental disorders or other health conditions.

Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, is a binding contract. By accepting a commission from EternalSkyy, you agree upon all terms of service.
--- Head measurements photo coming soon! ---
*Head circumference horizontally, around back of head, across the ears and to the tip of the nose all around: 
*Head circumference vertically, around the top of your head, down across the ears and under the chin firmly: 

PJ / Sweater + Pants Tutorial (or buy a coverall online, they are only $1-$5): 
 photo IMG_0074.jpg

DTD Tutorials:…
*The duct tape must be attached to a cloth material for durability (don't use paper).
*If your design is digitigrade, I must receive a separate pair of sweat pants that either end at the ankles or are pinned/raised to them).
*If your design has torso padding, I must receive a separate shirt of any kind.

Measurements without DTD or PJs:
I need these specifications firm against you, rounded off to the nearest inch.

Loose (1"-2"+?) or snug:?
Crotch to middle of shoulders: 
Ankle to crotch: 
Largest part around lower leg (calf): 
Largest part around upper leg (likely about crotch area): 
Hip circumference (around butt, need biggest measurement around): 
Tummy circumference: 
Armpit to wrist: 
Chest circumference (below armpit): 
Shoulder circumference (just below neck), wrap it around shoulders: 
Head circumference horizontally, around back of head, across the ears and to the tip of the nose all around: 
Head circumference vertically, around the top of your head, down across the ears and under the chin firmly: 
Wrist to fingertip: 
Shoe size requested:


Journal Entry: Thu Jan 23, 2014, 10:19 AM

damphyrSculptures Gallery Examples (Most Designs!)

(Somewhat Limited)

Estimates: (prices for long snakes/dragons are usually half)
~$30 for 2-3"
~$50 for 4-5"
~$80 for 5-7"
Can go larger.

Lugia Sculpture WIP by Eternalskyy
Froakie Chibi PokeDoll Sculpture by EternalskyyVaporeon Sculpture Charm by EternalskyyTotoro Sculpture by EternalskyyHaku Dragon Sculpture Spirited Away by Eternalskyy
Cavamber The Cat LifesizedBust by Eternalskyy Chibi Darkness Stone Necklace by Eternalskyy

damphyrRepaints Gallery Examples (Most Designs!)


_--Shiny Charizard Figure--_-_ by Eternalskyy _--Shiny Mew Figure--_-_ by Eternalskyy Zoids Custom Battle CougarZoid by Eternalskyy

Design and CSS by Anjellyjoy
Brushes by crazy-alice

Digital Art + Concept Art Commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 23, 2014, 9:57 AM

damphyrTurnaround Art Gallery Examples (Most Designs Accepted! I have preference when back views are shown without tail attached and back views without spikes)

~ $5 each view

Front and side view
~ $35 flat colors, ~ $40 shaded with highlights.

Front, side and back view
~ $50 flat colors, ~ $55 shaded with highlights.

Front, side and back view with extra details
~ $70 flat colors, ~$75 shaded with highlights.

Dragon Fursuit Ref: Black, Blue and White by Eternalskyy
Dorumon Digimon Fursuit Reference V. 2 by Eternalskyy
'-+Spectrum Lightwave+-' by Eternalskyy
+_':Lyearthia Sunglow:'_+ by Eternalskyy

damphyrSketches Gallery Examples (Nearly All Designs Accepted)
~ $5.00

damphyrDigital Art Gallery Examples (Very Few Designs Accepted) 

_+Grovyle Poke_Hybrid+_ by Eternalskyy
Lugia Water Dragon Form (Version 1.5) by EternalskyyShaymin Peachy Love by Eternalskyy Dragonair by Eternalskyy

damphyrManipulations Gallery Examples (Animals Preferred)

~$40 depending on design.

The Real Dragonair V. 2 by Eternalskyy

Design and CSS by Anjellyjoy
Brushes by crazy-alice

Painting Commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 23, 2014, 9:38 AM

:damphyr: Painting Commissions (Most Designs!) Gallery Examples
 My Little Pony Custom Painting Ringlet-Based by Eternalskyy
Eeyore Painting - Winnie the Pooh by Eternalskyy

Roughly $30, depending on details/characters.
For canvas sized pieces, it will depend on the amount of details and the style.

Estimates (shipping and paper or board cost not included):

Simple/no Backgrounds
12"x11" ~ $30
20"x20" ~ $55
30"x30" ~ $85
~larger can be done.

12"x11" ~ $50
20"x20" ~ $85
30"x30" ~ $125
~larger can be done.

Extreme detail/multiple characters
12"x11" ~ $80
20"x20" ~ $135
30"x30" ~ $195
~larger can be done.

Design and CSS by Anjellyjoy
Brushes by crazy-alice

Badge Commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 23, 2014, 9:25 AM

:damphyr:Badges Gallery Examples (Most Designs!)
Examples: [link]
Base price: $40 for nearly all designs.

Painted Sparkle Badge - Shiny Charizard by Eternalskyy
Custom Yellow Fire-Fox Furry Con Badge by Eternalskyy(Skunk) Scynt Fursona Gift Badge by EternalskyyCavamber Badge by Eternalskyy

Design and CSS by Anjellyjoy
Brushes by crazy-alice
AnimeWaterDragon Stamp by Eternalskyy unity stamp by smevstock I Dream of Flying by Marvealle Flying is freedom by Somethingfake Sky by DarkShad00w

stamp_i_love_the_sky by EmilyTC I dream of Flying by swiftblight Rescuers Down Under Marahute Stamp by WildSpiritWolf Freedom stamp by DeviantSith free by Animal-Stamp

Wings maniac stamp by HyaKkiDouR4n DA Stamp - Anti-War 01 by tppgraphics DA Stamp: I Love Trance Music by Trance-Fans Stamp - I love t-rex by Carolzilla

I love Hummingbird Moths by WishmasterAlchemist Just love,Only love... by DALVLAD I love anime stamp by vero-g6-stamps +Calumon-Culumon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon Friends ARE Family: Stamp by Katze-Cat-KuroNeko
DA Stamp - Not Good VS Evil 01 by tppgraphics Love CellShading - Stamp by GlowingEyeFiasco Respect Stamp by mintyfreshbrain Weather Icon: Sakura Petals by taytaykudo Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie 135 - Jolteon by Marlenesstamps Mienshao stamp by MahoxyShoujo 612 - Haxorus by Marlenesstamps 033 Nidorino Stamp by Kevfin 156 - Quilava by Marlenesstamps PKMN Scyther Fan - Stamp by hieikurama27 348 - Armaldo by Marlenesstamps 193-5 Shiny Yanma Stamp by Pokestamps Zoids Fan Stamp by StampsbyJen I love Bald Eagles by WishmasterAlchemist I love Rainbow Lorikeets by WishmasterAlchemist Tails Stamp by RecklessKaiser We Need Love Too by KasaraWolf Betta tank stamp by Hymnsie Hug the world stamp by BlueMidna Pocky Stamp by Sheikah-ness Da Stamp - Rema Side to Side by tppgraphics Positive Thinking Stamp by cjqueen76 Techno Stamp by PFV0-Stamp:thumb263199177: NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz Open your Mind Stamp by quazo Hate Storage Stamp by izka197 STAMP: RAINBOW is FREEDOM by ShikiPearlLeBroche Anime IS Art by StarDragon77:thumb95681975: Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie Woman that knows by Claire-stamps Difference Stamp by DemonFlare2343 Bleach Stamp -Hyourinmaru- by ice-fire Opinion-truth - stamp by Angi-Shy:thumb209598147: my first stamp by Gravifreak:thumb90278293: Not Automatically Good by SizzyBubbles . i S l e e p . by mistandsparkles Stamp - Note From God by zurisu:thumb109995069: Pro Opinion Stamp by LiveVivaciously Jellyfish Stamp by bubblegum17 MLP:FIM ... fml by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Stamp: Stop SOPA by TheRyanFord Strap a Bomb To My Chest and Call me Achmed by Foedus-Stamps ugly watermark by davespertine

Feedback from selling / trading / commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 31, 2011, 7:31 PM
PLEASE state
TRADE: if it was a trade (you may state the items you sent and received)
BOUGHT: if it was something you bought from me, or
COMMISSION: if it was something you paid me to make for you.

---Problems? please contact me before leaving 'neutral' or negative feedback I will always want to keep all of my customers happy! A negative feedback, if I ever get such a thing, will very likely have to be backed up with evidence that I spoke with you and interacted with you and transaction information in order to appear legit as this is an open thread... It will look very dumb to do that on your part considering how I want your side to work out by all means from my part.

---You may comment on how it went ^^

PURCHASES *directly* from me using only deviantart:


:damphyr: Get up close and personal with your project and be involved in creating it to life! I show photos of: blueprints, work-in-progress, red-lines, fur and material options. I go through changes/red-lines and showing the changes with the customer as I work for each item before it's materialized. Skype/facebook/email is checked each day, responses are typically 2-24 hours except for most weekends.

:damphyr: Fursuit quote form (Contact me before submitting):
:damphyr: Ordering Terms / Shipping Terms / Rebates:
:damphyr: Ordering Measurements:

:damphyr: Durability: I use high grade materials for: upholstery foam, upholstery thread, dual duty xp thread for fleece, and rubber floor mats for feet. Foam bases are tested for incredible durability. No holes ever developed on any of my fursuit feet soles to date (10+ hours dragging against concrete) and all claws made by me have interior reinforced bases. My suits are not 'fragile' use fursuits, it takes intensive body strength to intentionally tear/rip items apart.

:damphyr: Maintenance: Thread may need re-sewing until the fursuit is worn-in, most often between fingers and crotch/armpits on bodysuits. After about 5 wears/outings, expect very rarely any re-sewing needed.

:damphyr: Best item I offer: Feet, because they feel as if walking on clouds with the most extreme comfort. They are also fully customize-able inside and out!

:damphyr: Creatures that interest me the most right now: bunnies, some Digimon, color altered anime characters, Quilava, angel dragons, full style kemono,  dinosaurs, fox/fennec fox, gators, house cats with realistic sized snouts, dragons, cows, reindeer, kangaroo, raccoon, ferret/weasels, canines, bats.
For preferably later on: birds, cows, utah raptors, griffins.

:damphyr: Styles:Toony/kemono

:damphyr: Colorations: Sparkle/rainbow, Snow/winter (white with grey/brown/silver detailing), Fire (black base with orange/yellow/red detailing), Shadow (black and red eyes), Angelic, Candy, Pastel, Playing card (white with red/black) possibly card symbol(s), Mint (neon green with white/black), White and purple.

:damphyr: Dislikes: dark brown, dark brown with black, hyena, more than 7 stripes/spots per side of body unless it's rainbow.

:damphyr: Do I modify/work with pre-made items (foam bases)?: Yes, discounts and faster work speed applies. I don't often agree with resin bases.

:damphyr: Map of where my fursuits are located with their owners:…

:damphyr: Business email: Eternalskyy [at]


--++How I go about my commissions++--

*Payment time periods/plans: I prefer half of your total commission up front before starting your project, however, 1/3 is also reasonable. You must be able to pay off your project within a 3 month time frame, but 4 months is somewhat reasonable depending on circumstances. I do not accept weekly payments, only monthly payments unless you are sending by money order.

*Refunds: Within 24 hours, depending on how large the project is, 10% can not be refunded to make up for any inconvenience due to improper planning. If materials were purchased to start your project, these costs can not be refunded. If the project is finished and a refund is requested, I can only refund after someone else pays for it (after its auctioned or for sale). The refund back to the customer will depend on the final price it sells for and what you already covered minus any inconvenience. Material costs can mostly be refunded this way, although the auction price is the determining factor in the refund.

*Not finishing payments on time: This only applies if your project is showing work being done on it currently or is finished. A 10% fee will be deducted from possible refund or charged to the final cost for each month there is no payment. If 80 days pass by without any payments, I have full rights to the project and the right to auction it off to cover my losses. The refund back to the customer will depend on the final price it sells for and what you already covered if work has already been done on it. If fully completed project is paid for except for shipping and shipping isn't received in 30 days, I require charging a shipping account the customer possesses so that the project is no longer in my possession.


--++Item trades are semi-open.++-- 
--++Art trades are closed.++--

You may request commission types from the following:
damphyr Fursuits
damphyr Fursuit Modifications
damphyr Character Creations
damphyr Fashion Concept Art
damphyr Digital Art
damphyr Illustration
damphyr Writing
damphyr Poetry
damphyr 3d Models
damphyr 3d Model Skins
damphyr 3d Animation
damphyr Flash animation
damphyr Graphic design
damphyr Photographs
damphyr Manga Art
damphyr Necklaces, Charms
damphyr Html knowledge (limited)
damphyr Relationship + Communication Knowledge

Relationship Help for ANY Problem

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 5, 2011, 2:25 AM
Sadly, no person on a forum or any friend without relationship knowledge (that is, someone that reads the books A LOT and understands A LOT about marriage) can not help ANYONE in any relationship trouble. I repeat, that is the truth. I also must say that a relationship or a marriage can not usually work out properly if neither of them knows the knowledge which is essential to making a relationship good in the first place.

   The language that is displayed on replies to relationships is the language that they speak; abuse. Abuse is what tears a person apart to pieces and is usually unrecovered and can be a lifelong heartbreak that leads to an overall hatred. Since this is the only language people know, they (people who reply to relationship troubles) speak it and tell you to just throw it all away or blame it on the other person and understand nothing about how to help a person at their core and maintain a healthy relationship that is meant to be caring, supportive, understanding and satisfying.

   Let me tell you, not all counselors will help. Because counselors will want money and will want you comming back for more help later and they will not always hold all of the answers. I do not hate counselors or actually think you shouldn't go see one, of course. I actually believe if you can not get a book or knowledge in your hands immediantly, that you should go see one just to settle down a bit and feel calm and supported, and go grab a book.

   What you must do, and what I did, was looked up books that are highly recommended and rated for helping relationships, marriages and etc. Sometimes, you must do all of the research. I take relationships more seriously than anything else.
Here is what I recommend for you:… What I recommend the most from the list, so far, is His Needs, HerNeeds: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage Fifteenth Anniversary Edition". You wont need to worry about your significant other 'not wanting to' see a counselor because you can do all the work :)
I also recommend: Catch Him and Keep Him (By Christian Carter) because it explains 'inside the mind of a man' so well and detailed, it's very mindblowing and unlike anything i've seen before. I'm talking from experience from reading it! I'm not a seller of any of these, it's just my studies.

(You can also check ebay prices, I think it's around 1-$5 per book on this list. Ebay helped me save hundreds of dollars and their policies changed, so I use it nearly daily and they don't rip anyone off anymore like the stories that they used to, they're much more strict ;) *you can check this on their policies/rules on the ebay website*)
I'm very serious about the case of 'the relationship' because I was abused and left to stray a few times, never thinking my needs could ever be fulfilled. I honestly grew very mentally unstable from abuse I took in my past. Right now currently, I am in a happy, fulfilled and satisfying relationship and confidence in my ability to learn, read and change my life to its fullest and best - along with a man that covers all my needs for support :)   

---I wish you the utmost luck from the bottom of my heart. Never let down and give up just because the random incidence a person came around and spattered words of nonesense to you, ever again. I care for both the people, not just only one, and it's not rocket science to fix a broken relationship. Just take the first step. It's never, ever, ever impossible. It's the same as having to score an A on a test :)

Groups i'm in / may submit to.

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 30, 2010, 10:36 AM
Member of:

Clubs I may submit to:







Selling Groups:


By: :iconchemb0t:
Better version of this tutorial here:…

"You can create your own Paintchat room by downloading the java application from shi-chan’s site. Getting passed the fact that all of its instructions are only in Japanese, the setup is quite simple (This is usually the reason why people find it difficult to setup; they can't understand the instructions. ^^;) . The application runs on your computer, allowing it to serve as the host. This is much like how Opencanvas 1.1 works. You use your actual IP to connect via a web browser and your guests do the same.

So basically the requirements to do this are that you need to have a computer with a windows operating system and an internet connection that allows other computers to connect to it (If you are connected behind a router, you may need to change some settings.)

Here’s a step by step guide to get you started:

1) Download the Java Paintchat Application here.…
Unzip and launch PaintChat.jar in the paintchat folder. If it does not launch, you may need to update your Java Virtual Machine. You can do so by going here:
Once it launches, a window should pop up with a few settings. Press “ok” by click the button on the bottom left. You should be left with a window with a server log showing you your port connections. Leave this open. As long as it is running, your paintchat server is running.

2) Obtain your real IP address by going here:

3) Place that IP in your browser’s address bar followed by “/entrance_pro.html” for using the pro version of shipainter or “/entrance_normal.html” for the normal version of shipainter.

4) Press enter. If your internet connection is configured correctly, you should find yourself with the familiar Paintchat interface. If not, you might need to open some ports on your router for it to work. Setting your computer to “DMZ” is also an easier way to ensure that other computers can connect to you.

4) To have your friends connect to your server, simply give them the link in your browser. Keep in mind that this shows your actual IP so it would be wise to make sure you can trust who you are giving the link to.

5) To configure the size of the canvas, open the file called “” in the cnf folder using notepad. Modify the numbers the follow
Client_Image_Height= and
to adjust the corresponding height and width of the canvas.

6) For the best experience while drawing with a tablet, be sure to download Jtablet. This plugin allows you to use pressure sensitivity in shipainter. Once installed, all you have to do is click on the capital “P” located on the top right of the shipainter window. You can get it here:… " THANK YOU CHEMB0T!!!
Tutorial on how to clean your computer for free (professional guide)
Comments/advice/questions welcome.

(ANYTHING in any of the steps are things you can safely do, nothing you clean or erase here is needed for a computer to run and function)

   First decide if you want to take the easiest way and to do a full system restart which is suggested every five or ten months. Go to step 3 right away after it. Save your files you NEED personally on a external hard drive beforehand or storage device.

1) Deleting files you don't need

*These are found in my documents, my pictures, my music, on the desktop at times, etc. Easiest to clean.

2) Easy cleaning

*Do a disk cleanup. Start- all programs- accessories, system tools, disk cleanup. Choose a drive, C: drive is your computer drive. This gets rid of things downloaded automatically from the internet, but not everything. It's safe to select everything to delete since they serve no purpose.

*Do a disk defragmenter. Start- all programs- accessories, system tools, disk defragmenter. Choose any drive, C: is your computer drive. This moves files around, doesn't harm your computer and improves its speed.

3) Delete programs and their files

*Uninstall Programs. Start- Control Panel- Add or remove programs. Delete all programs you never heard of, don't use, and no one uses. Programs, especially games and the largest files you have on your list. On the top right, it says Sort by: Name. Click the arrow and go to size to get a rough estimate on how much space these programs take. I personally always have 90% disk space, therefore the computer should last me countless years. Delete anything you know you don't need, if you need to know what something is, type it on Google and search. Every little file helps.

(Know that doing this doesn't delete everything the program created. See below to properly get rid of the rest)

*Deleting program files. Start- My computer- ( C: )- All programs / program files. Know there's files here at times that don't belong to any installed program currently. These are left over files from your programs you recently removed/deleted. Delete the entire folder of anything you don't need. Look up file names on Google to define them, research them if you want. Get to know them, then happy cleaning.
Drivers/.dll files: only thing not recommended to delete.

*Uninstalling hidden programs. Go to uninstall programs, there will be ''windows features'' you can uninstall. This is where windows media player is, games you likely don't want installed and many many many other things you can deselect if you don't use them.

4) Startup programs: making programs not run as soon as your computer turns on *highly recommended*

*Go to start>search>msconfig and open it. Go to the startup bar and deselect everything except for your virus scanner. You can keep a program you want to pop up as soon as your computer turns on (keep it selected to do so). If you don't know what something is, please open google and type it in as it is shown. Find out if it is a virus or what it is, and if it's needed. If you find a virus this way, be sure they are deselected and restart, then run your virus scanner, malware scanner and spyware scanner. It is suggested to unplug your internet during the restart if it might be a worm, which will stay on the menu after the scan and mess up your computer. Get rid of these ASAP!

5) Empty your recycle bin often
*Right click on recycle bin>empty recycle bin.

6) Performance options
*Find out how to get to this window (every edition of windows is different). Deselect as many 'effects' as you can handle visually for faster performance- will not harm the computer in any way- it will increase the speed the more you deselect.

Programs I use and suggest to people
Super Anti Spyware Free Edition (spyware scanner)
McAfee Free Edition (virus scanner)
Google Chrome (browser)
Ccleaner (disk cleanup- does more than the disk cleanup in step 2, use it instead) - Windows Repair (used it once, it looks amazing <3)

Other things that may help
Want your computer to be faster? Search for more methods to do so but be sure its legit and no virus downloads. If they recommend a program or a download, research ANYTHING before you download it. Youtube search link:*…

SUGGESTIONS that may help!

*Installing programs: Be sure you researched if its a virus or not. When you install a program, ALWAYS select ''custom'' and only select the one thing you need or intended to install. TOOLBARS are often viruses! Sometimes program ''extras'' can be viruses as well. Only select what you need to use!

*Banners: DO NOT CLICK BANNERS OR ADVERTISEMENTS on pages! They lead to lots of spyware and viruses and scams!

*More than one program for the same operation: Don't do this - it wastes space and slows your computer down. Get rid of any programs you don't need in step 3, only keep one program for one operation such as music: Windows media player. If you have Winamp AND Windows media player AND itunes, you're taking up too much space.
- refer to step 3).


10 years worth of working with computers and using the above without problems. Any problems contact me, this is a professional guide that's written by a professional who would rather have step by step explanation rather than talking to each person separately. This is for your free use without having to spend big bucks on getting someone to do it for you.

(How I've learned: Taking chances, learning its helpful to the computer, always tweaking things. I have one of the most fastest reliable computers out there and owned an HP computer which ran very fast for 7 years until the hardware got too old to function)


Journal Entry: Fri Sep 28, 2007, 4:00 PM
:iconleftangelwingplz: ***IMPORTANT!!!!!****
When you draw a requested/commissioned character from me to keep them ON MODEL (same hair style, same tail spikes *I don't mind tracing the tail spikes because I like the perfect angle and sizes for them!) and same wings, skin tint, hair tint and everything). Otherwise, DO NOT DRAW THEM FOR ME- (I'm just picky, it's your choice to draw them! I wont mind if you say no!) ALSO make sure to check in with me if you are drawing someone OTHER than a main character to be sure the reference is currently on-model + up to date. It must say (c) EternalSky: in some way, icon preferred. ^_^

What I MOST love/value I love about fanart/commissions: "A perfect representation of your OC's personality/look".

________________MAIN CHARACTERS_______________

Lugia Chan (Version 2) by Eternalskyy LugiaChan_-3d Hair Modeling by Eternalskyy LugiaChan and her haircut reference
Lugia Chan's Dragon Form (V. 2) Character Sheet by Eternalskyy LugiaChan's Dragon form
_Phoenix Lugia Human Form_Pain by Eternalskyy Phoenixlugia's human form <--- she needs new reference sheet up, please if you want to draw her ask me for better reference.… : Lugia, Phoenixlugia her dark side, and her dragonbird form fanart/older art

Esc - Cyrize Species- My FURSONA by Eternalskyy My fursona.
__New Persona Cavamber__ by Eternalskyy Deviant Universe OC Cavamber by Eternalskyy Cavamber Badge by Eternalskyy Cavamber

________________OTHER CHARACTERS_______________… *official* :thumb90775141:…… Biolugia (Villian)

Rugia (Lugia's male form)

__Character Chaotix Raptor__ by Eternalskyy Chaotix……… Elec Mizu Ryu (Lugia's friend)

Photobucket Lucra (Goddess)

:thumb63178665: Haku (Cia agent)

:thumb193779400: Snowblaze (Haku's partner in crime)

:thumb90647846: Request Black Scarlet by PokeMorphManiac Black Scarlet

-_Aerial Battle Of The Skies_- by Eternalskyy  Black Pearl


Photobucket Pika (Cry baby)

:thumb281654032: Noct (Annoyed)

Photobucket Ulti (Cocky/bully)

Photobucket Sui (Hyper, crazy)

________________MASCOT SIDEKICKS_______________

---Mascots of Lugia---

__Jalteon The Jolteon__ by Eternalskyy Jalteon

-__SHIKA__- by Eternalskyy Photobucket Shika


__-My Version Of Magiseeker-__ by Eternalskyy Magiseeker (CAVAMBER'S SPOUSE)
__Cavamber and Magiseeker__ by Eternalskyy :thumb110941819: Cavamber and Magiseeker

Photobucket  --_Darkness Of Memory Chara_-- by Eternalskyy Dark (LUGIA'S SPOUSE)

PKMN UBF - Basilisk +backstory by DarknessOfMemory Basilisk (LUGIA DRAGON'S SPOUSE *human*)

Missy The Cat Fursona by Eternalskyy Missy's fursona (LugiaChan's friend)

LugiaChan / Phoenixlugia

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 21, 2004, 7:23 PM
Lugia Chan (Version 2) by Eternalskyy** NEW VERSION (reference here!)

LugiaChan_-3d Hair Modeling by Eternalskyy Hair reference

*Lugia's second version below*
AWDs Lugia by Rasiris
Lugia Phoenixlugia New Clothes by Eternalskyy… Lugia and Kigia (her chibi self) -slightly off color!

Lugia Chan (Version 1) by Eternalskyy…… Lugia main avatar pic… Lugia by Yume… Lugia and Ethia… Lugia, Dark, and Phoenixlugia human form with dark on bottom.… Lugia Transformation (Rainbow)… Lugia in a wedding dress… Lugia… Lugia and whirlwind of water… Lugia and wheat thins… Lugia's Zoidian form… Chibi Lugia by mokuteki yami… Lugia randomness
_-Lugia_Is_-Crazy_- by Eternalskyy
My Lugia Dragon Bird Form: (Receril species)

Lugia Chan's Dragon Form (V. 2) Character Sheet by Eternalskyy (100% correct)

Lugia Dragon Bird Form: (old version below, don't use for reference)

LugiaWaterDragon 2 by Eternalskyy(incorrect wings, correct spikes)

Lugia Water Dragon Form (Version 1.5) by Eternalskyy (incorrect wings, correct spikes)

-Original Custom Lugia Designs by Eternalskyy A design I decided to toss away.

My dark dragon form: (Ceril species)

_-Phoenix_-Lugia-_fireblasting by Eternalskyy
_Phoenix Lugia Human Form_Pain by Eternalskyy
PhoenixLugia's human form