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Shiny Charizard Pokemon Fursuit (2014)

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This has been worn only by myself for testing purposes, nobody else has worn it, its has not belonged to anyone else except for myself and now belongs to its new owner.
Owner: :iconblackykyurem:



*Beaver Fur (extremely high quality, luxury soft).
*Anime Eyes.
*Moving Jaw.
*Fan Inside Upper Jaw.
*Air Flow Nostrils.
*Pleather Medium Claws (feet and hands).
*Clear Vinyl Layer Over Feet Claws (sewn to the pleather as top layer as protection).
*Frontal Zipper.
*Wings are attached to an interior base. They Wiggle, Bend and Adjust. But only with what the wire is capable of holding up.
*Fire Tail!
*Feet: Rubber Soles, Separated (from legs), Removable Slippers and Sandals.

Notes: Has wrinkled area near crotch due to being shorter than who this was modified for! Was made in 2014 and fixed up in 2015 with new eyes and touch ups on the head.
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Omg, so cute ^^
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You're welcome! ^.^
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Holy cow, this would be the ultimate costume O_o
Really cool!
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i really wish i had the abillity to make these
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Super cool!!! I just love Pokemon fursuits ^w^
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You are quite welcome!  HEY NOW
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My mom is making a dragonsona suit for me...the main body is done but, the wings headpiece, gloves/boot are not.
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Cute! X3 Great job there! Charizard's my favorite Pokémon! 
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Oh gosh that is super cute! I hope the tail doesnt drag too much
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New owner is taller than me, so waistline sits higher up for the belt :) it'd be a few more inches off the ground.
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Woa awesome :3
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