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Rovanoak Black and White Dragon Fursuit (2016)

Quotes/Prices/Questions/Comments on commissions go here (not in comments or notes!):

The owner of this suit is Rovanoak:…

Fursuit Reference Commission:


*Beaver fur (black and white), Shag fur (turquoise)
*Blue vision (everything is blue).
*Follow-me anime eyes (effect is minimum due to large eyes and no pupils).
*Indented nostrils.
*Hanging jaw with stuffed neck (moves based on position).
*Fleece medium claws (feet and hands).
*Arm accessories (removable).
*Wings: removable, wiggle, bendable and adjustable.
*Removable stuffed body interior (with zippers on legs, belly and tail).
*Tail: bendable, wire and stuffing interior.
*Leg accessories (removable).
*Feet: super huge stompy feet with white rubber bottoms.
*Sandals: hidden straps, removable, white rubber bottoms.

Notes: This was a good 150 or 200+ hour 5 month long project. I'll be focusing on smaller projects for a while!
Thanks to
 my mom's photography and lavadog429 and his brother for help with the photos, and lavadog wearing the suit in a couple of pics shown (and part of the video)!
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fredvegerano's avatar
Looks superb and very wonderful!!!!:hug:
Eternalskyy's avatar
Thank you!!!! ^____^
fredvegerano's avatar
You're very welcome my friend!!!:hug:
Tailarium's avatar
i thought it was a large plushie when i just saw first picture xD oh lord! so puffy and fluffy 
LillyTheOmegaWolf's avatar
kuri-lin's avatar
Awesome job! He has some really nice proportions.

Are the flat soles part of the suit or just temporary add-ons?
Eternalskyy's avatar
Thanks bud!
The grey sandals with white rubber bottoms are removable, the straps go inside the feet to velcro so they're free floating (appearance).
The feet have the white rubber bottons on them as well, so extra durability. 
My fursuits now are made from upholstery foam and a TON of glue sticks. Basically nothing can break on them unless someone uses their full strength to rip something or scissors to cut through the fabric/foam unless its just a single seam repair (heat can make thread become less durable over time) but usually its just 1-2 places to re sew every once in a great while after the first 5 test runs to wear it in.
kuri-lin's avatar
the straps go inside the feet to velcro so they're free floatingthe straps go inside the feet to velcro so they're free floating

That's pretty ingenious, actually. And they do sound really durable! I have some experience with heads, and yeah, the hot glue was like my best friend.
Eternalskyy's avatar
Hot glue, yes! Need like 50-100 sticks each fursuit (larger ones) XD
Scardee-Cat's avatar
this looks wonderful but dear lord that must be so hard to walk in
Eternalskyy's avatar
At first it was, but I found this fursuit needed permanent slippers inside, not removable. It was a drastic change for the better!
Entire fursuit is about 40 lbs or slightly more. Usually they're 15-22 lbs.
Scardee-Cat's avatar
With my fursuit feet i had the opposite ahaha, the shoes inside had little support, but because they were built on granny slippers i could just slide my normal shoes inside and they'd fit snuggly in place
Eternalskyy's avatar
First time I had fursuit feet shipped to me, they had shoes inside. And..... I could never understand who would use shoes inside instead of slippers from now on. My feet were bleeding on the ankles with the shoes, it was so uncomfortable as well, I tell ya.
Scardee-Cat's avatar
woah, what kind of shoes were they to make your feet bleed? I'm guessing it was caused by the friction. With my shoes, I need special support for my feet because it hurts if i wear flat shoes 
Eternalskyy's avatar
They were uncomfortable shoes. That's all I know.  Kind of like those water shoes for water parks. .-. But I wont use shoes in feet again, not when I can use these comfy slippers.
Scardee-Cat's avatar
oh wow that sounds awful i hate those shoes
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