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Kamon the Skunk Fursuit (2017)

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The owner of this fursuit is Kamontheskunk
Original video with intended music:
Unboxing video:…

Notes: I'm short and the fursuit is baggy for me. It's made to fit the owner.

Head: Modified the head's foam base from FurBakery's Kamon the Skunk fursuit head linked here:…
*Same fur on back part of the head and the hair (not changed).
*New short-pile fur on the rest of the head.
*New support system added for original teeth.
*New Moving Jaw addition/modification.

*New Tongue: Stuffed.
*New Eyes: Anime Buckram Pupil and Iris+ Plastic Sclera Eyes, moved eye placement for vision.
*New Ears: Glued directly into the head with support system.
*New Nose - Semi-realistic clay, painted with glitter.
*Foam added underneath the fur in the back of the head for better fit, more secure (more enclosed with foam)- made by me.

*Paws: semi-realistic shaped long fingers.
*Stuffed paw pads - realistic shaped (panda reference).

*Extended arms and legs.
*Zig-zag stripes hand-sewn on entire back and behind tail.

*Toony and realistic hybrid style toes.
*Extra long fur on ankles.
*Small resin claws on feet with glitter added.
*Feet pads: level realistic shaped (panda reference).

*Bean bag filler with removable and refillable cushion.
*Hollow tail foam base addition.
*Tail wire addition for posing.

Self Critique: 
*Eyes are slightly different angle/shape on the sides after furring and wasn't noticed from the foam base. It could be the original foam base's angles but unsure.
*The short-pile fur Baby rabbit black from imstuffedfur has fragile backing, the hands are to be treated with care (was not aware of this upon ordering even after having the sample).

What's good/great or best about the fursuit with my personal opinion: 
*Fur: Best I ever used on a fursuit - insanely easy to brush and keep straight (HF-black bear from imstuffedfur).
*Eyes: Look amazing, good vision!
*Nose: Such a nice shape and cute nose, good size.
*Paws: Lovely paw pad shapes!
*Body: Easy to zip using this 'teddy bear white' fur!
*Tail: Fur wrap around the belt is the most amazing thing ever.
*Tail: Super comfortable to hug or treated as a personal bean bag cushion.
*Sewing: Nothing needed any re-sewing needed after testing the fursuit.
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i love it eyes and nose ^^ its paws is so cute! this is a wonderful
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Thaaaaaaanks!!! ^.^!~!
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Very cute! Everything looks really well-made. 
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Thaaaanks~! ! ^-^