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Jolteon Pokemon Fursuit - Modified (2015)

Quotes/Prices/Questions/Comments on commissions go here (not in comments or notes!):
Was a personal project, resold to a new owner.
:iconautumntsutarja1: /… New owner

Re-modified version of 



*Wiggly Bouncy Ears (video displays this well).
*Ears are Adjustable with Wire Interior.
*Static Jaw.
*Resin Glitter Teeth.
*Resin Glitter Claws (yellow, can glow with LED lights added).
*Resin Glitter Paw Pads (for slow motion LED light effects).
*Cloth Anime Eyes
*Frontal Zipper
*Removable Digitigrade Stuffed Legs.
*Tail: Removable Foam Interior Support
*Feet: Sparkle Vinyl Indented Paw Pads, Rubber Soles, Removable Feet and Removable Slippers.

 Paw pads are resin just for personal preference. I have found that using LEDs underneath these resin paw pads creates a very unique and trippy slow motion effect unlike anything I've seen to date- it's perfect for raves and for the enjoyable clicking noise when tapping paws against hard surfaces or clapping them together!
 Photos were taken in Michigan.
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I hope you can make another video of this suit. Can you please do it for me? I'll tell you how new video goes like.
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I have a story about this picture.
I went to my local library and checked out a book, in the book I found a piece of paper with this picture printed on it being used as a bookmark. Was able to find your DA by reverse image searching it. 
Thought I'd share my find.
Eternalskyy's avatar
Wow, that is very interesting. What state do you live in? I think it could have been a reference photo. What book was it used in? LOL.
I know I didn't print that out. Haha wow!!!!
TheDovahBrine's avatar
I live in Utah, the book was Deadlands: Ghostwalkers by Jonathan Maberry. :) 
Eternalskyy's avatar
Haha XD would be funny if it's used as a ref for a IRL RPG. That's so cool though!!!
TheDovahBrine's avatar
Lol maybe, glad I could tell you about it. 
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I can link you to the auction during or after mid August for you :)
Haven't decided on the starting price yet, should be about $1,399 or so for the start.
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Oh okay. thank u.
just curious tho could you tell me what the messurments are?
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Could you tell me yours? it'll be easier for me to say how it'd fit you if you could! The full measurements will be posted on the auction with the ability to trim/shorten/customize it for additional costs as well.

I can tell you I put this suit on myself at 5'6" tall with my hips (which are 48" around the largest part like butt/tummy included) with still room left over (see photos of how it fits on myself for that example). My upper legs are really large and the digitigrade stuffing can be added into the removable stuffed legs to fit legs that are less wide (which is very common actually since my legs are super large near my hips and all).

I also fit this fursuit for a testing period on someone who was 6ft tall and it fit fine.

Let me know what you'd like ! I can take the actual measurements as a last resort if you need the actual ones of course. :) I will do it later anyways!
sonicthehedggie's avatar
sure! im 6`2 240lbs. waist is 38.shoe sz 13.
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Those measurements arent quite the kind i'd need to figure this out. Here are the ones I will take and show you ^^

Crotch to top of one shoulder like a shirt seam in the middle of the shoulder: 34" without modifying
Ankle to crotch: 32"-38"? max without modifying
Hips (not waist): 52" max without modifying
Under arms around chest: 42" without modifying
Shoe size: Any size will do, size 13 may need to be worn without slippers unless you can slide in some size 13 slippers or go with XL size which may still fit. They are removable slipper feet and can be worn without slippers and be nearly comfortable and perfectly operational. 

I can make modifications depending on what you need for the winning bidder, etc. ^^

Edit: I think the whole thing from ankle to top of shoulders is about 65".
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another great suit. this was certainly very fluffy.
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