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*Most important thing I feel I should state about myself:
Used to have and suffered from OCD, Depression, Suicidal tendencies, Anxiety attacks, and also ADHD.

*How I got cured/helped:
Hypnosis therapy. I never suffered any of these problems since or felt any of the symptoms personally ever again. I sometimes get anxiety attacks if someone is angry at me and yells at me or threatens the relationship, however after another visit with a therapist I don't have that issue anymore. It's a very positive cure and I have never taken any drugs for them. I hated life, now I love life every day I am alive and love to spread the joy to others and help others. I hope to one day let the world know that there is a cure out there for anyone. I believe in helping others more than anything. It is the best thing that can ever happen to someone and was the best blessing I could ever be given and the best blessing I could give to someone's life.

I believe since I've been cured from the root of the cause of depression, depression is rather caused by negative beliefs and/or beliefs that nobody cares. It's rather believing in negative things people tell you about yourself and nothing more. Chemical imbalance is absolutely a myth and I proved it true by solving the issue from the root problem rather than constantly in taking drugs to reduce the effects which is NEVER solving the real issue.

Old Screen Names I had:
AOL/AIM: Kittycat126655, Neoangelaisha, DarkLugia2002, DigiPokemonGal
Neopets: Pikacharsquirt

Personality Type Results:
Astrology: Sagittarius| Moon sign- Scorpio| Rising Sign- Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac: Brown Earth Snake
6 (c) Chloreic 13 (s) Sanguine 10 (m) Melancholy 11 (p) Phlegmatic
More in depth:…

Values in order:
Saving someone in danger at the present time, loved one being together with me, helping someone who is truly desiring a better life and is mentally upset though desiring a way out, loved one in general, Friends (might be tied with loved one at times), world peace and equality for all, justice, helping animals in shelters, money, and whatever else comes last.



Favorite anime characters:
Favorite animals/creatures (image heavy):

Her boyfriend, the sky, cyan (the color), traveling, self-improving people who learn to respect every individual and people with un-biased viewpoints of every subject area, people who have fun without drugs, fursuiting.

Biased opinion, disrespectful behavior towards anyone, having to work on a job, american pride, positive statements dealing with killing other people for 'freedom', war and killing people, killing because of disagreement without first understanding and newbie RPing.

Favourite genre of music:
Vocal Trance, Euro Dance, Techno, Makina, Anime, Remixes, Japanese, Hardcore, Jumpstyle, Heavy Metal, Power Metal

*What was your life generally like up to now?:

I was outcasted for having an issue with my jaw placement back in elementary school. It turned into bullying and teasing and kids picking on me from elementary school up through 12th grade since I had a speech impairment. During 1998, Pokemon became a huge hobby for lots of people in school since the very first episode aired. However, after one year passed it soon became a 'not cool' thing and I was generally teased and picked on for that instead until I graduated after my speech impairment and jaw was fixed.

Family life:
Broken family life, alcohol abuse and emotional trauma. Things got far better when separated, completely opposite to most stories. Just means it was far worse than average.

I never made any friends in school due to being an outcast. I started using the internet around 1998 and people would respond to me and pay attention to me. Lots of people even shared the same hobbies and were fans of anime. I actually made friends I've kept for 5-10 years, however, they disappeared from the internet or stopped contacting me without a reason given. I don't recall ever arguing with any friends I ever made. Ever since, I haven't fully trusted anyone and suffer mental issues regarding friends not being present or possibly disappearing. I don't feel these issues right now as I hardly get emotionally attached to anyone anymore because of the harm it's done, however the longest relationship i'm currently experiencing is 9 years total of knowing them. It's probably the only thing that's keeping me very happy, the first 4 of those years we were just friends. I am always working towards being with them in person more.

Being with the one I love, being a force that changes the world to bring peace and harmony and love for everyone, traveling the world, owning a mansion, owning a biplane and a private airport, going to fursuit conventions and having freedom.

*Are you a furry? Does that mean you have fetish or explicit/romantic attraction towards animals/furries?:
Yes I am a furry, however keep in mind that I do not have any fetishes for any type of fabric/feeling/animals/furries. I also am keeping fursuiting as a hobby along with virginity and don't plan on losing either of the two, the second being after married and remaining fully faithful to my intended.

*Why do you even consider yourself a furry?:
The definition of furry is a fan of anthropomorphism, the same as you can be a fan of anything and it's not directly related towards having fetishes or non-PG attraction towards what your fandom involves. This does not mean you have to have a personal furry character (or fursona), either. I never considered myself a furry until I thought about myself being a fan of talking feral (very animalistic) characters from Disney films- which I have no romantic or other types of attraction towards, it is more so characters that I enjoy on animated films, which I enjoy more than watching humans or more humanized furries.

*Do you like non-PG material?:
It doesn't make me happy and I don't feel it to become a hobby of mine. I don't care a lot for it- I feel there's too much of it around and prefer clean art.

*What is the reason you create fursuits?:
The first time I had a job I suffered from heat stroke, hatred towards doing tasks i'm told to do and a very angry boss who yelled at me (i'm very weak mentally and cannot tolerate this behavior, it eventually develops into anxiety attacks)- and because of this I need to be kept away from people who show this type of personality trait. I also have tried everything I could think of just to see what I could enjoy doing but everything made me feel miserable doing.

Fursuiting is something I found was the first thing I enjoy making where I got paid well- even with my first suit I've made. I love wearing them and making strangers smile and seeing so many different responses. I enjoy having pictures and posing for them and showing them off. I never really sold a digital art commission even though I've drawn since I was 3 years old. People have more of a desire to buy my fursuits, and i'm good with that! I did not even enjoy making plushies or anything with fleece, there is something about fur that is far less boring and far less tedious to me.

*What is your dream job?:
My dream job would be to travel the world and get paid to have fun.

*What are your hobbies?:
Traveling, fursuiting, Anime (I seen 200+ anime series so far with a list online), MMORPGs, buying stuff, rave without drugs,

*Do you do drugs?:
Nope. I drank in France before once and absolutely hated the feeling.

*Your main characters?:
Lugiachan is pretty much myself, expressed more openly and also emotionally. She was created around year 2000, and I wasn't a fan of Lugia back then. She eventually grew on me and I am very emotionally attached to her like she's my child. I am a big fan of her and it grew into a fandom for Lugia because she originally had Lugia's wings and tail. During days I first got depression, I developed Phoenixlugia who is her dark side and symbolizes the god of destruction and she turns into Phoenixlugia whenever rage is felt.

Esc is my fursona. She was created so I could express the way I always wanted to behave in real life. I would be given weird looks if I were to bend over and walk like a raptor and also she is the only thing i'd visually want to look like asides from a human. I fell in love with her design after I created her and I think I would be happier if I was her for real. There's no creature's design I like better than hers. She also doesn't talk much and doesn't feel speech interaction is very important, though answers when she wants to- which is exactly how i'd love to behave. If I acted the way I wanted as a human- I wouldn't expect to be seen as very nice or normal. If people seen me as her physical appearance, they'd know I would interact with more feral qualities than a human as it's expected and more acceptable. She is very affectionate like me, also and would not instinctively physical attack living things.

My Characters:

My love sign and i'm huge on affection. Only thing is i'm possessive and can be very jealous if the person I love or a close friend is showing this to anyone other than myself.

*A quote by me:
The people with the darkest past are normally looked towards as being the most evil, the most judged, the most overlooked and- the most misunderstood. How I dare wish I could hug and give happiness to those who have been sentenced for life- I can feel their pain, the pain that rakes my spirits high and pain sensors in my entire body and nervous system trigger, the pain that hurts like knives in each and every part of me. To the people who can not and do not know or have not learned how to cope with emotional pain, I pray for the best of spirits and happiness to you. No matter what someone has done, who they hurt, I do not judge you for I know the pain of child abuse I've been through. I know that coping with it will drive you insane, but I wish you dear brothers and sisters the best of luck and love in hopes that love and happiness will bring light on to you to feel that we care, as one another, as humans and species of depression- a severe economy crashing and suicide rates that are massive. You should know that nothing would stop me from giving you the love that I wish to bring without arms to reach over to you to give warmth with love throughout eternity. I love you, no matter the race, height, gender, status, hobbies, actions. From that I wish for the spiritual gift of willing to learn from mistakes and be given happiness for the long term with no regrets.
Warning: Very very slight wording towards themes not for children, though I tried my best to be very brief without exact specifics so it should be safe. I take suggestions for this :)

In the case i'm not around anymore or something happens to me, I hope that a group of people can work together to achieve world peace as it was my passion to be the most empathetic person on earth to help those who are villians/mean or evil and those who are not, both alike with equality and love to heal those regardless of the pain inside and instead of waging wars, finding needs between both people or both countries and working together to obtain win-win situation with common ground, love and respect for all...

Other thing related:

Stuff people I knew owe me from items/cash never were paid back:
Friend of mine who moved away: Borrowed and broke my laptop worth $170 and moved out of town with it.
Erick Delgado/Milo: Huge box of stuff I paid for, never shipped it to me.
Cheryl Anne Tucker (Meema): $1000+ of product I shipped, never paid back.
© 2013 - 2021 Eternalskyy
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Ya know, after spending that day with you I sort of figured out most of these things you listed, and I felt bad... but I also felt happy knowing I met a very unique person. I miss you a lot and I hope we don't lose contacts. :) I know I'm not on the internet a whole bunch, but every time I go on, I keep you in mind :)
Eternalskyy's avatar
Just let me know when you wanna come over. Tuesdays are really special and I want you to come over at least late during tuesday- maybe if you have a week break off work or something!
ArwingPilot114's avatar
I will let you know when I am free for a weekend. I'm thinking sometime at the end of this Month or in March is when I could come up. I can't promise a Tuesday because that is when I work. But... if I do get a vacation then yeah, I'll totally come up on a Tuesday. :) But... I have NO idea when that will be ^^;
Eternalskyy's avatar
Totally just make sure you let me know XD
also alright :3
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Sweetie, I had depression & I still have ADHD. I never knew you had them. I'm here for ya if you need someone to talk to :hug:
Eternalskyy's avatar
Blah! I thought you were someone else, I wanted to say thanks for the comment XD Havent had sleep lately. Mentally i'm fine but my body wont sleep. And i'll be fine ^^
Eternalskyy's avatar
I dont have them anymore ^^' hehehe
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