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Welcome to the deviantART page of Micaiah M.D.! Here you will find all the drawings that I have done so far. Most of them will be made out of pencil since it's the medium I am the most comfortable with. Sometimes I do coloured ones, but I still think my method requires a few...adjustment. I am quite new with charcoal, but I am planning to use it more often in the near future since it's an interesting medium that I like to play with.

Generally, I'll draw portraits of artist / musician or fictional character that I like (expect the one in my Devious Info) and often random picture / photography that I found and inspired me.

98% of the time I will use a reference picture for my drawings and I try to credit the person if possible. I rarely draw "on my own" without any models. The reason why I use those pictures is to simply help me improve with the proportions, etc, they are like guidelines. I do hope one day to be able to draw without them.

I (usually) change things from the original picture, because I like to put my personal touch into it. This being said, don't expect the work to be a copy & paste of the reference, because it will not. If that's what you want, no one is stopping you from doing a black & white photocopy of it. As usual, there is always exceptions...If I do commissions, I try to keep it the same obviously.

I tend to start drawings and to rarely finished them *nervous laugh* But, I am trying to get rid of this "old habit"! Slowly, but surely. Oh, and I might as well say it now...I am kind of slow to complete a piece and I am fully aware of it.

Also, the quality of the pictures isn't the best. I don't have the proper equipment to take good one...Resulting to lost of details, shading and especially contrast in the drawing. I hope one day I'll be able to take nice pictures.

    x. Comment are always loved and appreciated.
    x. Constructive criticism is also welcome.

Finally, I don't want to see any of my artwork posted elsewhere on the internet. Unless, I give you the permission to and I'll expect full credit.