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What I need from a commission request:
  • Any specific characters you want in it (w/ references)
  • Any plot ideas you want (not needed, but I may charge a little more if you don't give one)
  • Any ideas for content? (Go easy, I don't wanna do... fetishy kinda stuff... I'll definitely charge more for that stuff, and I reserve the right to refuse it.)

Or maybe you don't want something of your own?

  • Want a shoutout? 5 points. Your name will appear in the next story part I post.
  • Want a character cameo? (I have your character appear somehow in my next coming story part, but he/she/it/they won't have any plot significance and will probably never show again. You'll get a shoutout in the description.) 10 Points.
  • Want a character appearance? (A little more plot importance, though they likely won't tie into the main arc. Again, a shoutout in the description.) 15 points.
  • Want to decide exactly how one of these plays out? 10 more points. And details. A lot of details.
And keep in mind; if you're new to following me, my stuff is a bit sporadic. I'm dealing with a lot in my life, especially now. I'm in my last year of school, and you know how THAT goes... >_>

In EVERY case, I will accept some kind of trade if you're low on funds. Negotiation is always good. I don't really need the points, and I won't ask for money for ANY of my stuff, EVER.

What's that? You want to RP?
You think I'ma ask money for that?!

Also, do NOT pay to the Commissions Widget! Go to the "Give Points" thing on the top right of my page. Send me a message with whatever info I said I need.

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Almost... There... by EternalParody Almost... There... :iconeternalparody:EternalParody 6 10
Athe 9
    “C’mon, you can do it!”
    “Absolutely not.”
    “You can’t die, remember.”
    “Mira did it.”
    “Mira was born Athe. I’m three days old.”
    “Shut up.”
    They had me at the top of a cliff. My task; to jump off, in human form, and get as close to the ground as possible before changing and pulling up. Despite the disappearance of my vertigo, I refused.
    “Seriously, shut up.”
    “Who even says that?”
    “Come on, ese, it’s three on one
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 1 2
Athe 8
    We flew for about an hour, roughly northwest. Mountains loomed to our left, and I could see a hollow in the trees to the north that could be a lake or a clearing. Mira spoke very little, and I couldn't tell how she felt. My sense only revealed some strange, confused emotion that I couldn't identify.
    Analysis: Athe are hard to read.
    I didn't notice when she dived to the ground, and I hurried to catch up once I did. What surprised me most was that she changed to human form. I did the same.
    "You know, I'm comfortable around your dragon form." I said. "You don't have to accommodate for me."
    "I know." She said. "It's actually for the sake of the Athe we're visiting."
    She didn't look at me.
    We walked in silence for several minutes before I had to ask.
    "Is everything okay, Mira?" I asked quietly.
    She looked surprised. "Of course, everything's fine, why would you ask?"
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 1 6
Athe 7
    Agira was gone.
    Well, not.... "gone"...
    But not in the hollow.
    I could tell before I was even fully awake. Not sure how.
    Mira? I asked quietly, nudging her side. She didn't react at all. I gently lifted her wing off of me and stepped over her tail, looking at the hollow's entrance. The sun was bright outside. Not blinding, but comfortably visible. There was a warm, gentle breeze, and I had the sudden urge to do some flying.
    I looked back at Mira, realizing how much she'd panic if I just went off on my own. I went to my pile of supplies and pulled out a notepad and pen, scribbled a note, then took off to seize the day.
    I woke with a yawn, and stretched. It took me only a moment to realize Mitch was gone. I looked around frantically before I found his note.
    Agira's disappeared (it's okay for me to call her that, right?...). Might go looking for her. Wanted some f
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 1 4
Athe 6
    Mira and her mother spent several hours going over many things, from spellwork to rituals to mythology, and by the time we were finished, the sun was going down.
    You have much to learn, little rabbit. Mira said. But the worst is over.
    My name is Mitch, by the way.
I said. I was surprised that I hadn't mentioned it earlier.
    I know. I can hear your thoughts, remember? She laughed.
    I nodded. You just enjoy calling me that, don't you?
    Of course. It fits you.
Suddenly, my stomach growled loudly. Mira raised an eyebrow.
    Sorry... Between almost dying and learning that dragons exist, I haven't eaten in almost three days. I said.
    Hunting lessons, anyone? Agira said.
    I looked up. But it's getting dark out...
    They both looked at each other, then laughed.
    You de
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 1 0
Dragon by EternalParody Dragon :iconeternalparody:EternalParody 10 5 Boredom by EternalParody Boredom :iconeternalparody:EternalParody 1 0
Athe Teachings
(This is that lesson I promised. I wanna keep it separated because some people might not care, and it'll be easier to keep it as a reference for later if that's what you really want. I DO WHAT I WANT.)
Really, there's not much here. Athe language died out about when we met humans, as it was a bit hard to teach humans our whole language. It was easier to learn theirs.
"Agir" is like a base word for Parent. "Alin" is Child. The ending determines gender, so "Agira" is Mother, while "Agiren" is Father. etc.
There are a few Athe who maintain the whole language. We'll see one soon.

(OOOOOOH YEAH I had fun writing this. I love religion. *is atheist)
Athe believe in several gods, chief among them being Kaman, the god of Energy. His power extends from charms to Awen to wind currents. His mate, Hinda, is the goddess of Emotion. It was by her power that Athe can read thoughts and emotions. Their triplet children, Kyga of Earth, Se
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 1 0
Athe 5
    Finally, after much coercing, they convinced me of the truth. I only conceded because it explained why my shirt was torn and bloody.
    The rain had finally stopped sometime in the night, and the sun had dried much of the rain. They took me outside for my first lesson on being Athe.
    Transformation is one of the simplest skills of the Athe, or "dragons", as humans call us. Mira said. In a flicker of movement, she had turned into the beautiful girl who'd healed my arm. Another moment, and she was a small dragon about the size of a ferret.
    It is also the most useful. She said, changing to her normal form. One of the most important rules of Athe is to keep our kind secret from humans.
    I nodded. "How many Athe are there?" I rasped. My voice had returned, somewhat. I couldn't speak much louder than a whisper.
    Hundreds. Agira responded. Because of the power in our Awen, Athe l
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 1 0
PotP Part 4
    The wolves led us to the library upstairs and introduced themselves.
    Void, the black one with the deep voice, had power over shadow, and could manipulate light. He was the leader, it seemed.
    Drip, the blue one, could control water. She was very bright and cheerful, and couldn't keep away from Neera.
    Torch, the red one, had a literally flaming temper; he had power over flame, and he would only ever listen to Psy.
    Psy was a pinkish color and had mental powers that worried me. She was haughty and could be pretty rude.
    Tara, I was told, had powers over the earth. She slept most of the time, and it was recommended that I not wake her. She's scary when she wakes up...
    Eyron was affable, but loyal and strong. He had power over metal, and was the reason the house was still standing.
    Jolt could never sit still. He had power over electricity, which is why he was able to power th
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 2 0
    My name is Mitchel Caspron. I live in Grover’s Point, North Carolina. I am 16 years old.
    I recited these things to myself, hoping to keep some shred of reason and sanity intact. I pulled against the rope that bound me to the tree, as if it would snap and set me free. It didn’t.
    I wasn’t sure how, but I had somehow been transported to another world, a world where the human race lived in fear. All I know for sure is that I went to sleep in my bed at home and woke up in the center of a town I didn’t recognize.
    The townspeople thought I was some kind of evil spirit, or something, and didn’t hesitate to tie me to a tree out in the woods. They also decided to slit my hand open, leaving blood trailing down my fingers.
    “The Beast will take you, and spare us the horrors you will bring upon us.” The leader said. “It will sate its thirst with your blood, a
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 1 2
Athe 4
    I woke sore.
    I was wrapped in something soft and warm, and my head throbbed. I opened my eyes to see the dragon staring at me, and a smaller, older one next to her. I looked down to see I'd been wrapped in some sort of animal pelt. I gently shrugged it off, wincing at my sore muscles.
    How... do you feel, little rabbit? The younger asked.
    "Stiff, but fine. What happened to me?" I tried to say.
    All that came out was a guttural, animal growl. I was shocked, but the dragons seemed unfazed. I cleared my throat and tried again, with the same result.
    What the hell?! I thought.
    Your vocal cords are still adjusting. A new voice said. I assumed it was the older one.
    Adjusting to what?
The two dragons looked at each other.
    That stone you touched... It changed you. She continued. That was Mira's Awen, the magical sto
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 1 1
Athe 3
    I warned her.
    Humans cannot be trusted.
    Mira collapsed to the ground next to me in a dead faint. When the human touched her Awen, it was too much. I sighed, and stepped over her to pick up the human. He was convulsing, and his limbs spasmed as I gripped his body in my teeth. I needed to secure him until my Alina woke to help ease the process. The best I could do was charm him into sleep and wait.
    I woke cold and weak. My legs were shaking as I stood to find Agira standing over the human. The human was laying in the dirt, his eyes closed and violently shaking. Agira was writing strange runes in the dirt around him, humming deeply.
    What is happening to him? I asked. I was concerned for his well-being, for some odd reason.
    An Awen is forming within him. She responded. It must be removed or it will kill him.
    How is an Awen forming? He is human!
    Have I
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 2 0
Map of Kasta by EternalParody Map of Kasta :iconeternalparody:EternalParody 3 2
Athe 2
    I woke warm.
    And in massive agony.
    I sat up with a yell, cradling my broken arm in front of me. The girl, who had been sitting with my head in her lap, looked concerned.
    "What happened?" She asked.
    I gritted my teeth. "Arm... Broken... Must've moved it wrong..."
    She gasped. "Let me see it."
    She took my wrist and rolled up the sleeve, sending another wave of pain up my arm. "Sorry." She muttered. She began gently tracing strange patterns on my skin. I had no idea what she was doing, but the pain was somehow going away, so I held still and let her work her magic.
    She laughed suddenly.
    "What?" I said.
    "You think I'm the most beautiful girl you've ever seen." She said. I blushed, remembering that she could read my mind. It was true, though. She was small, and thinly built. Her skin, like mine, was very pal
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 3 2
    We were laughing.
    Dad had told a joke, everyone was laughing.
    The horn sounded on the semi weaving into our lane.
    Squeal of brakes.
    Then silence.
    I woke on the side of the road.
    My arm was broken.
    I was a good hundred yards from the crash.
    I was lucky not to be hamburger meat.
    The others... The driver, my family...
    They were dead.
    I limped back to the wreck to make sure. Looking through the shattered windshield of my family's red Suburban caused me to have to step away. I spent about ten minutes in the bushes, and I only came away when I was empty; at stomach, at heart, and at mind.
    I looked both ways down the highway. Nothing for miles. Little chance of being found soon.
    I wrote a note with a pencil and paper I'd stored in the ba
:iconeternalparody:EternalParody 5 18



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Favorite poem EVER
"Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice."


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