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It's really nice, and the design is really unique. The shading and coloring is also something to be proud of. I was always curious sinc...

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OC Jules Sweetlight
My new OC. While most of my OCs are part of fandoms, Jules (pronounced jewels) really has none to belong to. But I wanted to create an OC to that really stood out, especially for what's to come.

What Jules is carrying is her famous six chambered machine gun made from a gumball machine, fires a variety of candy ammo, and has a seventh wiser chamber in the center for explosive or trap blasts, suck as sticky gum attacks.
A first look into my new OC I'm working on. I am currently working on getting a new sketchpad with better paper so that I can finalize her character. But this is the basics of her, and yes before you ask what that is for a weapon, I'll answer: that is her gumball machine gun that fires a barrage of candy ammo.

My mad genius idea for the month. XD
Planning some new artwork for a brand new OC of mine. Keep your eyes open for my new character's debut within the next week or so. Believe me, it will be sweet! :la:
Hey guys, Warrior here. I know it's been a while since I've done anything on here, but I'm gonna be explaining it all in the Journal. I mentioned in a status update a while ago that I needed a break from everything because of my stress levels, and even now I'm still under quite a lot of stress. But I felt like if I didn't share with you what is going on partially, it might get some of it off my chest.

Over the past few months I've been dealing with stress put on by my siblings, long before summer even started for them. My 5 year old sister and 7 year old brother have been really rude to me for a while, between their attitudes, not cleaning up, and they've been talking back to me a lot, even though I'm older than them. The people around me keep saying it's a phase they're going through, but they've been at this for 3 years now, and whether it's a phase or not, they've been really rude to me. To the point where i've had several major breakdowns.

This really impacted my performance in both writing stories and drawing art. I couldn't really focus on anything without snapping at them for ruining my concentration, and it was getting harder to do what I loved to do because of them. So I decided to take a break, because if I didn't, the stress was gonna keep building till I broke completely. I needed sometime to reevaluate my goals, and just calm down. But it's been taking a lot longer than I hoped for because my siblings have been rather relentless with their behavior. My dad's been trying to help a lot, cause he knows how bad they've been getting, but it seems whatever both of us try to do to get my siblings to change their behavior and attitudes towards me doesn't work. So that's a major reason to take a break.

But I am staying true to my word, and getting back into stuff once July hits. Some of you might've noticed on youtube I've gotten quite a few videos up from the flea market my dad runs (and I run a booth there as well). I still plan on doing more videos in the future, especially cause July is gonna be full of chances to get videos done (After all, it's Kitsune Kon next month, and I am gonna make the most of it!).

As for Deviantart and Fanfiction, I'm still gonna be uploading stuff on both ends, but as for updating on a schedule for Elemental... It's gonna have to be random updates, because it's hard staying on a biweekly updating basis with both my siblings run around. So until they're back in school, Elemental and all the stories I write will be updated randomly. Once September hits, I can get back into making a schedule for my uploads. Chapter 16 of Elemental will be uploaded on July 2nd, the first tuesday of the month.

That's it for now. I wanna thank you guys for understanding and respecting my decisions and reasons for the break I took. If you guys ever wanna chat, I am on here often, as well as on Fanfiction just doing random editing stuff (Freaking plot bunnies keep multiplying!)

Until next time, this is Warrior signing off. Catch ya guys on the other side of the nexus.


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Kyra aka Warrior
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm a fan of anything anime related and art related. This includes cosplay, fanfiction, and drawings. I'm also an authoress on My career is to get into cartoon/anime animation

This deviantart is for all my artwork, crafts, and cosplay projects that will happen in the future. They may come slow, so be patient.

I'm also a major gamer. I have played the pokemon games for over 12 years now.

I'm a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest that happens every year, and I congratulate Portugal's song for winning this year (2017)

For youtube channel:…

For my fanfiction site:…


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