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Taking Requests

Wed Dec 31, 2014, 11:16 AM
Rainbow Bullet - F2U!  Contact me with a note to get started! Emoticon: Sunny 
Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara


 Signatures & Banners - 

        Small, Medium, or Large (Approximates)    or
        Custom Size (You Choose!)

 Wallpapers -

        Custom Size (You choose!)    or
        Standard 1600x900 (Looks like this)

  Icons & Avatars - 
        Custom Size (You choose!)    or
        Standard 100x100 (looks like this)

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

  If you'd like to request, please contact me by sending a note with the following info: Rounded Star Bullet 

Arrow left  Type of order / Size
Arrow left  What render(s) (if any) would you like to be used [ecchi allowed; no nudity]
Arrow left  If you have any specific fx, pngs, textures, etc that you'd like to be used, please attach the link
Arrow left  If you have any custom text you would like in the work, please specify [Ex. Your DeviantArt Name]
Arrow left 
Any other preferences/suggestions, such as colors, styles, shapes, placements, etc that you like.

Arrow right Please try to keep requests within reason and/or within my art style; I will try my best to do what you ask but I'm only one person Frog dance 

Skin by SimplySilent