With Halloween fast approaching, and so many people deeming it their favorite holiday, be on the look out for a new contest post this week, complete with prizes. Information will be posted here and at Eternal Destiny (Use the "contests" link on the toolbar).

FINE PRINT: This contest is only open to registered members of Eternal Destiny, as well as official members of the Eternally-Destined deviantART group. However, written entries must be posted at the ED website, so you will need to create an account there, preferably, using the same name you use here on deviantART to avoid confusion.

Art entries must be submitted to a specific contest folder (It will be created soon) here at dA, but again, complete information will be posted soon.

Hope you guys participate. ^^

My staff and I would like to wish our members both here, at dA, and at our parent site, Eternal Destiny a happy new year and a very happy 8th anniversary! We never expected our little community to be around this long, but it's been quite a ride and we're happy that we've been able to host and showcase your fanworks all of these years!

Thanks for supporting the site and making it your home! ^^

The mods would like to thank everyone who participated, and while we did end up with a couple of flakes, thanks to the generosity of our staff and members, no one will miss out on a gift.

Merry Christmas, and we hope you all enjoy your presents! (*^▽^*)

Secret Santa FanFiction
Secret Santa Giftart

P.S. Santas, we ask that no one post their works to their personal accounts until Dec. 27th, as we'd like to give people who may be out of town a chnace to be surprised. Thank you!

 photo SSanta_2013.png

Those participating in our Secret Santa, please make sure you turn in your gift(s) today. If you're having an issue, please notify the admins immediately. General information can be found here.

Merry Christmas!

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Please see this journal for complete information regarding your gifts.


EVENT: Eternally-Destined's Secret Santa 2013

In the spirit of the holidays, our group is hosting a "Secret Santa" event for the 3rd year in a row, which, if you're unfamiliar, consists of our members creating gifts for each other anonymously.


Each member will be allowed to make two requests, and hopefully, another member will fulfill one of their Christmas "wishes". However, it's mandatory that anyone who makes a request must also fulfill a request. It's only fair to give if you want to receive. :)


1. ED is an InuYasha/Kagome group, so all requests must revolve around that pairing.
(However, requests for either character separately will be accepted as well.)

2.  Fanfiction and fanart must remain within dA's content guidelines.
(That means no adult fanart and no 'hard' lemon fics. Don't need the content cops up our butts.)

3. Requests for money, points, subscriptions, or physical gifts are not allowed, period.
(Don't ask and don't offer.)

4. You must be a member of :iconeternally-destined: OR Eternal Destiny to participate in the Secret Santa event.
(Being a watcher doesn't count.)


1. Each member must make two different types of requests. That will give our Santas more choices and increase your chances of getting one of your requests fulfilled. Asking for, say, double fanart may be fruitless.

2. Request fulfillment is at the discretion of the Santas. So while we ask that you make two requests, you should only expect one request to be filled. If both get filled, well, you lucked out!

3. Please be clear about what you want. We don't mean you should be anal about the details, but being too vague may not get you what you want.

4. Once you've made your request in the comment section of this journal, your name will be added to a list on this journal and this webpage.  When/if your request is claimed, both the list and the webpage will be updated with the word TAKEN.

Everything depends on participation, which is why giving to receive is mandatory. :)


Fanfiction: Oneshots only, any universe, and nothing beyond an "R" rating, please.
(Your idea must not exceed one chapter. No OCs. No Crossovers. Inclusion of other members of the InuYasha cast are fine.)

Fanart: 2 character limit in the medium of the artists' choosing.
(No crossovers. No OCs, including children. No personalized art for your fanfictions. Keep it simple.)

Graphics: Wallpapers, avatars, banners, signatures, animated gifs, etc.

**Remember, if you make a request, you will be expected to fulfill a request.

Mind Your Manners.
I know I don't have to say this, but I will anyway. Please remember that our "santas" are volunteers who are doing this in the spirit of the holidays. Don't make them regret their kindness by being an ingrate, asking for specialty work that you know you should be paying for, or publicly "bitching" about your gift. Simply be grateful that someone cared enough to do it at all. :)


Requests are due no later than December 9th, 11:59pm EST.
Requests received after that date will be refused.


Please see this journal for complete participation information.


Please make your Christmas wishes in the comments below!
We will add them to this journal list as quickly as possible. :iconheartrollplz:

See all current requests HERE.

FF= Fanfic
FA= Fanart
G= Graphics
A= 1st Choice
B= 2nd Choice

1. Cutiekay182009 (FA-A THE SANTA FLAKED = FF-B Taken)
2. Neo-Anime-Haven (FA-A Taken = FF-B)
3. Naruto3215 (FF-A Taken = FA-B)
4. Dangersque (FF-A Taken = FA-B Taken)
5. Kincello (FA-A Taken = FF-Pending)
6. SakuraRyuu (FA-A = FF-B Taken)
7. Kagome313 (FA-A = FF-B Taken)
8. ChiuuChiuu (FF-A Taken = FA-B Taken)
9. Rocioo (FA-A = FF-B Taken)
10. 3lue3utterfly (FF-A =FA-B Taken)
11. Moonstar9411 (FA-A = FF-B Taken)
12. KeiChanz (FF-A Taken = FA-B Taken)
13. Valeriemary309 (FA-A Taken= FF-B Taken)
14. RainFlame07 (FF-A Taken= FA-B)
15. DarkAngelOfLov (FA-A = FF-B  Taken)
16. Noble-Maiden (FF-A Taken= FA-B)
17. InuGrrrl (FA-A Taken = G-B Taken)

Event banner by the awesome :iconneo-anime-haven:

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