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Scarlett's back...

Haven't really changed anything since my last shot apart from my shell's prompt colours and my wallpaper.

The lovely Scarlett Johansson returning to my desktop (a somewhat amusing contrast to Frank Reynolds in the 3rd pic)

MacBook Air running Arch Linux, awesome, urxvt with zsh, MPlayer, ncmpcpp,Ranger and Vim.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, feel free to ask any questions.

Also, if you're bored/looking for something to read, why not visit my blog? :)
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I'm a bit late to the party here but I was wondering how you did your shell prompt? I like it.
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It's just zsh with some special characters in the left prompt. I'm afraid I don't have that config any more, it's not hard to implement though.
Lol disregard this comment. Didn't read the description before posting.
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Aha, no problem :P
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Lime from the artwiz fonts pack
Hey man, i'm new to awesome and was wondering if you could post your config, theme, and terminal colors?
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Hi :) I'm afraid I don't use awesome anymore, I've moved over to i3, so I don't have the configs, sorry.
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Sunny in Philidelphia :)
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Thanks :)
Hell yeah! Love that show so much
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The link (for the wall) is not working :/.
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Look for it on
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Found it! Thanks :).
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Things like this make me wish I was a coder.
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You don't have to be a coder to use this kind of setup :) I've only just started programming. I've done a blog post on different types window managers, you should give it a read if you're interested.
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