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Back to a darker colourscheme, I missed it.

Removed the volume level from my tmux config, as you can see, I now have a lovely popup notification :)

Feel free to ask me any questions! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

System - MacBook Air
OS - Arch Linux
WM - i3
Running: URxvtc / tmux / htop / dvol
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How change You prompt in tmux?
can you share your tmux config
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I'm afraid I don't have it anymore, sorry :(
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in which arch package can i find dvol, dbright, dbatt ?
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I don't believe Bastien's packaged them, but, you can just build them from his Github
awesome. furthermore i definitly want to try his project `sxhkd`
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sxhkd is just a simple hotkey daemon for X, just like any other out there. Though I will say; it's syntax of key definition is really nice and simple. I use it, in conjunction with his window manager 'bspwm', it's really nice! Worth checking out if you're into tiling WMs :)
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how do you change colourscheme...what's the theme? i3-config? .Xresources? etc? I guess I'm asking for the configs :P
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Colourscheme is managed by .Xresources. The i3 config isn't anything special really, it doesn't differ all that much from the default in terms of appearance :)

Here's the colourscheme I'm using, it's by ~ObliviousGmn
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What a great desktop, wallpaper is well chosen :). Also colours are cute.
Didn't know about dvol, I'll have a look :D
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Thnks so much :) Yeah dvol is great :D There's also dbright (for brightness) and dbatt (for battery status).
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These two other ones are going to be useful :3 Thank you !
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No problem! Enjoy :D
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Great shot as usual! =)
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Sweet. What font it is?
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Cheers, it's lime from the artwiz font pack :)
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great desktop!!
share the wallpaper please??
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