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I've been loving OpenBSD so far, I think I found home.
Watching Blade Runner in accordance with 5.3 of course.

Using a fair few of ~yBeastie's configs :)

Just a quick shot really, still got some work to do, but I just wanted to get a shot up on /r/wmporn ;)

Feel free to ask any questions.
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this is very nice and im just playing with OpenBSD 5.3 and i need some configs i can play with
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nice shot, how dows bsd compare with linux in terms of availablity of apps? Just curious cause i've been thinking about trying pc-bsd
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Depends which BSD you're talking about and I suppose it depends which applications you're talking about also.

Let me put it this way: I've only had to compile one library that wasn't available so far.

So I guess it depends on what kinda stuff you use. I've never used PC-BSD, but it's just a collection of software ontop of FreeBSD, and I know FreeBSD has a large wealth of software available in its ports :)
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Well for the most part i'm just a normal desktop user with the exception of making the odd youtube video here and there.  I  was asking because i guess i was under the impression that installing software on bsd was somehow harder than it is in linux.  Not sure where i got that though.
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Well, PC-BSD will be fine for you. Yeah, it seems to be a somewhat common misconception that BSD is "harder" than Linux... when really, in my opinion, it's "easier". It all depends on your *nix experience, but with the stringent code correctness that BSD adheres to (I can certainly vouch for OpenBSD), it makes everything a lot more simple and sophisticated.
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Good to know, thank you.  I think i'll try it in a vm soon
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Where can I find that wallpaper?
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Also, sorry I fell asleep :|
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Haha, I thought you might have :p I stayed up until 4am.... I wish I hadn't
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