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Saix Fan art by EternalFireOfDeath Saix Fan art :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 9 4 Light by EternalFireOfDeath Light :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 3 30 Sketch by EternalFireOfDeath Sketch :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 3 5 Random guy by EternalFireOfDeath Random guy :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 0 27 I'm just another 'face' by EternalFireOfDeath I'm just another 'face' :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 3 32
just wear shorts!
Meiko watched the cute green haired girl with interest, she seemed content enough up high in the oak tree though it hadn't crossed her mind that her skirt was short and several boys were looking up from underneath. Meiko stormed over which made several of the boys run away leaving only the purple haired one.
"Hey!" Meiko yelled in front of the boy who jumped in alarm.
"Wh-what?" he said looking scared, a stream of blood running from his nose.
"You perv!" She yelled poking him in the chest "Is I see you doing that again I'll...I'll...Well it won't be good!"
Gakupo scampered away giggling and gesturing excitedly to a blue haired boy. Meiko grabbed the branches and began climbing up to sit beside her. The day-dreaming Gumi seemed unaware of the brunette.
"Hi." she said loudly and jolting Gumi back to reality.
"oh!" she said shocked but her face turned into a bright smile "hello!"
"Those boys were looking up your skirt." Meiko sounded angry "So I scared them away for you."
Gumi giggled hap
:iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 1 21
#143 A cross to stick in your sinful soul
Sell your soul to the devil,
Cut all ties with heaven,
And bury your heart away.
Revel in the dark emptiness,
Sin until you're soot in the ashes.
Proudly scream your name,
Righteous and ultimate
In a world of endless,
Darkness closing over you,
Even to your last breath.
Everything else is better and,
Nothing of yours is good.
Vile possessions and mannerisms
You want in the casket too.
Sleep forever and never wake,
Live and breathe laziness,
Opposition requires effort,
Then don’t go against anything,
Here is ok as it is and will be forever.
Gorge yourself in taste,
Loving each sweet bite,
Under the delicious spell,
That flavour delicately enthralls,
The budding of your hunger,
On and on it gnaws, yet,
Never is your stomach,
Yeilding to satisfaction.
Gold as easy as broken,
Rubies glistening bright.
Eventually it is all yours,
Even the people will,
Die in red for your sake.
Leering eyes you wear,
Underwear shown to the world,
Sluts and whores in your web,
Their bodies your toys.
:iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 3 39
#142 a phrase too far
You say 'a heart of gold',
But the glitter fell away,
And the world grew old,
Bathed in shadows of grey.
'It gets worse before it gets better',
An obvious statement you know,
And I hate every letter,
Because the pain just won't go.
'You reap what you sow',
I don't remember sowing pain,
Because that is what I know,
It is what I always seem to gain.
:iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 3 2
Skyscape 5 by EternalFireOfDeath Skyscape 5 :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 3 11 Skyscape 4 by EternalFireOfDeath Skyscape 4 :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 2 5 Skyscapes 3 by EternalFireOfDeath Skyscapes 3 :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 6 40 Skyscapes 2 by EternalFireOfDeath Skyscapes 2 :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 1 6 Skyscapes 1 by EternalFireOfDeath Skyscapes 1 :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 2 6 (week 4)G18-D-ZQR AKA. Anna.D.roid by EternalFireOfDeath (week 4)G18-D-ZQR AKA. Anna.D.roid :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 2 18 MS paint laptop rose by EternalFireOfDeath MS paint laptop rose :iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 5 88
#141 Monster's toy
There is this side of me,
Something I can just be.
A monster from a nightmare,
If it killed it'd have no care.
And sometimes if I get dark,
A lonely boy lost in a park,
Might just vanish off the street,
Following a stranger so sweet.
First I'll starve you for a day,
Just because I can do what I may.
And I'll watch as your ribs show,
And you beg me to let you go,
but I won't shed any tears,
Because monsters don't have fears.
And I'll wipe away your tears so I,
Can show you I'm not just a bad guy.
Next I'll wait until death's brink,
Where I'll drown you till you drink.
Just something to numb the pain,
Slowing connections in your brain.
Then slowly nurse you back to life,
Because I'm a double-edged knife.
And I'll wipe away your blood,
Though the monster hasn't had enough.
We lick our lips in the dim light,
Never letting you know day from night.
You taste sweet like honey,
A pleasure not bought with money,
Running through my veins,
As I tighten your chains.
And I'll wipe away your sweat,
:iconeternalfireofdeath:EternalFireOfDeath 2 4


I know this is kind of late since i've been gone 2 years...But i've got a new account :iconamaturedressup: so please follow me there and i'm super sorry i left for so long, please forgive me ^^ I was going to make dress up games on that account but now its shifted to general drawings, its only 3 months old and i hope to se you there :)

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I am an strange individual who often speaks in the 3rd person and speaks in old English when in danger. I have two alter egos; one evil and one good. When I was younger I put my hand on an oven hob to see if it was hot and burnt my hand. That was a few years ago. If you haven’t guessed I have no common sense and still haven’t learned it is a bad idea to cut my own hair, or if I jump of my wardrobe onto my bed the bed will break. I love reading and writing poetry and prose. I like almost all music, except for the more modern pop music. Some of my favourite bands are; Green Day, Linkin Park, The levellers, Sum 41 and countless others. Which is why when I am asked what my favourite song is I normally run away but thats just me.

Now enjoy thi giant emoticon that took ages to get right
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I think you (will) have a happy life.
Of course not allways, but in the sum - I'm sure - it is very cool to be you.

I can be wrong - sure - I don't know you. I just stummbled on your page and read a bit of it.
But an unhappy and depressive person coulnd't have such a page such texts and couldn't write such things you do.
I hope you have a happy life and I hope you will be able to do what you are born to do.

I wish you a very happy life :iconfurryglompplz:
EternalFireOfDeath Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*clings to you* I think you're an amazing person for saying all this! This has pretty much made my week and I am often unhappy but I try to write it out :)

I wish you a happy life too :glomp:
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