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Let's try not to regress as we upload, mmmkay m'dear?


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I can see the fandom being polarized from the last installment. From how the first four episodes built up, this one seems quite left field. If you like WTF-weirdness, then you'll love it like I did. Lots of jumping around in alternate timelines and things being a train wreck. I'm still a little confused about the segment where Max returns with the journal destroyed. Why would she not report Jefferson in the timeline where she destroyed that entry photo? Wouldn't that have prevented her from going back to the Dark Room, or is it that her jumping through photo/timelines are just temporary. Or does her not entering automatically put her back there? This shizz gets confusing. But all I know, it is Madoka Magica all over again.    

The nightmare sequence was literally a horror game; t'was actually disturbing. My initial thoughts went from "Here we go again, this is a little too much... What is making all those sounds - oh god, the windows". Overall, I had some Silent Hill vibes (Girls dormitory "puzzle" and the whole Shattered Memories walk to the lighthouse). Although having to collect bottles again (without being spotted) did take away from the experience a little.

And the feels. Oh goodness, the feels. There were two moments in particular that annihilated me; Max comforting alternate-Kate (Kate will always be mah girl... dat hug ;A;...), and Chloe finally realizing how the cycle could end. The latter being one of the endings that I so knew would happen, and in my opinion, has more of an impact. In regards to crazy fan theories, I would have had another option where Max intervenes/takes the shot in the beginning sequence. I would blindly assume that the cycle does not continue for it is a reset, and Max sacrificed herself without activating them rewind powers. I believe Chloe's destiny with death became absolute due to time-interference. Yes, I am insane.  

If my mind was less jumbled, I would totally ramble more... But all in all, Life is Strange was a memorable experience, full of fun and feels. A part of me wants a weird sequel/spin-off, but I am happy with how it ended. Bittersweet is the best way to go. 


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