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Chapter 2

Mabel really hadn't expected Waddles to grow so quickly.

I mean two months and now he was almost 200 pounds; how was that even possible.

She tried as best as she could to keep him from destroying the house.

Waddles didn't do any of this on purpose, he was just getting to big.

Mabel begged the pig to not run around that much, as she knew her parents were reaching the last of their patience.

She opened her eyes on a cool Saturday morning to hear her father screaming at the pig.


Mabel gasped as she ran downstairs to grab him.

"Waddles... No..." She begged, easily grabbing the paper.

The pig obeyed her at once.

Mabel held the saliva dripping ripped up paper.

"Here's the paper, daddy." She said, smiling sweetly.

"Mabel I told you to keep him in the pen in the back." He growled.

"But he must of..."

"Mabel the pig is getting to hard to control. Perhaps you need to..."

"NO!" She screamed. "I can't get rid of him! He and I are inseparable!"

"Mabel... It's a pig..." Her sighed, incredulous.

"And my best friend..." She said, quietly.

Dipper walked down the stairs staring at the scene.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Newspaper..." Mabel only said.

The twins father held the bridge of his nose.

"Mabel this is the last warning; if that pig causes anymore damage, then he has to go."

"But daddy..."

"No buts Mabel!" He ordered, sternly.

"Yes sir..." She said, quietly.

"Dipper are you ready to go?" The man asked.

"Yup!" He said.

"Where are you guys going?" Mabel asked.

"Dipper has a meet with the academic team today so we need to drop him off. While were out your mother and I are going shopping."

"Oh..." Mabel sighed.

Her mother came downstairs as she grabbed her purse.

"Some leftovers are in the fridge; and make sure Waddles stays in his pen."

"I will." The girl promised.

The family left.

Mabel sighed as she led her pig to his pen.

He let out a sad squeal.

"I know but you need to stay in the pen for awhile, just to prove that you can be kept under control. So please stay in the pen... Okay?" She asked.

The pig nodded.

Mabel showered and changed into some fresh clothes.

She decided to watch some of mother's prerecorded soap operas with Waddles so she brought small flat screen outside so the two could watch together.

The morning was pretty quiet as the pair continued to watch the cheesy shows. Wondering what couple was going to get married to who was deceiving that certain family.

Mabel smiled as she saw Waddles curled on the ground watching the tv while she knitted him a new sweater.

Maybe she got through to him. It wasn't his fault though; since Grunkle Stan had actually let Waddles run around the house. She knew he couldn't stand the pig, but because he knew Mabel loved the pig so much, he had allowed it.

The two shared such a great bond this summer that she couldn't bear to leave him behind, so she brought him home.

She had made sure that she and her pig friend were together forever. Her summer romances may have come and gone, but she and Waddles would always be one.

The rest of the morning remained quiet until the family's cat began to hiss at the pig.

Waddles began to huff heavily.

Mabel's eyes widened as she saw this.

"Waddles please don't..." She begged.

The cat continued to hiss at the pig until it took off running.

Waddles with no effort broke down his pen and took off after the feline; breaking down the screen door and going into the house.

"WADDLES!" The young girl cried.

She ran after him to see the pig tearing through the living room, knocking down the tables and lamps, shattering them to pieces.

The cat ran away in horror as the huge animal chased after her. The ran into the kitchen.

The cat jumped onto the counter to safety, but this didn't satisfy Waddles for a amount; for the pig jumped on to the counter knocking everything down from plates to cutting utensils.

Mabel cried and begged for the pig to stop until Waddles knocked the kitchen facet sending water flying everywhere.

"WADDLES!" She screamed, in horror and anger.

Waddles horrified by her tone turned to stare in guilt.

He let out a pathetic squeal.

"Look what you've done..." She trembled. "We need to find a way to clean this up before..."

"Mabeline Mary Pines..." Came a voice from behind.

The young girl turned her head to see her mother and father in the doorway looking enraged.

"I... I can explain..." She begged.

Her father went under the kitchen sink to shut the water off.

"Mabel..." He started.

Later that afternoon Dipper was dropped off from his meet when he saw what was the house had just been picked up from some kind of disaster. He looked in the kitchen to see the broken facet and the scuff marks on the counters.

"What happened?" He thought.

That's when he heard sounds coming from upstairs.

He crept up to see the door to Mabel's room ajar; he looked in a little to see his Mabel sitting on the bed, looking like she was going to burst into tears at any given moment while her father was standing there; and her mother sitting next to her with her hand on her shoulder.

"Mabel sweetie... I know you love that pig very much, but this is the final straw... He has to go." Said her father.

"But it was an accident." She cried, trying to swallow back a sob.

"We know, honey, but Waddles is only going to get bigger and there's not enough room for such a large animal. You need to understand that. The suburbs isn't the place for him." Her mother explains.


"Sweetie, there's a place about an hour outside of the city where we can take him. It'll be perfect for him, I promise." Her father explained.

Mabel looked down at the ground.

"I know this is hard for you, but if you really love someone, you have to set them free... You need to do what's best for him." Her mother said, softly.

Mabel let out a cracked sob.

"Go get him ready..." Her father said.

Mabel sniffled as she went downstairs and put Waddles on the leash that she had flat out refused to have him wear; refusing to treat him like a pet.

Dipper tried to keep back his own tears as he gripped her hand tightly.

The twins loaded themselves into the car as they prepared for the hour drive.

During that time Mabel hugged the pig as tightly as she could not wanting to let him go. She was going to be separated from her best pig friend; and she didn't even know if she was ever going to see him again after this.

"It'll be okay, Mabel..." Dipper tried to assure her.

But Mabel didn't seem to hear him.

After an hour they reached some sort of farm.

They got out of the car and the twins father was talking to one of the farmers.

"We'll take good care of Waddles." She said. "We're going to be moving him upstate to one of the larger farms; he'll have more room to roam around.

"Isn't that great Mabel?" Her father asked, smiling. "Waddles will have a place to run around up north."

Mabel led Waddles to one of the pens tears spilling from her eyes.

Waddles knew then this was it. Tears seemed to form in her eyes when he realized that his friend was leaving behind.

Mabel hugged the pig as tightly as she could.

"Waddles... No matter what happens... You will always be my favorite pig..." She whispered.

Waddles whimpered, not wanting her to leave him.

The young girl gave him a one last kiss on the snout.

"I love you..." She whimpered.

The two adults spoke for a few more moments. Mabel started walking back to the car wanting some sort of miracle to stop all of this. Hell she would even make a deal if she had to.

But there wouldn't be a miracle today.

The family piled back into the car and drove back home.

Mabel's head was resting on Dipper's shoulder as he stroked her hair.

"I should of just let you have your day at the fair with Wendy. I wasn't meant to keep Waddles; I could've spared us both the heartbreak." She mumbled, quietly.

"Don't say that..." Dipper said, sadly. "That was your day."

"But it wasn't meant to last..." She said sounding far in the distance.

Later that night Mabel lay in her bed as she stared out the window.

She would have to move on, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to hurt as she did so. To her, it felt as if Waddles had taken a part of her with him. He would be going up to the northern of the state, but he would be happy and free. Just like she wanted him to be when he was at the shack. She rolled on her back on fill into a teary sleep.

Back at the farm Waddles looked into the night sky, hoping Mabel may have changed her mind and would come back to get him, but it wasn't long until saw that she wasn't coming back.

The pig was going to miss his human friend more than anything; he would give anything to have her back.

Waddles sighed heavily as he drifted to sleep.

And at the same time, Mabel and Waddles both dreamed of being reunited; having a never ending dance party in the Mystery Shack.
This chapter is based off one of markmak's comics. It was so sad, but it's more than likely true if you think. Also check out more of his comics, he's really good.
Also listen to the song When She loved me from Toy Story 2. It sets the whole mood.
I own nothing.
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