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Chapter 2

Mabel opened her eyes feeling rather foggy. She seemed to have been in some sort of deep sleep; and she couldn't seem to recall how or why.

She tried to sit herself up when she felt arms wrapped tightly around her body.

Confused she tried to turn to find herself staring into the familiar siren's sleeping face. That's when she remembered: the enchantment, the lagoon, the tail wrapped tightly around her waist; and the gentle lullaby that had put her into that deep sleep.

She glared daggers at the creature, but smiled a little when she noticed he seemed to be in a deep sleep. She had the chance to escape before he awakened.

Mabel tried to delicately pull the arms off of her, but they seemed well in place, there was no way she was going to get them off without using force.

She just hoped the siren was a heavy sleeper.

With all her strength she pulled the first arm away; and set it gently on his hip. From the looks of it, he didn't stir. She pulled the second arm away but as she about to on his shoulder she felt the tip of the tail wrap around her left arm.

She growled as she tried to untangle herself, but just as she did so, the tail wrapped around her leg.

She untangled the leg, but it only grasped her waist, holding her in place.

Mabel felt tears in her eyes she tried to get the tail off of her, but it was no use, that tail was planted around her waist.

She let out an angry sob, she wanted to go home.

"I want to go home..." She whimpered to no one.

She looked back at the siren to see his visible eye was open, staring with amusement and pity at her.

He pulled brought his tail closer to him, releasing her from his grip to only be welcomed into his arms.

"Let me go!" She demanded. "I'm not a pet to be played with!"

The siren laid back down on the soft silk lined cushions, resting the young woman right next to him.

"Do you need help relaxing, little pet?" He asked, playfully.

"No..." She said, looking away.

The siren took from her expression that was angry, but he could hear soft sobs coming from her, even with her back turned.

He sighed as he caressed his claw against her tearstained cheek.

"Sweet little Shooting Star... Please forgive me..." He said, feigning what appeared to be sadness.

Mabel stopped crying for a moment as she turned to face her master.

"Why won't you let me go home?" She whimpered. "I just want to go home..."

He ignored her question as he made something appear in his hand.

"I have a gift for you." He said, the grin on his face widening.

The young woman stared at him skeptically.

"I don't want anything from you..." She only glared.

"I think you'll love this gift." He purred.

The siren opened his palm to show Mabel a golden necklace glowing in the darkness. At the bottom was a large blood red ruby stone shaped like a triangle.

Mabel couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the magnificent piece of jewelry.

"That's for me...?" She asked, not really believing it.

The siren laughed at her innocent expression, putting the necklace around her neck while she was still shocked. Mabel looked down at the jewel she was now wearing, touching it with such care.

"I... I don't know what to say..." She said softly.

"Say you love it." The blonde whispered.

"I do love it but I don't know if I can accept it..." She said, looking away.

The siren laid her down on the cushion beside him.

"Why can't you?" He asked, looking at her.

"I don't want anything from you!" She growled. "All I want is go home to my family!"

The blonde stared at the young woman to see more. She really was so insistent on going home. He couldn't have that; if he did she never come back to him, she was staying here with whether she wanted to or not.

"You're never going to see your family ever again, child!" He growled, lowering his voice. "So stop feeling sorry for yourself thinking I'll allow you to leave! You WILL come to terms with staying with me!"

Mabel's face went blank not making one bit of sound. She remained that way until a waterfall of tears started falling from her eyes.

The siren rolled his eye.

"Enough crying!" He ordered.

He reached out to grab, but she violently swatted his away.

"Don't touch me!" She angrily sobbed. "I hate you!"

Before the blonde could say anything else, the brunette runaway.

He didn't bother to go after her as she had no place to run as his secret cave's only entrance was underwater and it was to deep for her to swim back up on her own. Leaving her trapped inside.

He waited patiently for about an hour until he decided to go look for in the cave.

He slithered around briefly until his ears perked up to the sound of a girl crying.

He turned to the far corner to see Mabel curled into a tiny ball, silently weeping.

The blonde smiled a little as he slithered towards her, resting his chin atop her forehead. Mabel screamed when she realized she was no longer alone, but the siren planted his body in place; making it clear that he wasn't budging.

"You soon see that you'll love it here..." He purred. "Why would want to go home to your family when you have me?"

Mabel ignored him, not wanting to give him any satisfaction of answering.

"I can give everything you could ever want... You're uncle and brother...? Hah! Those two can barely put food on the table; nor can they protect you from that little snot nosed prince carrying you off!"

Mabel looked up at him. How did he know.

"You think this all just random... I've been watching you for about a year already. Hell that prince... Gideon whatever his name is... actually wanted me to woo you with one of my songs that would have him win your heart. Pathetic if you ask me... needing a siren's voice to win over a girl who wants nothing to do with him."

The young brunette didn't like where this was going.

"So I started to watch you and your family... I couldn't believe he actually believed he was worthy of you... Not when I saw what a lovely little beauty you were; and I decided that I wanted you for myself. I couldn't let that prince have you; so I told the prince I would woe you. You can't say that I didn't honor the deal, only Gideon made the mistake of trusting me... I gave him what he wanted, but he should of realized that siren's are possessive of their territory."

Mabel couldn't believe it, Gideon had gotten her into this mess. She believed she had no intention of hurting her, but he was so determined to make her his queen that it forced her to become a siren's prisoner.

"But I had nothing to do with this... I was only a bystander to what Gideon wanted. I never wanted any of this..." She protested.

"Too bad." The siren said, coldly.

"You actually make Gideon look like a knight in shining armor!" She growled.

The siren, having enough of the girl's sharp tongue, grabbed her and dragged her back to cushions. He placed her back down, wrapping his tail around his tail around her waist, making sure she wouldn't run off again.

"You're hurting me..." She protested.

"Had you just sat with me without a fuss, then none of this would have happened." He only said.

Mabel tried to struggle again, but the siren having enough, started to sing the haunting melody again; putting the young woman under his spell.

After about a few minutes, Mabel was subdued, looking up at him with an innocent expression.

"Are you going to be a good little pet? He purred.

She nodded.

He released his tail from her waist.

"See how much easier it is when you don't fight me?"

Mabel just stared at him. The siren just sighed as he kissed her forehead.

"I think we need some more time to adjust to things..."

The two sat in silence for awhile until they both asleep. It was a few hours later when Mabel had woken up again, regaining her composure. She looked around to see that siren had gone back to sleep and he didn't have her pinned. This was her chance, she could run home; become reunited with her brother and grunkle and slap Gideon silly for this whole mess.

Carefully, she pulled herself up and quickly darted towards the exit. At first she absolutely no idea where it had been, but that's when she realized the watery opening at the edge of the cave's entrance. It was underwater.

She reached the opening and quickly dived in and swam through the tunnel before swimming to the surface as fast as she could.

She gasped for breath as she reached the surface seeing the forest just in front of her.

Smiling she swam to the edge and pulled herself up, taking off into the forest and not looking back.

Mabel wandered through the woods all day, wondering when she was going to find the village. A part of her was almost convinced that she had traveled in circles. Either way if she didn't find her way back soon, the siren was going to lure back to his lagoon; and she had a feeling he would be furious to awaken and see that she was gone. What did it matter to her though, he held her there against her will.

She stopped for a moment when she heard the sound of something draw near.

At first she thought the siren realized she was gone, but as it got louder it became apparent that it was sounds of horses the, more or less a hunting party.

Mabel ran towards the sound to see that it was Gideon and his hunting party.

She ran out to get there attention.

The white haired young man stopped in horror when he saw her tattered clothes.

"My sweet peach dumpling!" He cried, dismounting from his horse to hug her. "What happened?!"

"I think you already know!" She growled.

"Mabel... I'm very sorry..." He said, looking dead serious. "It wasn't supposed to be like that. I..."

He stopped when he noticed his peach dumpling's tearstained face.

"Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" He asked, looking hopeful.

"Take me home..." She begged.

Gideon nodded as he lifted her onto his horse.

It was early nightfall by the time Gideon and his men came to the Pines' small house in the village.

He dismounted and knocked on the door.

An old man answered the door.

"What does his highness want now?" He demanded.

"I wanted to return something to you..." The prince said, smiling nervously.

The old man looked to see Mabel sitting on the horse, looking shaken.

He ran to the horse, pulling her off to hold her tightly.

"What did you do to her?!" He demanded.

"Why Stanford I sense that you're upset." Gideon said, smiling nervously.

"You're damn right I'm upset!" He growled. "She disappears for almost two days and then you come here with her mysteriously in her company!"

"I'm sorry Stanford..." The young prince cried. "It was not my intention for things to happen like this. Is there anything I can do to make up for it?"

Stan stared intently at the prince.

"Do not come near my niece ever again!" He threatened in a low voice.

Gideon trembled. He knew that Mabel could tell everyone the reason as to why she disappeared, that could ruin him. He hated the fact of not having her for a queen, but he was glad she was home safe and sound.

"Fine!" The prince glowered. "I won't bother Mabel anymore!"

He got back on his horse.

"But I assure you Stanford... I'll be watching you like a hawk!"

The prince and his men were gone.

Stan led Mabel back into the house.

"Are you all right Mabel?" He asked, worried.

"I'm fine Grunkle Stan... But I was so scared..." She sobbed, hugging the old man tightly.

"You're safe now, sweetie." He said in a assuring voice.

The door to the house opened again revealing Mabel's twin coming into the house. More than likely being out looking out for his twin.

He stopped when he saw.

"Mabel?!" He cried out.

"Dipper!" She cried.

The twins hugged each other tightly.

"What happened? Where were you?" Dipper asked.

Mabel knew she couldn't tell them about the siren.

"I... I got lost in the woods. Gideon and his men found me."

Dipper frowned, having the feeling that there was something that his sister was not telling him, but decided not press on the manner.

"I think it's best that we put you to bed." Stan said, looking into her eyes.

"But I'm fine!" She protested.

But the protest were ignored as she was tucked into her bed.

"You need to rest, Mabel." Dipper said. "You've been out there without protection or warmth."

The young woman wanted to protest more but she felt sleep wash over her tired eyes before she even realized it.

"HOW COULD SHE HAVE ESCAPED?!" An angry voice roared in the darkness.

Mabel jerked in her bed violently when realized it was siren; now realizing that she gotten away.

"I WON'T LET HER ESCAPE FROM ME! I WILL STOP AT NOTHING UNTIL I FIND HER!" He roared, angered his pet was gone.

Mabel bolted up in bed from the voice.

He wasn't letting get away that easy; but what could he do? He couldn't leave his lagoon... Right?
Mabel escaped from Bill.... For now... Wonder what's going to happen next.
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