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The sun was beginning to set on a particularly hot summer day.

While the heat was blaring within the villages, the tall trees in the forest were keeping things nice and cool for the young woman who was taking a walk in the forest.

She sighed as she tossed back her long curly hair behind her shoulders. The heat was affecting her greatly and she escaped to the trees to find never ending shade from the sun's hot rays.

She smiled as she felt the cool trees shield her from the sun, but it did nothing to keep back her thirst.

She had been walking for hours now and she was desperate for a drink of water; not to mention her flask was bone dry.

She knew the trek home would be long and felt that it would best to find a lake or pond to refill her flask.

The young woman continued her trek when she heard a sound. It sounded like a man singing.

The voice was enchanting and made the young woman almost compelled to follow it. What was the harm anyway? Maybe it would lead her to water.

As she followed the singing voice, it became even more enchanting; almost making the young woman forget what she was looking for in the first place.

She shook her head for a moment to come to her senses. She should be finding water, not following a voice belonging to a stranger she didn't even know. That it was going to become dark soon; and her brother and grunkle would become worried sick if she didn't return.

She was about to turn around when the singing seemed to ring in her ears. Why would she want to go other way? It was lovely to listen to, she should go and find out who it belonged to. She wanted the voice to keep singing.

As if against her will, the young woman turned right back around and continued to follow the singing.

After what seemed like an eternity, the girl found herself nearing the edge of the forest. This seemed so unfamiliar to her. Where did this voice lead her.

She parted the remaining branches to find herself looking out onto a beautiful lagoon filled with clean blue water. The lagoon was somehow shaped into looked like a triangle adorned with the most fragrant of flowers.

A slight cliff and blue water distanced her from the lagoon that most likely would eventually lead one to the sea.

The young woman carefully pulled up her dress as she entered the shallow water and walked a little towards the lagoon.

It was lovely.

She carefully picked a water lily and smelled it. It wasn't like anything she ever smelled before; but why did she find herself coming here.

The girl thought for a moment when she remembered she heard what sounded like a man singing; and she followed it, but the singing had stopped but why did bring her here.

Before she could really dwell on it, the singing picked up. It was both enchanting and horrifying, it was as if it wanted to drive her crazy.

She looked in the water at her reflection when she saw the pupils of her eyes turning a sinister shade of yellow. Her blood froze as she realized what was happening.

There were stories that spoke of sirens. Beautiful but deadly sea creatures that had the most beautiful singing voices in the world. Their voices could put anyone under their spell. Luring their unsuspecting victims to their death. Either from drowning to being flat out devoured.

The young woman tried to run away, but her feet were planted in the water. The voice wouldn't let her go... It beckoned her to stay. She felt tears trickle down her cheeks, trembling in fear of the enchanting voice. Knowing what was going to happen now that this siren had trapped her in his lair.

As if he knew he had trapped his prey, the siren emerged from the water, ceasing his singing.

The siren was as beautiful as his singing. Hair golden blonde like the setting sun and cheekbones that could only belong to statue made from the finest of marble. His right eye was covered with what looked like a triangle that was the exact same shape as the lagoon, while his other eye was the yellow as her pupils.

He had very slender but slightly built form that would any of the boys the girl knew green with envy. But... There was something quiet than other mortal men.

Instead of where his legs should be, the siren had a long tail of a sea serpent adorned ominous yellow scales.

The girl looked up into his dark eyes, knowing now that he had deliberately lured her to him.

She tried to run, but he lashed his tail, wrapping it around her delicate waist.

"Why...?" She tearfully asked. "Why did you bring me here...? I never meant any harm..."

The siren was delighted by her fear and beauty. He had actually been watching her for quite awhile, wanting her for himself; and today had been the day he would claim the young maiden as his own."

"Such a sweet little thing." He purred. "Are you really frightened of me?"

She nodded as she continued to weep.

He reached out a sharp clawed hand and gently brushed the tears away.

"Shh..." He shushed, softly. "I'm not going to hurt you."

This didn't calm her, flinching at his touch.

"What is your name, my little pet." He asked, grinning in a manner that resembled a Cheshire cat.

The young woman tried to pry herself out of his grasp but the grip of his tail only become more painful.

"My name's Mabeline... But everyone calls me Mabel..." She said, trying to keep her voice steady.

The siren tilted his head.

"That's quiet a boring name... I need a more fitting name for you..."

The blonde thought for a moment before he perked up.

"I think I shall call you Shooting Star." He mused. "I think it suits you much more."

Mabel looked confused, but she nodded her head not wanting to anger the creature. Knowing what kind of damage those claws could do if he wanted.

"May I please go home?" She asked, speaking with ladylike manners that her late mother had taught her as a child. "My grunkle and little twin brother will be worried sick if I don't return."

The siren laughed with such a wickedness; amused by the fact she actually believed he would say yes.

"But you don't have a home anymore..." He laughed. "You belong to me now."

Mabel glared.

"No I most certainly do not!" She growled. "I belong to myself!"

The creature raised himself up slightly, causing the young woman to flinch a little.

"I mean... I have a family that needs me... I'm flattered by your charm, but I have other obligations..." She said, forcing a nervous smile on her face.

The blonde pulled her closer to him, keeping his tail gripped around her tail around her tight. Mabel turned her head away, refusing to look at him.

"Look at me..." He ordered.

She shook her head.

"Look at me or I will start singing again." He chirped.

"Go ahead... I'm not going to fall for it again!" She spat her eyes filling with angry tears.

The siren smiled smugly as he began singing again. He didn't necessarily sing any words, but he sang just some hauntingly beautiful melody. Mabel tried so hard to resist it, but she found herself slowly turning to face him, the angered expression on her face slowly washing away to one that looked so lost.

He chuckled softly as he placed her on his lap. Mabel looked up at him, looking entranced.

"There now... Don't you feel better?" He asked, the singing turning into a purr.

Mabel nodded, but was about to pull herself away when hands gripped her arms.

"Do I have to continue singing?" He asked. "I can keep going, not sure about you though."

Mabel growled as she continued to struggle, but sense finally won her over as she tearfully ceased going limp as she cried.

The clawed hand began to pet her dark brown hair.

"You really are frightened of me!" The siren mused, looking down at his crying pet.

"I want to go home!" She angrily, sobbed. "If you had a beating heart, you would honor my wish!"

"There will be no more talking of this going home, Shooting Star..." The siren said, starting to lose his patience.

Mabel hmphed, this siren made Gideon look like prince charming.

"I'm going to run when I get the chance..." She stated, as if it were obvious.

"Really..." He asked, amused.

"I'm leaving... Sirens have to sleep too... I'll go then..." She smirked.

The blonde continued playing with her hair, decided to play along with her plan.

"But what if I decided to stay awake too? Maybe to the point where you become to tired to run."

"I won't..." She huffed. "I'll out last you."

"Then what would you do if I said I can sing a lullaby that will put you under a sleeping spell?"

Mabel looked into the sky to see the final rays had set, leaving behind the twinkling stars of the night; making her wish she could fly into the stars like a bird.

"I didn't hear you, Shooting Star..."

The young woman only folded her arms not saying another word.

The two continued to sit in darkness not speaking.

Mabel wasn't worried though. All she had to do was what for the siren to fall asleep and then she could run home.

Although the siren was more than what he seemed, even he needed rest from time to time; and he had to admit the maiden kept her herself firm, but he saw she was very tired. To the point she reluctantly had rested her head against his chest, still wearing that angry pout.

Perhaps it was time to sing her to sleep.

He peered into her mind when he saw a song he could sing to her.

He chuckled softly as he rest his back against the rock wall.

He began to rock Mabel back and forth as he began to sing.

Hush little one, don't be afraid...

The sun has gone for another day...

Mabel felt her ears perk slightly. That song sounded so familiar.

That's when it hit her.

This was the lullaby that her mother used to sing her and her brother when they couldn't sleep.

The night is quiet but you cry...

I'm here to dry your eyes...

Mabel let out a sob as listened, wanting to hear more. She hadn't heard the song since her mother had died.

Her Grunkle Stan had tried to sing it her shortly after her death, but he barely knew the words as her mother had died before she could teach it to him; and she had heard it since.

Until now...

Your smile has faded into the sea...

But I will bring it back to me...

The poor girl began weeping. The siren held her close, kissing her cheek.

Don't cry for I am here...

With me you'll have no fear...

Eyelids were becoming heavy as they listened.

Tomorrow soon will come...

Then we'll see the sun some...

Hazel eyes met a yellow one.

Lay your head within the clouds...

Listening to the gentle sounds...

A battle was slowly being lost.

I love you so with all my heart...

Even in dreams we never part...

Mabel softly pecked the siren's neck, completely entranced by the lullaby. She was just about to close her eyes.

The blonde smiled as he went to finish.

The time has come to dream...

But when you wake I'll be right here...

Hazel finally started closing.

Goodnight and sleep well...

To be reunited by the bell...

As soon as he finished, Mabel was fast asleep in his arms.

He chuckled softly as swim to his hidden cave within the lagoon. He crawled to very back, lying down on the golden cushions he kept for himself as he wrapped his pet in his arms, not stirring once.

"Sweet little Shooting Star..." He purred. "What a lovely little princess you're going to be; then you'll have no reason to want to go home to your Precious Pine Tree or Fez at all."

He kissed her hair as he settled down.

He looked down at her one more time as smirked.

"You're all mine..."
I have another Mabill fic everybody...
I went with Siren Bill on this one, however he appears as he did in the other AU The Serpent and the Mermaid. I like the idea of Bill having a serpent's tail as opposed to a fish... Suits his personality more... If you want to know what he would look like, fellow deviantart member sayuttan drew a picture for me for my other story so head on over to her gallery to take a look and take a look at some of her other great artwork as well...
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