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Nice to meet you!
My name is Rin, I'm a cosplayer and lolita from Vancouver. If you ever come to Vancouver, lets cosplay together!~☆

Previous Cosplays:

→ Benten (ZONE-00)
→ Sheryl Nome (Macross frontier) - Diamond Crevasse Concert
→ Shirai Kuroko (To aru kagaku no Railgun)
→ Megurine Luka (VOCALOIDS) - Just be Friends
→ Kinoshita Hideyoshi (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)
→ Hirasawa Yui (K-ON!)
→ Megurine Luka (VOCALOIDS) - Magnet
→ Kimura Kaere (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)
→ Hatsune Miku (VOCALOIDS) - Saihate
→ Sheryl Nome (Macross frontier) - Diamond Crevasse Album
→ Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo)
→ Amane Misa (Death Note)
→ Sakura Hime (Tsubasa ReseVoir Chronicles) - DragonQueen
→ Kira (Death Note)
→ L (Death Note)
→ Chii (Chobits) - Pink Dress

Please visit my other accounts too!~<3

Official Blog:

CURE Cosplay:…



Current Residence: 6o4
Favourite genre of music: Jpop x Jrock
Favourite style of art: gruokawa
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Favourite cartoon character: many many many<3
Personal Quote: no music~♪~no life
<center>Facebook | Twitter | Cosplay Cure | Ameblo  | Youtube | formspring</center>


During my 'death from DA' there has been a total of 87 new watchers until now...really guys thank you so much ;___; even though I haven't been updating much at all lately...really thanks a lot for the support!!! I'll definitely leave this entry on for a while as a feature to all the lovely guys and ladies <3


:iconlovehimawari: :iconailisea: :iconmheadcase: :iconburgerbunny: :iconenchantedcupcake: :iconahlatoad: :iconjapanischjuss: :iconnoraininapril: :iconluckychannel: :iconcharneh: :iconsakuraharunoshannaro: :iconseisanxx: :iconakellatheone: :iconxxbloodyemptyxx: :icon01manga-maniac: :iconkeijisaito: :iconharuhi-can: :iconemorih14: :iconninjabunny07: :iconyingtze: :iconlanapi: :iconcandychiffon: :iconmissyladye: :iconloveelydays: :iconm1zuki: :iconbramblehomie: :iconbelcroser666: :iconalmonds-s2: :icongoldfishyloveskpop: :iconcandy-panda: :iconhinoame: :iconblurscrib: :iconcabusi-photography: :iconlea8red: :iconvalhallaforever: :iconluchia-28: :iconamerawr: :iconlycaonwolfthorn: :iconpsnail: :iconyuuchul: :iconthe-fading-sun: :iconaki-chiple: :iconkoreria: :iconkitsune103: :iconamuxd: :iconaxlsalles: :iconpursuerofdarkness: :icontomduke: :iconshnuppi: :icondaramio: :icontakui1896: :iconrii-kuro: :iconsummersunkist: :iconra-ra-s-tear: :iconvicissijuice: :iconsujun: :iconkibakingdom: :iconkayoko-hika: :iconamypodders: :iconakuma-exorcist: :iconmario-dicatalan: :iconkralle-k: :iconmiratron: :iconketsivaun: :iconrelivethosedays: :iconninjagal6: :iconkaze9th: :icongriffkiller235: :icondivainvanity: :iconaiichi-kiyo: :iconyumemilk: :iconcandyholicnyappy: :iconduomaxwel: :icondark1110: :iconryuuseiki: :iconmisotok: :iconreira-ling: :iconmixiaikome: :iconsweetlittlemissme: :iconpurplettuce: :iconloweherz01: :iconhiddenmistdash: :iconjuurihime: :iconasianrebel: :iconyimikio: :icondinosaurmilk: :iconta-moe:

and Of course, much thanks to those who have always continued to support me throughout<3 I love you guys to pieces and pieces and pieces <3 Thank you!</strong>


In case anyone was interested, what I have been doing during my lack of DA-days...:3

First work was totally draining my energy...then once Anime Evolution 2010 hit, it was a weekend of fun-filled epic days and tiring sleepless nights haha~
But in the end it was all worth it! and totally enjoyed seeing all old friends and meeting/making new friends too :3

Right after AE 2010 I'm going through a major move. Finally clearing through my house I've managed to either throw out or donate anything still in use-able conditions from mountains of items simply collecting dust in my closet for at least 8yrs or so...> > I'm still in the process of packing - unpacking just because I've been so tied up lately ><

Also during AE, I met a local newspaper photographer who offered me a small feature in their weekly paper! We just did a fashion shoot last week with European import clothes compliments of Sasso Moda. The Newspaper is called 'Asian Pacific Post' the featured article is called 'Campus Scene' and the release date for my article...I have no idea yet. haha~ definitely sometime in the future though so catch a copy of that if you can my dear Vancouverites! :3

In terms of Band, we recently got a gig at the Richmond night market in which we performed last Friday night! Much thanks to everyone that could make it!!!

We basically got a weeks advance notice and practiced madly for it in which we were able to throw in two new cover songs too! They were 'Give me all of your Love' by Tommy Heavenly6 and 'Just be Friends' the popular vocaloids mix turned band-version by Dixie Flatline :D Oh and did I mention, we totally rocked out and literally froze up in our Yukata's...It was a crazy cold night! haha

Not too sure if there will be any videos of this live yet...but I do have recordings of the past live that I've yet to upload.......> > seriously will get around to that soon...>< haha;; also still need to grab some vids from the last live off someone too *coughcough...* haha but there are definitely pictures surfacing now! If curious, please visit our Facebook group page at 15★CRISIS (Ichigo Crisis) to keep updated! :D~

anyways, this is getting long again...haha and I should probably get back to cleaning the houses soon too...for anyone interested in my updates and random pic uploads, I invite you to follow me on twitter @ eternal_sn0w's Twitter!

Finally, lots of thanks again for everyone who's continued to support me! I'll be sure to bring you lots more dedicated works and photos whenever I can! :3


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