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Le Petit Prince

By Eternal-S
Le Petit Prince - The Little Prince

"I'm all alone with the Moon,
Who want to be my friend?"

Who has read Le Petit Prince ? :love:

Wallpaper version

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tools : sai, photoshop cs3
time : about 2-3 hours
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© 2012 - 2021 Eternal-S
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Mr-Kuroon's avatar
I've read some parts from the book as a kid and I must say, your art is beautiful.

I should really read that book fully.
vagner696's avatar
i have read the book and i agree that this picture is beutiful like the rest of other lpp picture
SayakaSae's avatar
ReggieYaco's avatar
♥-♥ I love love love it!
ReggieYaco's avatar
I simply love it!
Great job.
Ain-bu's avatar
I've read it and it's really cute both this drawing and the book. You did a really great job
AdelaideShnaps's avatar
Vyanni-Krace-ACE's avatar
making a comic as an english project after reading the little prince. Looking for inspiration :) i really like this artwork.
kamsorocks's avatar
I wanna be his friend QAQ. IT's pretty cute, he's royalty AND He's on a CRESCENT MOON 8D. There is nothing wrong with this QUQ. *huggles* I LOVE YOU AND THIS PICTURE!
gabypunzell's avatar
so amazing¡¡ >_<
Oksaa's avatar
I love your drawing ! It's beautiful !
ZENO666's avatar
so... awesome :iconluvluvplz:
sleepy-kaleidoscope's avatar
i've been longing to read this D:
TheHalfBEAST's avatar
aaaawwww! <3 so adorable! ^^
Waterflybug's avatar
:iconididplz: ahhh!! >_< icon mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waterflybug's avatar
I Did! :ididplz: Btw, I loooove this picture!!!!
Forgot-to-Smile's avatar
Aww I love that book! :heart:
Really awesome work ~
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
Gorgeous! His expression is charming and perfect.
roxas-kitax's avatar
I had to read "The Little Prince" in my French class. It was a really unique book and it was fun to find out what it really meant besides the child-like side of the story. ^^
tenko72's avatar
I like the papery look this has.

I read it. It's such a great story.
nesma1's avatar
i really liked this 1 :))))))
Lyn-Lopez's avatar
beauty and adorables
sullenTOMBOY777's avatar
i have this on my notebook well the little prince anyway
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