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City Nezuko

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More Nezuko! ~ Gotta upload a lot of Nezuko art haha
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Saw the end of the Manga and without spoilers all I can say is the possibly of a modern Nezuko is high.
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MilkimelonNew Deviant

She is so cwuteLlama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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CherryArt331New Deviant

Aaawh Nezuko so cute!

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IceScream99Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aaaa this looks so good!!
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ezurachan18New Deviant


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Crimsonlee2xHobbyist General Artist

Cool! Been meaning to get into this anime series. I've seen this character's pic a lot. Can someone tell me what the hell is that thing on her mouth???:confused:

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Ospreybravo94New Deviant

Could have just watched the first couple episodes and found out...

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LanNagaNew Deviant
It's a bamboo used to cover her mouth since she's a demon, watch it it'll bring u to tears after 13 episodes or so.
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JessicaAzul2018New Deviant

I loved it >:3

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Honeysenpai45562New Deviant

Its like u used tagaki-san

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yakobosagungNew Deviant

i like your image

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CJHEREHobbyist Traditional Artist

Nezuko being a cute smoll bean, love the hair tips.

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ethan13darkStudent Artist

demon slayer

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What’s it from, my guess is evil eri from MHA

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AlissarDarNew Deviant

It’s from demon slayer

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It’s actually someone from demon slayer. I’ve never seen the anime, tbh I’m new to the anime world so The only reason I know this is because I watch a lot of akidearest to keep myself up to date on animes.if ur talking about the top picture but if ur talking about the photo of the little boy, that is izukus flashback in the hero Name episode.

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CJHEREHobbyist Traditional Artist

I have only read the manga but it's indeed worth a try.

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The only anime’s ive watched r fairy tail (still on season one just met Erza why so long) Hardoy any naruto but enough to know the basic understanding of what happens in season one, Pokémon, digimon and glitter Force when I was younger

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CJHEREHobbyist Traditional Artist

I'm more of a manga kind of person myself but they truthfully have their appeal.

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theplatindragonHobbyist Artist
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I LOVE THIS! It's so cool!!!!

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roudrasagiProfessional Digital Artist


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So the art award goes to...

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