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When I wrote my last journal entry I had every intension to go through all these deviations and comments but as life would have it I disappeared for even longer than expected....and will be away for even longer now. I've put off for many years to open up an online shop to sell some of my crafts and recently decided to take my close friends advice and start to sell the stuff I make. I'm one of those that when I get something in my mind I get obsessive over it and when the ideas start flowing....I'm lost in that and time seems to escape. Well, I've made a few things on my list and have a few more but it's coming along. Before all this came about I agreed to build a website for my friends that own a tropical flower shop and now it's that time that they want it done soooo I'm having to stop making things and do that. I truely miss it here and all of the wonderful friends I've made. When I'm in my little cave making my projects I think about being here too....I'm always torn. Please forgive the late replies and comments etc. I'll be taking breaks more often to come here and see what everyone is up to. :hug:s to all of my DA friends!

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Best wishes, we'll stick around as always while you're tending to other things :D. Sounds neat that you're selling your crafts, that takes a lot of ambition!
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Yeah. I've decided to do the whole craft thing, too. I think your stuff would really sell. I agree with your friends, your stuff is amazing. I still have to send you that little gift-thing I made for you. But, it seems I've dissapeared off the face of the earth as well. But! I will get it to you!!! Good luck with everything!!!
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hey that's so great! I'm glad you're doing it because you're so talented and I know you'll be successful in selling your work
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Best of luck with your business venture...
I too would like to do something
commercial soon... would appreciate
any info re your business ventures...

my more serious & possibly commercial side: