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so far behind again. I had it planned that I'd try to catch up this weekend but I found out my stepmum had a heart attack and needed a triple bypass surgery so I spent a lot of time making her a velvet card to send. I didn't know that some hospitals won't let flowers in the room :shrug: So I'm going to be viewing all the deviations but not commenting, just :+fav:ing the ones I adore....sorry about that but at this point I'll never catch up if I have to comment on all of them. I feel awful about it 'cause a lot of you have so kindly took the time to comment on my stuff. I'll try to keep up after this though.

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Eliquental's avatar
DanDan-chan ... Is your step mother alright? *sends a get well soon eyeball to her* :nod:

DOn't worry about falling behind!! Look at me!!! :faint: I'm so much worse!! So be happy knowing you're not the only one and not the worst - if that helps that is ^^;

*hobbles off to do some mucho chatching up on all the messages and art in inbox*
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
:hug: thank you so much! :giggle: dandan-chan.....funny!! I haven't been called 'chan' in awhile ^^;
Eliquental's avatar
Waiya! It's okay! :hug: I really hope she's doing okay though! Keep us informed! And you too!

(it's always good to be called 'chan'... It makes you feel younger... Or it does to me anyway) :D So chans all-around! :nod: :boogie:
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
I forgot to say....she's doing better thanks :D You're so sweet thank you for your concern.

Yes it is nice....and it does make me feel like a kid :laughing: Even though my parents are Japanese, they've never called me 'chan' when I was a kid, a couple of my relatives used to though ^^;
Eliquental's avatar
Yay! Okay, that's great to hear! :nod: :hug: It's no problem, I know I'd be worried if I was you so yepp... But you'll also find me worrying about anything and everything too ^^;

Blasphemy! The injustice! From now on you will be known as a 'chan' :nod: :boogie: (my Japanese teacher always calls me 'san' and everyone else 'chan'... it makes me feel so old and wrinkly! so Chan power!) :D
colludedlily's avatar
sorry about your stepmom dani...thank you so much for taking the time to read my story... i really appreciate it especially since you've had a difficult week/weekend... :(
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
Thank you :hug:

I really enjoyed it A LOT!!...can't wait to read more stories from you. I still have the poem to read but I'll have to read it when I haven't stayed up all night ^^; :slow:
Isarah's avatar
ow hun.. that's terrible. I hope she'll be ok :) You shouldn't worry about comments now, silly :aww: you're always too sweet :hug:
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
You're there! :w00t::dance: I've missed you....been thinking about you all weekend. Thank you so much!! :hug:
Isarah's avatar
I've missed you too hun! I couldn't wait till the weekend was over, cause I thought you wouldn't be online in the weekend. I'm so glad you're here again :smooch:
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
Isarah's avatar
Hehe, no need to say thanks for the truth :smooch:
dragon-cutie's avatar
*sends her love* Hope she have a swift recovery. :hug: Take care
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
Thanks so much sweetness! :glomp:
Scully7491's avatar
Hope your stepmom will be ok! Hoping for a steady recovery :). Comments and favs seem a bit insignificant when something like that comes up!
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
Thank you so very much :glomp: Yeah it does at the time but when things start to get back to normal it's like :faint::wow::frustrated::laughing:
explodingmuffins's avatar
aww, I'm sorry about your stepmom...hope she feels better. I've had those really busy periods too, and it's like "STOP TALKING TO ME!"

:hug: hope you get time for DA again soon.
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
Thanks so much :hug: I was thinking when I logged on tonight, since I have 109 deviations to view if I commented I'll have probably 109 comments back to add to the rest of them so I think this will be the best thing :laughing:
explodingmuffins's avatar
my gosh, that's a hell of a lot O.O
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
:laughing: on my old account sometimes I couldn't come on to DA for a few days and it would be like 400+ deviations to view :faint::laughing:
explodingmuffins's avatar
wow...I never thought about that...I watch all these people because I'm so bored all the time, but that's because DA is like the only thing I have to do. My dad has almost constantly 100+ messages and I don't know how he can stand it.

wait...that's just deviantions! How many MESSAGES did you have on top of that? :faint:
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
Your dad is on here too...what's his devname? At the time I had over 40 but on my old account I still have 80 :faint:
explodingmuffins's avatar
meh...some of my friends are like...disturbed by some of his pictures O.o they don't bother me really. but he is wizardofthelight.
OdessaSawyer's avatar
:( wow
i'm sorry to hear about your stepmom! i hope she recovers soon
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