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I am still very far off from returning to DA. I often think about the friends I've made here and miss all of you so very much. I hope you're doing well and still pushing out your amazing artwork. I haven't done any art since March and it sucks....I crave it so much!! I've been working on my business and I'm overwhelmed at the amount of work there is to do all the time. I wish everyone a nice autumn and hope to return soon.

Thank you for the comments/+favs/+devwatches :glomp:


I've moved, my old account: :icondabblesinart:
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Corpse-Warrior's avatar
It appears I have stumbled across your wonderful gallery far too late :(
Eliquental's avatar
Are you back yet are you back yet huh huh?! :poke:

How are you?!
museevolution's avatar
Miss you too. I also haven't been on in ages, my membership expired so I have ads everywhere. But I'm soon going to be signing up again. Have a few pieces, and looking to make more in the near future.

- Calvin
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
It's so good to hear from you Calvin!!! Thank you for writing. I thought I was a forgotten soul here at DA ^^;
it's so good to hear from old friends. I'm looking forward to seeing your newest work....I will soon! Take care!
museevolution's avatar
Oh, you're not forgotten in the least! This new page format's driving me crazy, it'll take a while for me to adjust. :)

The new piece isn't a masterpiece or anything, just something I threw together. Hopefully I'll remember to post it tonight when I get home from work.

Geh... this icon looks cruddy. I'll have to make a new one of those too.
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
Thank you :glomp: I don't like the new format too!'s definately not an improvement!

Maybe to you it's not a masterpiece but I have a feeling.......:nod: If you have a chance, send me a link so
I don't have to look through the 1000+ devs in my list.....I wanna see :D

Your icon looks cool! ancient symbols. Do you have any ideas for a new one? I like the one with your blue :)
museevolution's avatar
:) Well, here are links to my new ones...


The second one I did just last night, and am very happy with. I put a few old ones back up too. Not sure if they're ones I've had on DA before or not, but they're there now. :)

The new avatar I just threw together last night, but I'll likely keep it... or something similar. Still need to make a new ID though. Something not so darn big. And learn how to put headers and whatnot in my journal. :D
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
Thank you for showing me your newest posts. I really love them both. Sorry it took me so long to say something. I've been rushing around like crazy.

You may want to use photobucket ( [link] ) to add headers in your journal. They give a tag so you can insert it into your text. :D
museevolution's avatar
Thanks for the +Fav! :aww: And for the photobucket suggestion, I'll definately go with them.

Hope things get less crazy for you.
OdessaSawyer's avatar
I miss u dani!!
what's your business?
glad to hear from you!
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
Hello Miss Odessa, I've been thinking about you a whole lot these past few months...I've missed you too!!
Your artwork is still all around even embedded in my you're near even if we haven't had too
much contact. My business is selling some of my crafts and Alchemy Gothic stuff's doing quite
well but a lot of work. My dad's coming here in Oct. again so I'm busy getting ready for that too, hopefully
after he leaves I'll be able to return back here and catch up with everyone....I miss it sooooo much!! How are
you?...I hope well! I think I read one of your journal entries awhile back that you were planning to move to NY??? that right?....NYC? How's the childrens books coming along? Thank you for writing me. Hope to hear from you soon.
OdessaSawyer's avatar
hehe yeah i forgot u had that tattoo.. u still need to take a picture of it! =D
that's sounds like a really great business! I'm glad it's doing well.
I just moved from Portland to Santa Fe and eventually I'll move to NYC.. it may take a few years though
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
You know....I had my friend's camera and tried to take a pic of it awhile ago and it was so blurry, you couldn't
even tell what it was :( I also tried scanning it and that was even worse. I need to get my hands on a really
good soon as I do I'll show's been way over a year since I've gotten it. WOW you moved
to Santa Fe....I heard it's really pretty there! I don't know how you do it...moving...I hate moving!
OdessaSawyer's avatar
hehe no worries, I'm just glad that you're happy with it =D
yeah moving is a schlep but I'm pretty used to it and I was just really happy to get here so I didn't mind at all
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
Thanks :glomp:

Ah I'm glad to hear it! Do you have your own place there?
OdessaSawyer's avatar
no, i'm living with my mom :)
i love the house, it's a nice big size but still really cozy:aww:
Eternal-nocturne's avatar
That's great!!....I'm glad to hear you're not there by yourself. Ah nice, big, cozy....can't ask for more than
that! If you post pics of your new place....please send me a link so I can see. There are over a thousand
deviations in my list.
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