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I love lists. I love reading them, writing them, trying to figure out what people's lists tell about them. So it's time once again to write another list: the alphabets of my life. I've seen these in magazines, on websites. Let's see what mine will turn out to be like... (I'll write it first without explanations, might add them later).

A - Analyzing
B - Beauty, baking, black, books
C - Cats, cameras, christmas, chocolate, creativity, carefulness
D - Dyes, darkness
E - Expressions
F - Focus, fixations, flying, faces
G - Grunge, gadgets, Greece, god daughter, grandmother
H - Helping, happiness, heaven, hands
I - Imagination, intuitiveness
J - Jeff (Buckley), January
K - Kokkola
L - love, limits, lakes, learning, lists, lyrics
M - Music, movies, memories, misery, magazines
N - Nothingness, nights
O - Opinions, Oulu
P - Pictures, perfection, penguins, pop corn
Q - Questions
R - Reality, reactions
S - Shanghai, secrets, sadness, singing
T - Thoughts, touch
U - Undergrounds, universities
V - Vision, villas
W - Worrying, wondering, waiting
X - Xmas
Y - Yesterday, yogurt
Z - Zoos

(... that was more difficult than I would have thought ...)
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Tää on kiva. :nod:

Että Jeff oli mutta ei omaa miestä. :giggle: