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Pearl Habor Death toll: 2350 (only 68 were civilians)
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Death Toll: 214,000++ (almost entirely civilians)

Just for perspective. Is it considered a war crime to kill 214,000 innocent civilians?

PS: Pissed off with the numerous idiots who keep quoting Pearl harbor, Japan tsunami, and karma.
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I may piss off the "patriots" by saying this. Did we really need to annihilate 2 fucking cities to make our point?
Hypocrisy in my mind. Any other nation and we would condemn it for what it is: Genocide.
Most "military targets" are not that at all. Both my grandfathers were in WWII and the stories they told me were not of any kind of heroism. The things they saw committed and they did were terrible things. Bombs dropped over Germany and Austria were hospitals, schools and churches. They rarely had intel on any actual true military targets.
People need to put that shit to rest. They (the Japanese) don't deserve this. It is not Karma. Half the people that say that DON"T believe in Karma I bet, otherwise they would live a a more pure life and not resort to making such statements.

This is such a sad thing to see in Japan. I must comment that they are dealing with it in the best possible way. If that happened here in the states, we would probably be looting and rioting by now.
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True. I wonder how many American really know what their soldiers did to the Japanese dead.

"On June 13, 1944 the press reported that President Roosevelt had been presented with a letter-opener made out of a Japanese soldier's arm bone by Francis E. Walter, a Democratic congressman."

This is just 1 incident. There were rampant trophy-taking of the Japanese dead during WW2. Treating the dead like some game trophy.

Look at the Korean comfort women survivors! They were the victims, yet they are willing to call off their weekly protest and had a 10 min of silence for the Japanese victims. And yet here we have these young dudes who NEVER even experienced the war making such callous remarks. They should do some self-reflection.
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The horrors went on for both sides. One of my grandfathers was in the Pacific Theater for the island hopping advance. As the Japanese withdrew, they would mount the heads of the dead allies on the posts used to wrap the barbwire around.

He was appalled to watch his own comrades remove ears as trophies too.

In the European theater, my other grandfather mentioned how many in his unit refused to torture Germans they were interrogating. When GIs in the airforce were shot down over Austria, the farmers (non sympathetic to the Nazis) shot them to death as they hung in the trees from their parachutes in order to prevent the Nazis wrath, for fear that they think they were harboring the enemy.

War is war. For both sides. My personal thoughts are that the Governments are the true cowards. People in rich offices deciding the fates and lives of hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of people.

I say we throw the politicians into a pit and let them just fight each other like dogs rather than callously waste human life for the sake of their wars. Genocide is just mass murder. They can call it what they will, but we all know it for what it is. Marching into ovens. Dropping atomic bombs. Crusading in the name of your god. Ethnic Cleansing. It's all fucked up.
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Oh, god, that 'karma' idea.

Honestly, good shit and bad shit happens.
But after hearing the whole, "well, they did Pearl Harbor, just sayin'" (because adding "just sayin'" after something leaves your mouth and/or keyboard that you realize might be controversial TOTALLY makes it more innocent) is really idiotic.
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I don't believe it was karma..
I believe it was these two plates the are right by there smashing together lol. Japan will be ok there a prosperous nation with intelligent mind. I just hope this isn't a step that is leading up to something bigger. All these earthquakes are happening and I'm not panicing. But now when gas prices go up..I'm panicing!!