Wraith Hunter Villemus
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It was chillingly cold... The icy mountain winds seemed to enjoy embracing the poor little man barely hanging onto the cliff... Me... I... Us?

I could not remember why, when, how did I got to this stark forbidding place with bitter frost. Bitter like the knots that binded my soul. I glanced at the distant figure below. He is waiting...

But for whom? I thought, I whispered without knowing why. Then it struck me. Me... I... Us? The sudden realisation caused my fingers to loosen. And with a gasp, I fell.

I thought I had fallen, but did I? I found myself still kissing the freezing rocks of the ice crusted cliff. The chilling winds blew still. I shivered. He is still waiting...

I thought to spit at him, to scream my defiance. I will not be taken! I will not... But my mouth was dry, my throat frozen... I was dying... And I am not feeling peaceful at all... I shivered in cold and in fear...

I glazed up and saw the glorious sun, the warm fire that awaited me... I tried to reach for it... but my poor tormented body could not, would not obey me... I fell... into His arms...

I knew peace... I knew nothing... and then we left... leaving all behind... the cold, the bitterness, the smiles... for we are nothing but memories...
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MeganzMonkeyBusiness's avatar
Nice shading! Beautiful piece. 
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IBuro|Student General Artist
Hi there :)
I just want to let you know that your artwork has been featured here: [link] , i hope that's ok
Your art is amazing, keep it up!
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eterna2's avatar
eterna2|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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MartinSilvertant|Professional General Artist
Very nice concept, and the creature looks rather unique. Wonderful textures, and nice colors.
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fabiogore's avatar
i have to say, this is just amazing! congratulations dude!
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camilah's avatar
This is amazing and Beautiful!! I have it in my favs!
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brainsurge's avatar
Looks awesome :D
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amightydino's avatar
The posing and movement of this piece is wonderful! And also how the figure is more of an ivory in shade, while the wraith is a darker, more earthy brownish: good contrast! Great work! :)
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trinket's avatar
gorgeous style :wow:
I love the creepy feel this has. and the sort of movement from wind or something looks very cool..
love the hands..
awesome work :faint:
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EthernalDark's avatar
You finished it! At last...
I really wanted to know how this would come out.
I must say im not dissapointed at all the work itself is amazing
and the poem provides a great background
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alustaca's avatar
lookin' good.
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Spurkle's avatar
i really like your pencil stile*.*
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Tunaferit's avatar
nice piece bro.
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Crooty|Hobbyist Photographer
I'm always impressed by the level of detail in your drawings. Can I ask, what size is the original? Is pencil or pen? :blowkiss:
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Lumysaara's avatar
it is indeed a nice drawing...not as nice as the others,it's a bit too simplistic and although i like the shadings i think it could use a bit more details.
what is up with the comment?do you come up with some sorth of poetry or prose for every drawing you make?that's nice,considering that so many deviants only say things like THIS IS ANOTHER NICE DRAWING I MADE and nothing else.
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siudajSTEJ's avatar
great work :wow:
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XxPinkSpiderxX's avatar
wow.i love this picture!your art is so amazing and so detailed in great!^-^fantastic job.
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Sallival's avatar
boy, you are good.. you have a perspective in front of you:)
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alustaca's avatar
oh wow this is really coming along well.
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MayYeo|Professional Filmographer
Interesting character... I love the profile and the tiny arms 0.0
Really. And I like the unfinished feeling on this :)
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so.. you're trying the rpg ... i'm trying a fantasy book i have lots of characters but i can't draw, skill less you know, i rally like your style .... go on the excelent performance
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bloodymemory's avatar
It's so neat, but the other character looks a bit stiff... o.0 Then again, I still want to steal your talents for a day... Just for a day... *looks around nervously*
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Tensuke|Hobbyist Photographer
Great job with t detail!
impressive! nicely done Awesome job ;)
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