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Pepper Tree

By eterna2
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My submission for [link]

random doodles...
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man can you explain me how you created this?
xxsqueekbatxx's avatar
awesome textures and details.
spiralunwinding's avatar
I never properly commented on this, and I hope to remedy that right this very minute - but for many weeks this image haunted me. Its detail and its beauty, the graceful slope of her neck, the longing in eyes, the organic quality of her surroundings as she is 'one' with who she is. I love the intricate depth and the bark-esque detail in your face. I love her spiraling headphones. I love it all.

This image will always be a personal favorite, and served as my desktop background for many months.
xXBloodPixieXx's avatar
RemindZ me of my Aunt XD Great work!!!! :D
incredible just incredible
cinderscar's avatar
I really like this... the details are amazing and the concept is really harrowing and beautiful :)
Ninjerina's avatar
Strange, eerie; I like it!
sobriquet01's avatar
That's awesome.
Anako-ART's avatar
wow, that's a very interesting work, I like the methods you used.. very unique style and nice composition :)
zJoriz's avatar
Very pretty, beautiful textures, and a brilliant concept!
jokernel's avatar
great work. awesome! :olya:
Hellstorm6514's avatar
I very intreguing peice to say the least I like it alot, especially the qualities of the face. Bravo indeed.
silenceofmind's avatar
I've always found your art to be amazing but have never commented. The complex detail that you put into every piece isn't what gets me but the fact that every line has a purpose and is necessary for the complete presence of the artwork. Beautiful, slightly twisted and always holding that unique flavor only eterna produces. Thanks for sharing with all of us art addicts.
Geinen's avatar
Thats so neat! I could look at that for a long time...

:D Nice work!
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