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Life Drawing 10 min pose

By eterna2
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I think there is only 1 nude model in the whole of Singapore... I have only drawn 2 gals, and 1 guy before. And out of all my life drawing sessions for the past 5 years...

Only 2 sessions is NOT her.

And note that, I joined various different groups for life drawing... Seems that everyone always get the same gal... lol!

Still learning how to use the ink brush :) I love the effects!! I think I am gonna try get a few more brush of different sizes :)
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jaja really only one girl? is it considered "wrong" in singapore?
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I took a one semester class and we were supposed to have three models. One gal dropped out and we had a great gal and a guy. He was muscular but it was smooth and I had trouble making him masculine. I enjoyed drawing her more but it got boring with the same models and, how many poses can they do. Of course, I improved and that was the purpose.
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I just completed a Life Drawing class in May and we did have two models but it does get boring after awhile. Of course, there's the learning that's good but it would be nice to have some variety. I found out how to view the adult content and so here I am. These are great.
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i was in a group like that, its a really cool experience, really nice job!
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lovely! you're getting great expressions with that brush.
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Thats really nice! Modeldrawing is fun huh? ^^ I got to do 10 minute poses too now at school and I like it alot. I love the ink effects, you should really try to do more like this indeed!
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Nicely done. Your great at drawing poses :clap: And they look well and real ^_^

Keep up the good work! :clap:
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Immaculate anatomy and great shadows under the bodies.
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very interesting
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