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A couple of 48px Icons. Hope you like em :D

Only come in .PNG format, if you want a different one then ask.

More Icons coming soon (Hopefully)

Update (4/09/2011)
- Added more icons
- Fixed stroke issue with some icons
- Added version number to preview (for fun)
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Excelents :) Thanks for share! :peace:
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Thanks for sharing!

Sexy set of icons! :D
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thanks a million!
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I'm using these icons for a website layout. Is it okay if I use them commercially?
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Fantastic work! would love to see a camera icon.
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Thanks a lot :aww:
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nice work! look forward to more. thanks!
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Thank you, more will be coming :aww:
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added to my screen!

check it out [link]

awesome work *thumbs up!
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Fantastic, theres nothing I like more than seeing my work used :D Thanks!
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It´s a nice start :) I will only say that the box icon seems out of the set, I mean, the rest of the icons are made with a hard stroke style, meanwhile that one don´t. Also I will add some elements inside the bubbles to make them don´t looks so plain, however I hope to see more of these tiny beauties on the future :)
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Haha, thanks. I agree with the box comment; it was the first one i made, so it looks a bit apart, i will fix that. I was thinking of having some alternate Chat versions, with logos for twitter, skype and such when I get a chance; those are just basic plain icons :P

... and thank you :D
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Great job! :clap:
Look forward for more ..:)
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Cool, thank you :aww: I have more... in store.
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