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Published: June 24, 2009
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So this is my 100th cosplay submission on DA! :D
Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell by Shirow Masamune

Thought I outta finally upload a full body shot of the amazing collab between me and Lionel Lum at Fanime 2009.
I've loved GITS ever since I first watched it years ago, and when the new series came out my mother and I would actually sit down and watch it on our free evenings on Adult Swim. The concept behind the Major's personality and her struggle to discover a soul in a metal body has been written and rewritten for decades, but never quite so until Shirow Masamune. I've wanted to bring her to life for years, and finally decided to do so when I bought the gorgeous wig from my friend *AmazonMandy, and Lionel enticing me with props haha
I originally planned to do one of her more obscure costumes from the series, but when our plans didn't work out due to time and finances, Lionel volunteered to deck out cyber suit for me instead! Needless to say, I was in!

The bodysuit was commissioned and tailored to my body as close as we could get it, the shoes and wig provided by me, and everything else done by Lionel.
Photo by LJinto
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This is absolutely amazing!
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winterwishcosplayProfessional Photographer
this is one of the best shots I've seen by the lights. honestly. (I see a lot of shots by the lights)
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It became a pretty popular place to shoot after 2009 lol Thank you, we thought it fit the futuristic look for the it :D
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kitsune-manaHobbyist General Artist
amazing job!
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I usually hate cosplays like this, but I guess here I found the one exception I allowed myself to have.
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Thanks, I guess? XD It was designed by a good friend, and I love it to pieces (not only due to the design, but the work that went into it by him).
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Awesome! :D
Ghost in the Shell is my favorite anime movie! :)
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I love it too :D
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Either I'm in heaven, or this is cyber space?
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Love this picture. And like the other pics, somehow you look as if you're having fun! Very animated. Imo.
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you look SO coool :0 <3
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If that outfit is made out of PVC it must be hot as hell in that.

Though what is the headpeice?
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Kind of, it was shot indoors in an air conditioned lobby, so not terrible :) More comfy than Alexiel, surprisingly.
What's the headpiece made out of? Pretty much everything :P Lionel is an amazing prop maker!
StarDragon77's avatar
Ah, I thought that it was an actual headpeice.
StarDragon77's avatar
You mean a useable one?
chibifiedkitsunes's avatar
You look epic sexy here! Wish I could see your face! :3
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Haha Then I'll have to upload one for you with my silly face ;P
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hexlordHobbyist Photographer
Congrats, looking great there ;)
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Thanks Mr. Bunny :D
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ksnkunHobbyist Artisan Crafter
You look like an Asian chick.
Looks very cool.
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How do you figure? My face doesn't look in the least bit Asian, ignoring the fact you can't see my face here :P
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