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Juri Arisugawa: The Prince

This shoot. I swear it was a dream come true.

And matching colored roses. Like a boss.

Adolescence of Utena
Juri made and modeled by me
Sword borrowed from ~WindoftheStars
Pants borrowed from :jetspectacular:
Photo by Richard Bui of

See more at!
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I am way late to the party on this, but, this is stunning! Been a while since I've seen Utena, but, you captured Juri very well, from what I remember. The freckles are wonderful and the roses match everything so well!  Great job!
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As always, your freckles are mesmerizing.  You as an androgynous prince is still so beautiful.
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Haha thank you, I appreciate that! 
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Always so gorgeous!
Love your freckles! :D
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Thank you! They tend to annoy me in photos where the character clearly has none lol
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Beautiful costume and photo! Everything looks fantastic!
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Aaah, so pretty! Man, I'm dying to see the rest of the shoot! *rolls around on the floor in agony*
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Mounting the piano, oh mymymy.
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Those freckles are absolutely adorable and this shot is stunning~
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