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Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (170)
Greetings, all you homies on DA! Been having a good year! You have? Awesome! Okay, so, I know I've been real quiet lately, but make no mistake; soon I'll be coming out with something that'll really knock your socks off. Just wait. Here's a hint: it'
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I just wanna let you guys know that Friday I'll be coming out with something very special. It'll totally blow your minds, and possibly break your hearts. Better buy some duct tape just in case !!! ;) Then I'll be back on the series of bios for my Gargoyles fancharacters (as well as David Xanatos's son Alex, as he's technically a canon character). I'll try to get 'em out as fast as I can. Ciao!!!! :wave:
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Hey, guys! I could use your help with something. I would very much like to post two more deviations that I drew not too long ago, only...well, when I try, a little message pops up that says "sorry, this item failed to publish" or something like that....
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Thx for the watch

For all those who are watching me right now, I am experiencing some trouble with the deviation submission page. Every time I try to submit this one picture that I've had on my phone for a while, it doesn't appear in the box, and when I try to select the categories, it says that the categories aren't usable or something. I've tried to ask my parents for help, but they don't know what to do either. I'm not sure if I ever get back to making more deviations. In any case, I'm sorry to all who are watching me.

Hello, Remember Tony Crynight's FNAF, What happened during final episode,

What if Foxy..well he remembers, but he told Mangle he sees her as a friend,

"Listen Mangle...or it is you're name, aye know you're loving me, but...aye do like you, but only as a you understand it?" - Foxy

That's sad. You have a knack for making things sad.

....Nah, I think Foxy can remember Mangle that she loves him so much, and as his girlfriend :)

hmm..thats sort of weird..try it on a computer it might help:nod:
by the way i found u from a comment on my one of my friend's drawings, r u also a shadowxsally fan?:)
FTR the comment you responded to is no longer relevant. But I appreciate your reaching out to me and to answer your question, I am mostly a Shadamy supporter but I have been getting into Shadally for a while. Sally is such an underrated character in my opinion, and it would be nice to actually interact with Shadow in positive way, which she seldom does in the comics, if at all. I appreciate her for being a strong, passionate, dedicated sort of female leader who puts her friends first and always does what is right, but most people assume she constantly relies on Sonic to save her. Further, Shadamy fans (the ones I've seen on DA and elsewhere) hate her for getting in the way of Shadow and Amy's possible relationship. I am not that close-minded, though. I like her regardless of my personal tastes in shipping, and I hope everyone can appreciate that.

PS. Thanks for the comment and the llama badge!