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Trust me
Chapter Four

“Mum, where are you going to take us?” Victor asked.

Mildred walked in front of Victor and Anita through the blue hallways of the U.Z.Z. H.Q.

“Here it is.” Mildred said and she opened a door.

“But, this is the Training Room for the new U.Z.Z. agents.” Anita said and Victor looked to her.

“How do you know that?”

“I always come here to train.” Anita gave him a smile. “I recognize the smell. But why are we here, Mildred?”

Mildred smiled. “You may be blind, but that doesn’t have to stop your career as Secret Agent. We will help you to train you, so you can stay here at U.Z.Z.”

“What a wonderful idea.” Victor said with a smile. “I remember an invention of Professor Professor.” and Victor walked away.

“What invention?” Mildred asked.

“A special training invention.” Victor called back and not much later he comes back with robotic villains. “Professor Professor invented these for the new agents. I had to test them, they are really good.”
Victor grabbed the remote control and activated the robots. “Do you think you can handle this?” he asked to Anita and Anita nodded.

“If I follow my ears, I know I can beat them.” she said with a smile.

Victor put the robots on attack and he and Mildred watched when Anita tried to attack them.

“You’re doing it very good.” Victor said a few minutes later. Anita pounced all the robots down just in a few minutes. “It took me even more time to get those down.”

Anita smiled. “Was this all?” she asked. “I thought there would be more villains.”

“You did a good job, Anita.” Mildred said.

“But…?” Victor looked at his mother.

“But, you two have to work as a team.” Mildred looked to Victor. “I don’t think the Impostors are as loud as those robots.” Mildred walked to the robots and changed the sound of them.
“Let me see how well your teamwork is.” and she activated the robots again.

“Victor?” Anita said. “I don’t think I can hear them.”

Victor looked around. He was surrounded by robots and tried to fight his way out of the robots. He saw Anita was going to be attacked by one of the robots. “Five ‘o clock.” he said.
Anita followed Victor’s instruction and hit the robot right in its stomach. “Great hit.” Victor said and the battle continued. Victor said to Anita where to hit and together they beat every robot.

“Well done.” Mildred said proud. “You make a wonderful team together.”

“Thanks, Mildred.” Anita said. “But I think I can use some rest right now.”

Victor smiled. “I’ll give you a ride back home.” he said. “Thanks, mum. I think we both needed some action.”

“You’re welcome.” Mildred said. “I’ll see you around.” and she walked away.

“Let’s go home.” Victor said and he and Anita walked away.
It's really nice to have nothing important to do.
So I wrote futher with Trust me.

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