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I won't let you down
Chapter One

Her working day was just over. Just a few missions, some training and other thing that she did on a normal day.
Anita Knight walked into her house. Even though it was just like every other working day, that day was different. She felt exhausted and wanted to do just one thing; going to bed.

After she turned on some lights in her living room, Anita sat down on the black couch and she looked around her. In her living room was a fire place, which gave her warmth during cold days. The two book cases gave her comfort between the working days. She loved to read the books her parents collected during their relationship.

After a few minutes, she stood up from her couch again. Anita was afraid that she would fall asleep on her couch and that was the last thing she wanted. She just walked into the hallway, she heard her communicator ringing. Anita grabbed it and she looked to the number.
"Victor?" she said as she answered the call. "Why are you calling me?"

"I just wanted to know if you are alright." said Victor and he looked to Anita. "You looked a little bit down today."

"I'm alright, really." said Anita and she gave Victor a little smile.

"Well, could you at least open the door for me?"

Anita turned around and she saw someone standing at her front door. Anita opened the door and she saw Victor standing there. "Victor? But what…?"

Victor understood why Anita was surprised. He rarely visited Anita without a warning or invitation. But he had never seen her like this before. She looked down, as if she just heard some terrible news. He didn't care if she didn't want to see him, he just wanted to make sure that she was really alright. "Anita, please." Victor looked into Anita's purple eyes. "Tell me what's going on." If something bad did happen, he wanted to be there for her.

Anita looked at him with some doubt, but she stepped aside to let him in. "Come on in, Victor."

"Thanks, Anita." said Victor as he walked into Anita's house while Anita closed the front door.  He had seen her house a few times before, but never from the inside. But even the outside was impressive. All he could afford from his payment check was a small apartment. But she got a beautiful house.

Victor looked to Anita, who sat down next to him. She looked pale to him and her beautiful purple eyes weren't as shiny as they normal were. "Anita, what's wrong?" he asked and Anita looked to him. "We are partners, you know you can tell me everything." Anita looked away from him. "Please, Anita."

"Well…" Anita sighed and she looked back to Victor. "You are right." she whispered and she gave him a weak smile. "I was eight years old when the most terrible thing in my life happened." the British woman said before she looked to the fire place. "I was at boarding school when the principal called me into her office. She told me that my father disappeared that day. I had to stay at the boarding school until my eighteenth birthday."

Victor looked to Anita. "And today was the day he disappeared." he said and Anita nodded. "But how about your mother?"

"She disappeared seven years earlier. But it looked like she disappeared into thin air. Just like my father."

"But…" Victor knew that this wasn't the time to ask her about the house, but he just wanted to know about it.

"My father placed his in will that I would get the house when something happened to him." Anita smiled a little bit. "I don't know how and who, but someone took care of the house until I was eighteen. My father also set up a special account for the mortgage, so it would be paid off in time."

Victor gave Anita a little smile and he pulled her closer to him. "We'll find them one day, Anita." he whispered and Anita looked to him. "We will find your parents soon."

Anita shook her head. "They stopped looking for them years ago. Why should we try it when the chance that they are both…" the tears slowly fell down her cheeks and Victor started to hug her.

"There is something more between heaven and earth, Anita." he whispered. "Maybe they were kidnapped by the impostors or the Floaty Heads or even by the reptogators."

Anita shook her head and she looked at him. "My father was a British history teacher. Why would the reptogators take a teacher down with them?"

Victor wiped her tears away and he gave her a smile. "Do you have any pictures of your parents?"

"Yes, but why do you want to see them?"

"Can't I be curious about the parents of my partner?" said Victor with a big smile and Anita stared to laugh.

"Well, alright." she said and she stood up from the couch. She walked to one of the book cases and she grabbed a white book. On the cover was written with golden letters: Our Wedding.
"This is the wedding album of my parents." said Anita as she sat down on the couch again. "It's wonderful to look at the pictures." she opened the album and the first pictured showed a young married couple together.
The man was slim and tall. His sea-blue eyes looked to the light-blond woman. She was wearing a white wedding dress, with silver spangles all over her dress.

"You look a lot like your parents." said Victor after they looked to some pictures. " I mean, you have the same hair colour like your father and the same eye colour like your mother."

Anita smiled. "I know." she whispered. "I just hope that they will come back to me one day."

"I know that they will come back one day." said Victor and he gave her a little smile.

Anita smiled back and she stood up from her couch. She took the album with her and just when she wanted to place it back in the book case, something fell out of the wedding album. Anita grabbed it. It was a picture of her parents standing in a rose garden, but there was something written on the back of it. "Victor," Anita started and Victor looked up. "I … I think that I know where my father is."

"Anita?" said Victor and he stood up from the couch. "Anita, what is it?" he asked while he walked up to her.

"Just… just look at this." Anita gave Victor the picture. Victor took a look at the picture, but he didn't see something strange about it. Then he turned the picture and he immediately understood what Anita was talking about. There was something written down at the back of the picture.

"To the one who found this. Bring this immediately to the top-secret organisation U.Z.Z. This note is to let them know that I was abducted by the Impostors. Arthur Knight." Victor looked to Anita. After all those years, she would finally find her father. "We'll go after it tomorrow." Victor promised and he placed the picture onto the cupboard. "But you need a good night of sleep."

Anita looked at him and gave him a little smile. "Thank you, Victor." she whispered.

"Victor smiled and he gave her – completely out of the blue – a kiss on her cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow. Good night, Anita."

"Good night, Victor." said Anita when Victor walked away. She looked to the picture just one more time before she turned off the lights. It wouldn't take long before she would see her father after all those years.
Yes, I know I'm working at three stories now, but I want this one to be online before my holiday

Arthur Knight belongs to me


Next Chapter: [link]
VictorVoltfan1 Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Student Photographer
I wonder what really happened to Anita's parents. But this story is nice :)
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I'm wondering about that too, but this could be a possibility:)
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