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I won't let you down
Last Chapter

"I can't believe it. Special Agent Arthur Knight, still alive."

Arthur smiled a little bit. "It's nice to see you again, Professor Professor." he said. "The only change is your height. Did you get smaller somehow?"

Professor Professor grimaced. Just when he wanted to say something, the door of his lab went open. "Professor Professor, I cannot believe that you just sent my son to the Impostors!" Mildred walked to the small Professor. From an old friend of hers who still works at U.Z.Z., she learned that Professor Professor had sent Victor down to the Impostors. And she wasn't thrilled about it. "And besides that..."

"The years didn't change you either." said Arthur and Mildred turned around. She was so angry at Professor Professor, that she didn't notice Arthur.

"Arthur? Is that really you?" Mildred looked to the man. "I can't remember that you had a trimmed salt-and-pepper beard. And your nice, strawberry-blond hair wasn't grey either, like it is now." Mildred laughed when she saw her old friend looking so surprised. The last time she saw Arthur, he had a big, strawberry-blond moustache and no beard.  "But those blue eyes tell me that you are really Arthur Knight."

Arthur laughed. "It's nice to see you again, Mildred." he said and Mildred gave him a hug. "It's always nice to an old partner again." he said, stressing the word 'old'.

"That hurts, Arthur." said Mildred, trying to sound hurt. "But where have you been those years?"

"I've been with the Impostors, but it's great to be back." he looked to Anita and he walked away from Mildred. "It's time that my daughter and I get some time alone."

Anita smiled and she looked to Victor. He smiled and he softly squeezed her arm. "Just go, Anita." he said. "You and your father need some time alone."

Just before Anita walked away, she gave Victor a kiss on his cheek. "Thank you, Victor, for everything."

Victor gave her a sheepish smile. "You're welcome."


"How wonderful that you still live in our house."

Arthur looked around him. It was amazing to see that Anita took some good care of the house. "Everything is still at the same place." he looked to Anita and he sat down onto the couch. "How is your love-life?" he said with a big grin.

Anita didn't answer her father's question and she walked to the kitchen. "Do you want some beer, Dad?" she asked.

Arthur laughed. "Even though it's been years ago since I had one for the last time, I'd rather have some tea, Anita." he looked around him. A lot of things looked exactly the same now as at the day that he got kidnapped.

After a few moments, Anita walked into the living room, with two cups of tea. "Here you go, Dad." she said and she placed the tray onto the coffee-table.

"Anita, you still didn't answer my question."

"I'm not engaged, I don't have a boyfriend and I'm certainly not married!"

And you're not in love with someone?"

Anita sighed. "No, Dad, I'm not in love."

Arthur smiled. "How about Victor Volt?"

Anita looked at him, in shock. "Victor? But he's just a partner of mine. I'm... I'm not in love. He's nothing..." suddenly, Anita remembered something. "Why didn't you tell me that you worked or U.Z.Z.?"

"There are certain things a daughter doesn't need to know."

"Did Mom know about it?"

Arthur smiled. "She knew about it, because she worked there as a Secret Agent." When he saw his daughters jaw dropping, he continued. "Your mother, Mary Lynn, loved her job. She was good in what she did and so was her partner, Lionel Volt."

That was too much for Anita. "Victor's parents knew you guys? But why didn't...?"

"One of the reasons could be that, after I quit U.Z.Z., I told Lionel and Mildred that it wasn't necessary to tell you about U.Z.Z."

Anita shook her head. "I'm happy to have you back again, Dad." she said.

Arthur smiled. "And it's wonderful to have you back as well." he looked to his daughter. "Just tell me, what happened here while I was away?"


Victor was at his mothers house, sitting at the kitchen table. He got the rest of the day off, to get some rest after such an exciting day. Mildred placed a cup of tea in front of him and Victor looked up. "Thank ye said and took a sip from his tea.

Mildred smiled. "I'm just glad that you  are back with me, in one piece."

Victor just smiled. "Mom," he started and Mildred looked to him, "how did you know about Arthur?"

"Arthur and I have been partners for quite some years." Mildred started. "Even  though we did argue about a lot of things, we were still a good team."

"So, how did you meet Dad?" That was one thing Victor never wanted to ask, afraid that he would hurt his mother's feelings.

Mildred was a little bit surprised when she heard that question. "I've known Mary Lynn Deleau from a karate class. We started as fighting partners, but turned into best friends after that. When we both became U.Z.Z. agents, we went out every now and then, sometimes together with our partners. It didn't take long before your father and I fell in love, but that was after Mary Lynn and Arthur got married."

"I guess that Mary Lynn and Arthur quit U.Z.Z. after they discovered about Mary Lynn's pregnancy."

Mildred nodded. "They didn't want to risk anything, so they both quit U.Z.Z. Arthur became a history teacher and Mary Lynn stayed home."

"Why didn't you tell me about them being agents?"

"Because I thought you knew it."

That was one reason Victor never thought about. "What?"

"Every agents gets a manual, with ex-agents in it." said Mildred and she looked to her son. "They look to the family history and when parents of a new agent were agents, they don't place them in a manual. So you could have known about Anita's parents."

"I did read it, but I've never seen those pictures." said Victor and he started to think about it. It has been a long, long time that he had read it for the last time.

Mildred smiled. "It doesn't matter, Victor." she said and she stood up again. When Arthur, just like his wife, disappeared into thin air, Mildred took care of their house. She knew that Arthur would take care of the financial issues after he was gone, so all she had to worry about was that Anita would have a clean place to live in.
Mildred was happy with that task, it made her forget a little bit about her own husbands disappearing.

It was like Victor felt what his mother was thinking about. "He'll come back, Mom." he said and Mildred smiled.

"I know, honey." she said as she poured in some tea into her cup.

"Could you tell me more about you and Dad?" Victor asked as his mother sat down again.

"Alright, what do you want to hear?"

It's been a long time ago since I've seen 'The Wobblemen from Dimension 10', so I'm not sure who got which job when I'm talking about Lionel and Mildred.

Arthur Knight belongs to me
The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood & (C)BBC


Previous Chapter: [link]

First Chapter: [link]
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Nessie222 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Honey!!! Spellingmistakes!!!

"Thank ye said and took a sip from his tea. (missing something!)

En verander ook nog ff dat over Mildred & Lionel, als je dat anders wil doen...

Ik had nog wat, maar ik kan het niet meer vinden...
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That was a good story :clap:
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Thank you :D
VictorVoltfan1 Featured By Owner May 5, 2011  Student Photographer
Your welcome
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